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Brad Pitt's New Super Serious Ad: Why Is Everyone Laughing?

Brad Pitt's New Super Serious Ad: Why Is Everyone Laughing?

In the eyes of most women Brad Pitt is just one of those guys who can do no wrong, that’s why a lot of us are having a hard time deciding whether a new Chanel No. 5 ad featuring the Hollywood hunk is ridiculous, romantic, or a little of both.

Hollywood Reporter discusses reaction to the Chanel ad, directed by Golden-Globe nominee Joe Wright, that has many giggling and dreamy-eyed all at the same time. (It’s also rumored that Pitt was paid a whopping $7 million for the spot.)

The ad, shot in black and white with the actor delivering slow measured lines, gives the commercial what some would describe as an overly dramatic feel bordering on hilarity. Pitt delivers his lines straight-faced saying things like, “The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear. Dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are. My luck, my fate, my fortune.” The director probably did not intend for the ad to be viewed as humorous but the stark background, lack of soundtrack, dramatic script and smoldering Pitt stares guarantee it will be spoofed very soon (if it hasn’t already happened).

What do you think of Brad Pitt’s first ad for Chanel No. 5?

Do you find any humor in it or are you too busy melting over those dreamy stares?

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  • TooTer By TooTer

    Oh my goodness, that was bad. It was as if his mind was somewhere else while he was talking. Perhaps he was thinking what the heck am i doing this for. Perhaps Chanel had it done this way to create surely has done that!

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    It missed the mark. Somethings off about the video version. I got the email version, still shot that was more effective, I paused a moment when first seeing it, double take to see that it was Brad Pitt, not used to seeing a sole male in their ads. I was a bit confused on who the product was for men or women.

  • Keuer72 By Keuer72

    It could have been better for sure. I think there was lacking a lot of stuff. Then it would have been better...poor directing I'd say.

  • miriah By miriah

    He makes me laugh. This ad doesn't do anything for me, it looks cheap, and I know there is some 7 million dollar news for this spot. In my opinion it was wasted money. Definitely not impressed, he looks like he just rolled out of bed.

  • Steffie_Lynn By Steffie_Lynn

    Totally thought it was a joke and I was waiting for the punch line the whole video. I would have never thought this was a really Chanel ad.

  • sw0605 By sw0605

    I don't get it! Ad is boring!

  • dunkidsmom By dunkidsmom

    kind of creepy. complete opposite from the sexy Pitt. looking forward to the SNL spoofs, that I'm sure are coming this weekend.

  • sherryllmac By sherryllmac

    I don`t like the new brad pit commercial.I didn`t work for me.

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    this whole concept just flew over my head...meaning, I don't get it.

  • Delaney By Delaney

    I'm still trying to figure this ad out. I don't see how it promotes Chanel at all. Just kind of dumb.

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