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Vote Now to Help SheSpeaks Ring the New York Stock Exchange Bell & A Chance to Join Us!

Vote Now to Help SheSpeaks Ring the New York Stock Exchange Bell & A Chance to Join Us!

Ding, Ding, Ding! We are so thrilled to let you know that SheSpeaks is a finalist for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Next Big Startup Competition! If SheSpeaks wins, we will ring the opening bell at the NYSE!

Did you know that the official start to the opening of each stock trading day is that ever familiar ringing bell? Now, SheSpeaks and our fantastic community members (you!) are poised to be a part of that auspicious history.

Some of the best companies in the world are listed on the NYSE. Companies that include Proctor & Gamble (the makers of Tide, Olay, Bounty etc.) Ann Taylor, General Mills and other great companies.

How Can You Participate? Join the Contest!
Do you want to help SheSpeaks be a part of history? SheSpeaks is a finalist and it now comes down to a public vote on Facebook.

Here is Why We Think SheSpeaks Should Win:
SheSpeaks is the voice of female consumers. What better way for the NYSE to underscore the importance of women’s collective buying power than by choosing SheSpeaks to ring the opening bell!

To vote for SheSpeaks, simply click here: Facebook Vote
a) “Like” NYSE
b) Vote for SheSpeaks (we are a Startup America Finalist).  Deadline for voting is May 13th!

Once you’ve voted, tell us why you think SheSpeaks should ring the opening bell and you will get a chance to win $250 toward your travel expenses* to come and join us at the NYSE!

We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

 * If you are unable to attend the NYSE event we will provide you with an American Express Gift Card with a value of $250.



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    A BIG Congratulations!!!!!! I voted and I believe you should win because SheSpeaks literally is the voice for so many women and women's interest. You guys do a tremendously wonderful job and I am so proud so be part and take part in your program where the women get to actually give their honest opinions. You do wonderful things for so many women. A big thank you and keep up the wonderful job and truly if anyone deserves to win this it is you guys :)

  • needcnow By needcnow

    I voted for you guys! Good luck!! You guys are awesome and so professional. You are my favorite guilty and not guilty pleasure!

  • cycoswmn By cycoswmn

    I voted for Shespeaks to win the honor of ringing the NYSE opening bell. I feel you're the obvious choice for this honor, because of the tremendous influence you have with both businesses AND consumers! We women are economically influential!! We have the power to help companies and products by purchasing their products and by word of mouth recommendations. Shespeaks provides a fantastic forum for just that purpose! We, as members, get to hear about and experience new products and provide valuable feedback to companies to either improve their product or just get incredibly helpful advertising. Word of mouth is POWERFUL and VALUABLE!! Good luck! I hope you win the honor!!

  • suchitra1925 By suchitra1925

    She speaks should ring the opening bell because: She speaks is doing an remarkable job for businesses and consumers. She speaks is helping the companies with their products by getting them to consumers She speaks making both companies and consumer happy . She speak is giving chance to sample products by many different companies before buying. As a company she speaks is doing an grand job and the only way to get even bigger platform is by ringing the NYSE bell.

  • faeriekitty By faeriekitty

    I voted because She Speaks gives women a voice on our opinions and values our comments. I have been a member for a few years and She Speaks has always treated me fairly and honestly.

  • MiriamT By MiriamT

    Voted because I appreciate all that SheSpeaks does towards helping give women a voice. Good luck!

  • mbb216 By mbb216

    SheSpeaks represent the heart of this country and our economic foundation--women and small business!

  • lorialcorn2006 By lorialcorn2006

    wow congrats I voted for you I think you should ring the bell because I have been with your company for years and years and I have found you all to be helpful and informative for both members and the companies you help me discover great work and way to go !

  • kluca By kluca

    I voted for SheSpeaks because I appreciate their innovative marketing approach, which includes actual consumers testing and sharing about products. This allows companies to receive fair reports from women all over the country, while allowing those women a first glimpse at a product they might otherwise not have seen or tried. As a community member, I can attest to the fact that this marketing works because women do SPEAK!, especially when they finda relavant product.

  • anjieh By anjieh

    WOMENS VOICE IN AMERICAN CONSUMER MARKETS ROCK! I voted, shared, tweeted and encouraged with my "woman's voice" to help ! hope you win!

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