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Why One High School Senior Was Punished For Standing Up To Bullies

SS Member Image By drodriguez 07.11.12
Why One High School Senior Was Punished For Standing Up To Bullies
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On the heels of the recent bullied bus monitor story comes yet another story involving bullies on the bus. One Florida high school student, Stormy Rich, who witnessed a group of middle school girls harassing a special needs student on a daily basis made numerous attempts to report the incidents to the bus driver as well as school officials.

But when nothing was done about the ongoing bullying Rich decided to take matters in her own hands. Rich says to the Daily Commercial, “I would sit on the bus every single day and see the bullying was still going on and nothing was being done. It was aggravating.” She then demanded the girls to stop harassing the special needs student, but instead of ceasing the girls began bullying Rich too.

When Rich was convinced she would receive no support from school officials, she stuck up for both herself and the mentally-challenged girl threatening the girls that if the bullying didn’t stop she would have to take matters into her own hands. Well, instead of putting an end to the bullying Rich’s mother received a letter that her daughter could no longer ride the bus because since she was older (in high school) than the group of middle school girls her threat to stick up for herself was considered bullying.

Rich’s mother, Brenda Rich, is angered by the way her honor student daughter was punished for standing up to bullies. She states, “My daughter was punished incorrectly. Stormy was standing up for a child with emotionally challenged disabilities that should not have been bullied. The district's policy clearly states that anybody in good faith files a report on bullying will not face any repercussions and she is."

What do you think of the story of the girl who was punished for attempting to stand up to bullies?

Have you or your children had experiences with bullies at school? What steps were taken to put an end to the bullying?


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  • Kabris By Kabris

    I think she did the right thing by stomping out bullying the moment she saw it happened. the kids doing the bullying should be punished the school should make them attend saturday school for the entire school year, and detention everyday. the schools need to stop turning a blind eye to the bullying because it's happening and it's gonna keep happening if nothing is done about it.

  • sunshine133 By sunshine133

    Wow, if it were my child being banned from the bus for this reason, I would be at that school raising heck with them. I would not let it rest till they straighted it all out. I just would not sit by and let this happen, like they did.

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    If it was my child who was bullied or stuck up to the bullies and had constantly went to school officials who turned a blind eye. I would have wrote a letter of complaint to the school board, copied all the letters I have sent to the school officials and have a law suit against the school for child endangerment/neglect. If MY child was put in the care of a SUPPOSED SAFE environment where teaching and safety is a MUST and they aren't doing their jobs correctly, then I will NOT stand this unjust behavior. I will NOT wait until my own child is suffering and contemplating suicide to step up. Parents needs to take a stand for the lack of actions from schools and banning the real students who are responsible. This sickens me to see.

  • angelfish045 By angelfish045

    good for stormy if more people had the courage to stand up to bullies then this world would be a better place. by not punishing the other true bullies they are sending a message that bullying is ok

  • fairy73 By fairy73

    my daughter was bullied and beaten on the bus by some one a year younger than her and during the altercation my daughter put her hands over head to protect her self, she was punished and served 5 days of ISS ( in school suspension) when asked why, I was told because once you raise your hands up it is considered " fighting back" and all she did was protect her head, the girl in question was charged and sent to juvenile detention and 30 days later came back to school and was put in the some of the same classes with my daughter and threatened her again and the school nor the school board would do anything.

  • Mecrn11 By Mecrn11

    I am so very proud of Stormy Rich, that she stood up for herself and another special needs person! Also the fact that "the Daily Chronicle" picked up the story for all to read about how the school turned a blind eye to the bullies. Yet, punished a Whistle Blower! In the business world there's a law to protect "Whistle Blowers". Who's protecting the victims who speak up?? If I lived in that school district, I would rally the powers that be to investigate this miscarriage of punishment. To prevent it from happening again!

  • NBgirl By NBgirl

    I think what she did was right!!! She stood up for herself and for the other student who couldnt really defend themself. Im not sure why but its as if the school tries to avoid any bulling cause they dont want to deal with the bullies parents!? Thats how I see it...... All I can say is that the school is stupid and dumb! why didnt the school contact the bullies parents to find out why they are the way they are??? There is always a reason. If every parent out there actually spent some time with their children and told them "I love you", then maybe the bullies wouldnt be such bullies? Just saying?!? I do think it was dumb also since she stood up for the student, they did something, BUT, to the wrong student. Talk about dumb!

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