RSVP for the MyVision2012 Twitter Party - Save the Date

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 12.21.11
RSVP for the MyVision2012 Twitter Party - Save the Date
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The New Year brings a great opportunity to lay down some plans and goals for the New Year.  For some it might be New Year, New You --for others, it's just a few things you'd like to achieve and feel good about.

Whether you're planning to get fit, eat right or read a new book, we'd love for you to join us to discuss your plans.  We'll be talking about how to get started, laying down a plan and getting the support of family and friends to accomplish your goal, however small or large.  Please join us to help the SheSpeaks community get their Vision for 2012 on the right track.  What's your focus for 2012?  Are you thinking about diet, exercise parenting, finances, career or relationship goals? We'd love to hear all about your plans and how you will make 2012 work for you. 

Party Details:
When: Thursday, January 12th
Time: 9:00pm EST
Who: You and your friends!
Custom TweetGrid:
Hashtag: #MyVision2012
Party Sponsor: SheSpeaks
Party Hosts: @SheSpeaksUp, @RachelFerrucci


Philips Wake-Up Light, Switch to Health S2H STEP Pedometer (as seen in O Magazine this month), Mom Incorporated A Guide to Business + Baby, GoGoSqueez New Appleberry Flavor and a terrific gift basket of products and much more!

RSVP & Win:
Enter to win our door prize by commenting on this post with your Twitter ID (Ex. @shespeaksup)

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  • kymnasium By kymnasium

    rsvp @kymnasium thank you

  • longsgl By longsgl


  • speakmichelle By speakmichelle


  • agape4gigi By agape4gigi


  • christinlilly By christinlilly


  • slarto727 By slarto727


  • sustahl By sustahl

    I'll be there @rsmstahley

  • tiglesia By tiglesia

    @Tracy_Iglesias and i also tweet from @Ascending1 when I get thrown in twitter jail (I host twitter parties too, that's why I have an extra account!) Please be sure to tweet out a reminder, as I may totally forget since we are still in December! :)

  • kellibliss By kellibliss

    @kelli_bliss I will be there

  • YankyTexan By YankyTexan


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