Enter Our Giveaway by Sharing How You Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 04.26.13
Enter Our Giveaway by Sharing How You Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Many people think their everyday actions are ordinary, and that the things they do every day can’t make a difference to help the environment. P&G believes the most effective changes don’t necessarily start with grand acts and can start much closer to home, by changing the way we think about things like waste.

Our members have told us that they:

  • “Reuse egg cartons to start new plants for our garden”
  • “Reuse jars to store odd supplies like, nails, nuts, and bolts”
  • “Use office paper for art, water plants with bathwater, compost, and have a small garden”

How to Enter: 
Comment on this blog post and tell us one small step you could take tomorrow to help Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Or, tell us what your family already does! 

Two lucky winners** will each win a $250 Amazon gift card.

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  • MissMonkeyburg By MissMonkeyburg

    I make toys from old milk jugs. It's a very easy and fun craft to do. And there's endless room for creativity: you can make an airplane, a dolly wagon, an easter basket. Sometimes I put out a couple to sell when I have a garage sale; they always get snapped up pretty quickly! On rainy days, I get my kids to help make a few milk jug toys and that always gets them out of the "can't play outside" blues. They've started asking me "can we make something with soda / juice bottles, too ?", so I think "reduce, reuse, recycle" has sunk in with them

  • rkosully By rkosully

    One small step we could take is to shop more often in the bulk bins at our local health food store (and bring our own containers)--that would help us reduce the excessive amount of product packaging (such a waste)!

  • bunkergb By bunkergb

    We have a set of three huge compost bins we throw all of our yard waste and kitchen scraps in and let them go all year long, at the beginning of gardening season we use the composted soil to rejuvenate the soil in our veggie garden we call it our black gold because it's so good for the garden. We've also recently changed out our CFL bulbs to LED ones and really like the brighter light and they last even longer and are more efficient than the CFL's-they've been on sale for a very reasonable price so we save even more, the cost has really gone down on them and they fit into just about any receptacle now. We're very happy with them.

  • lemonlimey1 By lemonlimey1

    We collect rainwater to water our plants. We also use recycled paper to print our coupons.

  • linzsnoop By linzsnoop

    we cut our milk cartons in half and use them as planters for our son's garden. He is very proud of himself!

  • Franfreeman By Franfreeman

    We reuse things whenever possible...most recently we planted our garden and use the used coffee grounds from our coffee maker in our garden.

  • nataliefloyd By nataliefloyd

    Steps I'm trying to take: I'm using Brita water bottles instead of plastic ones that we use and throw away. I don't use paper plates; we only use dishes. We recycle everything we can. What I am about to try is using cloth diapers instead of disposables.

  • zoeybeth10 By zoeybeth10

    We use cold water for laundry, I use old plastic bottles to make drinks in, for growing seeds in spring. I use old coffee cans to store items, use old towels for scrubbing floor. We plant our own garden and use coffee grounds as fertilizer. We donate clothes and other items instead of throwing them away. We buy alot of our stuff through yard sales, thrift stores etc. use scrap pieces of paper for note paper.

  • Moonbeam13 By Moonbeam13

    I take my own reusable bags with me when I go shopping. We also recycle newspaper and aluminum cans. We reuse any products that we can like containers.

  • juli8587 By juli8587

    My mom recycles cans, so we collect all the cans in our home and any cans that we see on the floor or in trash cans we pick up for her. As for in our house we try to eat as much fresh veggies as possible but occasionally we will eat from cans. So from those cans we gather I was them and use them to make projects with my daughter. We make plant holders, pencil holders, or anything creative. We reuse it and spend time together doing something creative.

  • happytobeme70 By happytobeme70

    You can use products that does not affect the environment in a negative way.

  • xjoxjoxjosephinex By xjoxjoxjosephinex

    Currently, my family and I have been starting our compost pile for our Spring and Summer garden. I love being able to teach my daughter about the environment, and how we can do our part to conserve. We also take our recyclables to bins located around town. I have taught my daughter, Levyn, the difference between glass, papers, and aluminum, and she is only four!

  • mrssarajackson By mrssarajackson

    We really try our best to do our part. The most recent thing I have done was install a filter on my faucet. I used to use about 5 water bottles a day and now i have two reusable bottles i fill and keep in the fridge!

  • triggermae By triggermae

    I take my own shopping bags every time I go shopping. We use CFL lightbulbs.

  • simbalala By simbalala

    Three R's. Very Important in my family. Even with kids. I always turns the dishwasher and laundry machine when full. Run washer in cold temp water. Take reusable bags for shopping. Always turn the lights/TV off not in room. Unplug any appliance not in use. use Teabags and coffee for plant. use digital thermostat. Don't let water running while brushing or doing dishes.

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