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Kick start your 2012 with success from 2011

Kick start your 2012 with success from 2011

It's been another terrific year and we really hope 2012 is just as great and maybe even better.  To get your year in gear, first take stock of all you've accomplished in 2011. 

We all have personal goals, things we want to do and learn, places we want to visit and friendships we want to nurture.  So did we do it? Did we achieve all we set out to achieve. It's definitely worth reflecting on the positives and all that you've accomplished.  Here at SheSpeaks we'd love your help to identify the best of 2011.  We've had some great programs, interesting and unique blog posts, great reviews and recipes.  What did you read and enjoy in 2011?

We'd like your help to spotlight the members and bloggers who helped your SheSpeaks experience to be a great one. Nominate your favorite link on and the member or blogger who posted it.

Did you join one of our programs this year? If so, which was your favorite and why?  Please take a moment to comment below so we can round up your favorites and give them all a well deserved THANK YOU !!

Here are some of the SheSpeaks team favorites.  

Top picks for 2011 content that has interested intrigued or motivated:

Julie Grice's quick bread post 'Quick Breads, endless possibilities" has inspired some baking... and eating around the SheSpeaks office! (Emily)

Other SheSpeaks Team favorites from Julie: 'The Joys of Slow Cooking', 'Mason Jar Love', but also,

Five Things Your Child's Teacher Would Like You To Know by Jennifer Franklin

Early Twenties Too Young To Say 'I Do?  blog post, Sept. 30th

Should Kim Kardashian Take Some Advice From Lindsey Lohan and Stay in this New Years Eve 

Discussion: Chapped lips & dry skin... Help! 

Favorite SheSpeaks Program in 2011

  • Torani's Authentic Coffee House Flavor Program was great fun and great product. It was really fun to hear how members enjoyed their Torani 
  • Tostitos Artisan Recipes was a fun program. People liked the chips and it’s great to be the first to try a new product. 
  • Biolage Kiss Dry Goodbye Salon Program - before and after photos were fun! 
  • Johnsonville Turn Dinner into Thank you night with Johnsonville Italian Sausage
  • Macy’s Recipe Share was a great twitter party and lots of really delicious recipes from creative members
  • RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Cream Challenge - people just loved the effect of this product on their skin

Favorite member video or photo in 2011:

Roc Program Video by  Sheri

Scrubbing Bubbles Video by Anita Armstrong

Cerra Me Time Video  by Shelly

Torani Salted Caramel Mocha Cream Pie photo by Annalise

Torani My Coffee House by Di

Torani My famous custard made with Torani Salted Caramel flavor  by Cris

Next week, we'll be talking about some more personal goals and challenges you are planning for your 2012 and we'll have a #MyVision2012 Twitter party.



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  • cathygreenway By cathygreenway

    In 2011 I started my own small ebay "business" which is starting to take off which will be a more positive outlook for 2012. I will be elligible to retire this year, but being single, kids grown, grandkids on their way to being grown, I'll keep working. I'm going to start saving money toward retirement. Due to age, my health has started showing the signs so I'll start doing better, like eating more whole wheats, veggies and fruits.

  • cristinab By cristinab

    wow thanks so much! ALL THE PROGRAMS I JOINED WAS AWESOME. LOVE JOHNSONVILLE, LOVE CERRA, LOVE BIOLAGE, LOVE HORMEL KIDS COMPLEATS (ty for our 1 yr supply), LOVE TORANI - was my hubby's favorite he is simply addicted! im so excited for this yr's programs & i hope to be included in more of the programs!

  • Kay3131 By Kay3131

    My favorite SheSpeaks blog this year was in early Octobor, and was about American Apparel's rejection of Nancy Upton (who received the most web votes) as the winner of their Plus Sized model contest. Great comments.


    2011 was a Great year Loved the Tostitos program looking forward to a better year in 2012

  • laclay By laclay

    I loved the ROC program. It worked well for me.Told my friends about it and several of them swear by it. also. Thanks for all the great opportunities to try new products that I might never had tried on my own. SheSpeaks is great!

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