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Daughters Don't Come Cheap: The Growing Trend of Gender Selection Procedures

Daughters Don't Come Cheap: The Growing Trend of Gender Selection Procedures

For some, the sole wish of having a happy and healthy baby is not enough. The want for a boy or girl can become so consuming that some will go to great lengths to try and conceive a preferred gender. For those living in the U.S., where gender selection procedures are legal, choosing a particular sex is becoming an expensive (usually around $18,000 a pop) and increasingly popular option.

A recent Slate report highlights the growing trend of gender selection procedures couples are now undergoing in order to conceive a girl. There is evidence that a good majority of couples in the U.S. are more desperate to conceive girls rather than boys. Google data shows that “how to have a girl” is searched 3 times more often than “how to have a boy”. And a 2009 study shows that 70% of Caucasian Americans who undergo gender selection procedures want girls.

The article discusses the path of one anonymous mom took who had three boys and made several attempts at gender selection procedures costing almost $40,000 before ending up with her girl. This woman’s story is not so unusual when you look at the more than $100 million revenue fertility clinics rake in each year from gender selection procedures.

Some worry that gender selection procedures, which include egg retrieval surgeries and embryo transfers, exposes otherwise healthy women to unnecessary medical risks. Others also worry about the psychological effect gender selection can have on children born out of these procedures. Marcy Darnovsky, director of the Center for Genetics and Society in California explains, “It’s high-tech eugenics. If you’re going through the trouble and expense to select a child of a certain sex, you’re encouraging gender stereotypes that are damaging to women and girls. …What if you get a girl who wants to play basketball? You can’t send her back.”

How important was your child's gender when discussing family planning with your partner? 

Do you think parents should be able to choose their child’s sex?


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  • Bambinaki By Bambinaki

    The very moment when I saw two pink stripes test strip I was sure I wanted a girl only. I was so confident that it would be a girl, my husband also wanted a girl, and all my parents and relatives. And I was so happy to learn that it was a girl, when I was 14 weeks pregnant, God bless the doctor, who saw this. If I could choose, I would choose a girl. I am happy God gave me what I wanted.

  • mimim98 By mimim98

    No. God makes that choice for us. Theres a reason why god wants us to only have girls or boys. Its sad that parents are not happy with what they have. Children are a blessing no matter what gender they are.

  • Bodaciousb17 By Bodaciousb17

    Did it matter to your parents if you were a girl or boy? No. I'm sure they were happy with what they got. People need to stop playing with the life's of precious innocent infants. Embryos are people, they are not an object too dispose of.

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