Why One High School Senior Was Punished For Standing Up To Bullies

SS Member Image By drodriguez 07.11.12
Why One High School Senior Was Punished For Standing Up To Bullies
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On the heels of the recent bullied bus monitor story comes yet another story involving bullies on the bus. One Florida high school student, Stormy Rich, who witnessed a group of middle school girls harassing a special needs student on a daily basis made numerous attempts to report the incidents to the bus driver as well as school officials.

But when nothing was done about the ongoing bullying Rich decided to take matters in her own hands. Rich says to the Daily Commercial, “I would sit on the bus every single day and see the bullying was still going on and nothing was being done. It was aggravating.” She then demanded the girls to stop harassing the special needs student, but instead of ceasing the girls began bullying Rich too.

When Rich was convinced she would receive no support from school officials, she stuck up for both herself and the mentally-challenged girl threatening the girls that if the bullying didn’t stop she would have to take matters into her own hands. Well, instead of putting an end to the bullying Rich’s mother received a letter that her daughter could no longer ride the bus because since she was older (in high school) than the group of middle school girls her threat to stick up for herself was considered bullying.

Rich’s mother, Brenda Rich, is angered by the way her honor student daughter was punished for standing up to bullies. She states, “My daughter was punished incorrectly. Stormy was standing up for a child with emotionally challenged disabilities that should not have been bullied. The district's policy clearly states that anybody in good faith files a report on bullying will not face any repercussions and she is."

What do you think of the story of the girl who was punished for attempting to stand up to bullies?

Have you or your children had experiences with bullies at school? What steps were taken to put an end to the bullying?


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  • mickeythescorpion By mickeythescorpion

    this girl did a good thing, so many times people sit back and watch bullying happen, and they dont do anything. i think that the school should have punished the middle school girls for what was going on, and dont school busses have cameras now? maybe the school should really look into what was going on?? bullying is a serious problem in schools today, and the school officials and teachers can only do so much. its sad to say but a lot of times the parents of bullies are just as bad as the bullies themselves, and thats the real issue.

  • jenndta69 By jenndta69

    I'm actually not surprised. These schools have a turn a blind eye mentality anyway. It's because they do nothing that bullying happens in the first place. I applaud this girl for what she did.

  • floflolinda By floflolinda

    I just cannot believe the school did not do anything after Rich reported the bullying. I think that Society is so freaking sensitive about this subject. Teachers don't want to punish little kids for bullying because of how sensitive everyone is. How hard is it to contact the parents of the kids and notify them of their children's behavior, and of course obviously punish the kids. While I don't really like suspension because it lets the kids stay at home, I would say In school suspension, community service, or Saturday school. If the the school officials didn't even try to fix the problem, I think Rich was ok in what she did. I don't agree with her having to get kicked off the bus.

  • connie0908 By connie0908

    WOW! It's like telling the kids go ahead a bully some one who can't stand up for their selves but as soon as you stand up for your self or another person you get punished. What about those kids who were doing the bullying?? Did they get kicked off the bus..?

  • carlystur By carlystur

    This is crazy! Rich was in the right here and yet the school turned a blind eye to this poor special needs child! What has this world come to when we punish people who stand up to bullies! If I had a child who went to a school like that, I would be shocked and enraged about this, too!

  • MissELF By MissELF

    That is ridiculous! She shouldn't be the one at fault. The school should have done something about it as soon as they were informed of the bullying. You would think especially when it comes to someone who can't defend themselves like the mentally challenged. That is just sad. I hope my children's schools never do something like this. I would be enraged as well!

  • Alyssarae92293 By Alyssarae92293

    What kind of backward twisted school is this?! Obviously those bullies on the bus should have been punished. Im disgusted that they were bullying a special needs child. Stormy had every right to put those middle schooler in their place! Im glad a story like this made it on be the news. It is not right people be treated this way! I especially hate special needs !bullying

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