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Tips to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Tips to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

April 22nd is Earth Day! The day marks the anniversary of what many consider to be the birth of the modern day environmental movement in 1970. Earth Day was founded by Gaylord Nelson, who came up with the idea after he witnessed the ravages of the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Check out for more information on the history of Earth Day as well as information on how to become involved with Earth Day events in your area.

To help prepare for Earth Day, we're sharing some great environmentally friendly tips that will help you save the environment, and money, in the process.
To be entered to win one of our giveaway prizes this week, simply post a comment below sharing your tips on how to cut down on your carbon footprint!  Have you influenced your friends and family to make environmentally responsible choices? We'd love to hear about that too!
Using the Thermostat Less Saves Energy: Resist the temptation to turn up the thermostat when the weather is chilly. Instead, put on a sweater or wrap yourself in a blanket and keep the thermostat at the energy-efficient temperature of 68 degrees F. Likewise, use a fan instead of air conditioning when the weather is hot. A fan uses less energy, produces no fluorocarbons, and even requires less energy to manufacture.
LED bulbsChange Your Light Bulbs to Save Money and Light Your Home: Switching out your old light bulbs and replacing them with eco-friendly ones can save you a ton of money. LED bulbs shine for about 60,000 hours and Compact Fluorescent bulbs for about 10,000 hours. Compare that to your traditional incandescent bulb, which only lasts 1,500 hours.
Unplug Your Electronics at Night: Though you may not realize it, electronics like TVs, DVD players, and computers use energy even when turned off. Unplug them when you sleep to reduce your energy use and your monthly bill. Another tip: your phone only takes about two hours to completely recharge, so don’t leave it plugged in and charging overnight.
save waterSave as Much Water as You Can: The number one source of wasted water is keeping the faucet running while you’re brushing your teeth. Did you know that the average bathroom faucet runs at 2 gallons of water per minute? Turn off the water when brushing to save in the easiest way possible. Another tip: if you’re waiting for the water to heat up when running a bath or shower, put a bucket underneath to catch the water and use it to water plants around the house or for cleaning.
Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water: Did you know that when doing laundry, heating water could account for up to 80% of the energy used per wash load in the U.S.? You can Take A Load Off the energy grid, your wallet, and the environment by making the simple change of washing your clothes in cold water. You can make the promise to switch to washing in cold water on P&G's Future Friendly Facebook page and you'll be entered to win a High Efficiency Washer and Dryer and a one-year supply of Tide Coldwater! Enter once per day to increase your chances of winning. A new winner will be picked each week through May 13th. It’s all part of P&G’s effort to convert 70% of all wash loads worldwide to cold by 2020.
Learn more about saving energy and helping the environment at our Tide Coldwater #takealoadoff Twitter Party taking place on April 12th at 9PM ET. If you haven’t already, RSVP to be eligible to win the door prize.
Now we’d like to hear from you! What are your eco-friendly tips and tricks? Do you plan on doing something special to celebrate Earth Day this year? To be entered to win one of our giveaway prizes this week, simply POST A COMMENT BELOW sharing your tips on how to cut down on your carbon footprint! Comments must be submitted by 6pm EST on April 16th, 2012. Good luck!

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  • sharon3377 By sharon3377

    i use both sides of paper when printing,plus i recycle empty containers from margarine,and use for leftovers,etc.

  • piscesgrly2 By piscesgrly2

    Don't prewash dishes by hand. If you have a newer dishwasher(less than 10 yrs old) and its an energy saver then it is enough to get dishes clean. It saves more water than hand washing. Also, save rain water to use as toilet ater(see on ""). Save any coals from a wood burning fire and put them in flower bed or garden to keep snails and slugs from getting to your plants. We reuse tissue paper even if its torn, takeout boxes for leftover food, and never throw away batteries.

  • hotwhllvr79 By hotwhllvr79

    I have always washed our family's clothes in cold water, except for heavily soiled things, like my boyfriend's work clothes. During the summer, when the kids want to constantly fill up water guns, I get the water started in the washing machine, fill them as many times as needed, and then do a load of laundry. It keeps from wasting water in the sink, and also keeps us from opening the door so many times and letting out the A/C.

  • Greatfulmoments By Greatfulmoments

    Carry your own bags to the grocery store, invest in energy efficient appliances, and unplug appliances and electronic devices when not in use.@martiferg

  • BostonSox By BostonSox

    We have a compost bin where all of our kitchen scraps, dryer lint, junk mail, paper, etc goes. The compost then helps our veggie garden flourish in the warmer months. We buy local as often as possible. At the store, we look carefully at packaging. If a product is over-packaged (like single-serving things often are) we don't buy them. We recycle and reuse all plastics. Instead of disposable, we opt for multiple use, like canvas sandwich bags, glass straws, clothe napkins, reusable grocery bags, etc. We think twice before driving -- if we can walk, we do that instead.

  • stef42678 By stef42678

    I always bring my own shopping bags to the store and I encourage my friends to do the same! I also setup recycling bins in my condo community area to encourage everyone to recycle and do their part to save the earth.

  • Bennevidal By Bennevidal

    Whenever I wash my curtains, drapes,and valances I don't dry them! I just remove them promptly from the washer and put them back on their rods! Makes the house smell great!

  • acohen By acohen

    Instead of throwing out potato chip bags or snack bags (the ones that are shiny on the inside), cut them at the bottom seam and iron them slowly on an old bath towel and watch them shrink and get a really cool texture. Then cut them up into pieces and make a collage. It's a fun way to recycle because you can create a beautiful piece of artwork!

  • linzsnoop By linzsnoop

    i use the Huggies plastic wipes containers as planters! I try not to buy them, but sometimes they cost less than the refills in the store. So...I am teaching my son about planting and recycling at the same time. I let him decorate his new planters with stickers, and then we place them on our deck. It helps add character to our family garden.

  • believeangls By believeangls

    I've been using reusable shopping bags for a couple years now; turn off water when brushing teeth; replaced regular light bulbs with the CFLs a few years ago; I recycle newspaper, magazines, cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminum (did you know you can put used aluminum foil in with the recycling? Even the wrapper from a Hershey's Kiss is enough to recycle!)

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