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Vote Now to Help SheSpeaks Ring the New York Stock Exchange Bell & A Chance to Join Us!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 05.02.12
Vote Now to Help SheSpeaks Ring the New York Stock Exchange Bell & A Chance to Join Us!
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Ding, Ding, Ding! We are so thrilled to let you know that SheSpeaks is a finalist for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Next Big Startup Competition! If SheSpeaks wins, we will ring the opening bell at the NYSE!

Did you know that the official start to the opening of each stock trading day is that ever familiar ringing bell? Now, SheSpeaks and our fantastic community members (you!) are poised to be a part of that auspicious history.

Some of the best companies in the world are listed on the NYSE. Companies that include Proctor & Gamble (the makers of Tide, Olay, Bounty etc.) Ann Taylor, General Mills and other great companies.

How Can You Participate? Join the Contest!
Do you want to help SheSpeaks be a part of history? SheSpeaks is a finalist and it now comes down to a public vote on Facebook.

Here is Why We Think SheSpeaks Should Win:
SheSpeaks is the voice of female consumers. What better way for the NYSE to underscore the importance of women’s collective buying power than by choosing SheSpeaks to ring the opening bell!

To vote for SheSpeaks, simply click here: Facebook Vote
a) “Like” NYSE
b) Vote for SheSpeaks (we are a Startup America Finalist).  Deadline for voting is May 13th!

Once you’ve voted, tell us why you think SheSpeaks should ring the opening bell and you will get a chance to win $250 toward your travel expenses* to come and join us at the NYSE!

We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

 * If you are unable to attend the NYSE event we will provide you with an American Express Gift Card with a value of $250.



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  • bbwife By bbwife

    SheSpeaks is great! It is a great site where women can come together and share blogs, recipes, product reviews and whatever is on their minds. Good luck!!

  • ghastlyone By ghastlyone

    I voted for you because you are a company that helps serve both businesses and consumers. You allow consumers to give a voice in what kind of products are produced. You give a voice to female consumers.

  • tiffanysblogs By tiffanysblogs

    I love that SheSpeaks give women a voice, and recognizes the power of women as consumers and as businesspeople. I voted for you, because you help make my voice count!

  • vickie1962 By vickie1962

    For years I have been a member of SheSpeaks and they are a powerful voice for women. SheSpeaks allow women to speak about every issue and products at hand and there's no hold back to the conversation. SheSpeak is the voice for women and it empowers us to talk just about everything. SheSpeaks deserves to ring the opening bell because they not only allow women to have a voice, but help companies gain consumers trust when it comes to buying different products from their companies. SheSpeaks is awesome place for women and their issues. Good luck SheSpeak!

  • gabber1127 By gabber1127

    Yaaay for even being in this competition! Girl power!!!

  • dbee113 By dbee113

    I believe She Speaks speaks should ring the bell for all woman , since no other opponent does for Woman what She speaks does.

  • songinc By songinc

    I voted for you!!

  • FarmWife50 By FarmWife50

    She Speaks should be the obvious choice to ring. You give a voice that rings out with reviews , deals, offers, promotions, etc... I voted and hope you win :)

  • AStarrA By AStarrA

    SheSpeaks should ring the opening bell because it's a wonderful all-in-one site! You can always find something new whether it's a deal, recipe, review or parenting tips/advice and if you can't find something you can always open up a discussion on one of the forums.

  • blond_ie3 By blond_ie3

    I voted because SheSpeaks is the voice for female consumers. We get to help companies make great products by trying them and giving our opinions. She Speaks rocks!!!

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