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Lady Gaga in Hot Water After Proclaiming a Love for Knock-Off Goods

SS Member Image By drodriguez 06.05.12
Lady Gaga in Hot Water After Proclaiming a Love for Knock-Off Goods
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For those who can only dream of owning high-end designer watches, purses, and shoes; being offered an illegal “knock-off” version of the product while walking through a bustling city market can be quite tempting. After all, some of these copies can look very much like the real thing but only cost a small fraction.

But knowing it’s illegal to make and sell these designer replicas is enough to make some stay away, but not Lady Gaga apparently. The pop singer is in hot water with the Thai government after tweeting about wanting to buy a fake Rolex in a market there while on her latest tour.

Reuters reports about the controversy-causing tweet that has entangled Gaga in the piracy wars going on around the world. While on tour Gaga tweeted, “I just landed in Bangkok baby! Ready for 50,000 screaming Thai monsters. I wanna get lost in a lady market and buy a fake rolex.”

Though Thailand is known for its black market sale of fake designer goods, government officials say Gaga’s statement undermines their efforts to put an end to piracy. An official at the ministry's Intellectual Property Department says, “Lady Gaga is a representative of the U.S. and the U.S. puts pressure on smaller countries to promote the protection of intellectual property. She should tell her fans that they shouldn't use fake goods.”

Lady Gaga has not yet apologized to Thailand for the controversy-causing tweet. Do you think she should?

What do you think of anti-piracy laws? Have you or would you ever purchase a knock-off product?

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  • newbienurse By newbienurse

    I buy knock off all the time. I have no problems NOT handing over my hard earned money to all those huge labels who do nothing other than wallow in the ridiculous amount of money they make because people "have" to have brand names. That being said I rarely seek out brand names and only grab a knock off if I love the styling, not the brand. I'm just as happy with a fabulous looking no name anything, just as long as it looks cool

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    I have,both in NY and Italy. Why should the government take offense when they know darned well you can find plenty of knock-offs there. Why should she apologize? She was making a joke and stated a fact. They need to lighten up!

  • cardreader By cardreader

    She should make an apology .As a singer who travels, it is up to her to be informed to the custom's and cultures of countries she visits. She needs to tutored in how to not offend people. She should have a little common sense to know when to keep her mouth shut.

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