6 Spring Shoe Trends and a Chance to Win Some!

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 28, 2012

With the spring season quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to accomodate those spring fashion trends in your wardrobe. To kick off this fashion season, we're sharing tips on a staple in every woman’s look, shoes! Whether you shop for comfort, style, color, price, or everything in between, these 6 shoe trends are sure to get your springtime look off to a great start.  And this week if you review your fashion favorites we'll enter you for a chance to buy the trends you like!

  • Animal Prints:animal printAnimal prints have recently returned to fashion favor. Cheetah, leopard, tiger, and zebra prints are appearing on store shelves at an explosive rate. These combinations of patterns and colors are highlighted and complemented with the emerging fashion trend of fatigues and military jackets.
  •  The Slipper Flat: A growing trend that’s quickly replacing the ballet flat trend, the slipper flat is a perfect combination between comfy and chic. This shoe can come in a classic slipper look, loafers or dress flats. Perfect for weekends, casual days, and times you need to walk a lot. You’ll be glad you bought a pair!
  • Neon Colors/Pastels: The trend of pops of color (POC) seems to be a throwback to classic 80’s style. Whatever your favorite color may be, this spring there's the perfect shoe color for you. You’ll be guaranteed to turn some heads with a pair of neon yellow heals.
  • Braided Sandals: It’s been a while since this trend has been featured in designer collections, but it’s back and will be flying off store shelves come the spring. Bright colors blended with unique braid designs will make them a must have for your warm weather wear.
  • Transparent Shoes:transparent shoe Also known as “shooties”, a combination of the words sheer and bootie, this is perhaps the most interesting or “out there” trend you’ll see this spring. For a number of seasons designers have been popping these into their collections but until now they’ve never taken off. Oscar De La Renta featured these in the 2012 spring runway show and they even made an appearance in Paris Fashion Week.
  • Buckles: Buckles were a trend that appeared during last year’s spring/summer collection and they’ll be making a return appearance for this season. So go back and dig around in your closet for these forgotten gems. They're back!

Now we'd like to hear from you!

Do you like these emerging and returning shoe trends? What fashion trends are you excited for this spring and which are you going to skip? To be entered to win one of our prizes this week simply write a review for your favorite pair of shoes. Choose the category "Beauty" and then the sub category "Fashion" once the review is completed. Reviews must be submitted by 6pm EST on March 5th, 2012. Good luck!



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*Contest starts February 28th, 2012 and ends March 5th, 2012, at 6:00pm. Must be a US resident. No purchase necessary.

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pcangel by pcangel | beaver falls, PA
Feb 29, 2012

I would love to win some shoes.I love shoes.My favorite is the Shooties.I would give them to my daughter she would look adorable in them,as I can no longer walk in heels.

jnkrogers by jnkrogers | KATY, TX
Feb 29, 2012

I would love to try the shootie. They look gorgeous!! And I am a big fan of POC!!!

Feb 29, 2012

@SheSpeaks Hope you got this, And I did it right. Little confusing, please let me know. Ty *+* Marjorie Mora Submited 2/29/ 3:00 pm

jellybeanr by jellybeanr | STATEN ISLAND, NY
Feb 29, 2012

I am looking forward to purchasing the braided sandal. I love sandals in the summer.

cancan by cancan | BROOKLYN, NY
Feb 29, 2012

I did it! I hope it gets approved! :)

SheSpeaksTeam by SheSpeaksTeam | New York, NY
Feb 29, 2012

Hello again everyone! If you are still having issues posting a product review, you can write your review in the comments section and we will then transfer it over to reviews. If you do this, please make sure to include the Brand or Manufacturer name as well as the Product name. Thank you for the feedback!

kadielynn83 by kadielynn83 | Massillon, OH
Feb 29, 2012

Um. I can't figure out how I'm supposed to do this. I would love to enter, but...the site won't let me. Lol

Knutsen by Knutsen | Schenectady, NY
Feb 29, 2012

Link took me nowhere also, went to a page asking me what product I would like to add for review

mistrixst by mistrixst | BURLINGTON, NC
Feb 29, 2012


jskell911 by jskell911 | dayville, CT
Feb 29, 2012

I created one! Thanks for the opportunity!

IDJmomofthree by IDJmomofthree | SACRAMENTO, CA
Feb 29, 2012

Thank You

SheSpeaksTeam by SheSpeaksTeam | New York, NY
Feb 29, 2012

Hi everyone! Sorry for the confusion. For this week's newsletter contest you can either create a new product review or add your comments to an existing product review. To create a new review go to "Add A Review". If you click on this button it takes you to a page that asks "What would you like to review?". Type "shoes" into the search bar and click "Submit". This will take you to member reviews about shoes. If your product is there you can simply add a review to one of the products already listed, or click on the "Add a New Product" button at the bottom of the page. To create a review about any fashion item such as shoes, accessories, clothing etc choose "Beauty" then write your review, and select the subcategory to be "Fashion". Hope this helps and again, apologies for the confusion.

docmp78 by docmp78 | Fridley, MN
Feb 29, 2012

Ok reviewed CANDIE'S shoes n it says it'll be reviewed n posted later.

allyson by allyson | SOUTH ELGIN, IL
Feb 29, 2012

I click and it takes me no where????? I love shespeaks but sometimes it is not very use friendly.

CaliJulz by CaliJulz | LOMITA, CA
Feb 29, 2012

Hi, Got to where I can add my shoe, But IM not seeing the proper catagory? Help!! THX Its a sneaker BTW lol