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Glad the fruit flies are GONE!

Glad the fruit flies are GONE!

In the summer my family is huge on fresh fruits and veggies. But as with all good things, and end must come. You get tired of all the fruit and then come....THE FRUIT FLIES! We got them worse than I have ever had them in my life. They were over the sink, in the bathroom, over the counters and in the trashcan.

Of course, in today's day and age, I went online and Googled "How do you get rid of fruit flies". I never knew there were so many ways you could do this. First I read about apple cider vinegar and a drop of dishwashing detergent. I caught one or two and the others laughed at me. So back to Google I go!

Pour bleach into your drains, this will kill whatever is in there and voila - no more fruit flies. They laughed at me again and kept on annoying me.

Being a college educated woman I figured I was smart enough to trick these little critters into problem right? **rolls eyes** Fly tape! That's my answer, but the problem, no fly tape in the house. Let's try scotch tape on the ceiling and watch the little suckers stick and wiggle. Ten minutes pass and I've caught 5! Whoo hoo, I have the answer. I turn around and talk to my fiance, look back, and they are all GONE! How did the little critters escape? **face palm**

Google again, and come up with something that I never would have thought of in a million years. Incense. So I lit up. I love the smell anyway and if it would get rid of those little pests, BONUS! Believe it or not, their little lungs couldn't handle it and died all around me. Victory is mine!

I started doing the Snoopy dance and plan on keeping it up!
So, when the little critters try to annoy the heck out of you light up my friend, light up!


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  • ajenkins By ajenkins

    Rhank you, I have these little bothers all over my house. And we never had any fruit out! Looks like I will be lighting my candles all over the house for the next couple of days.

  • jenster11 By jenster11

    You can also put out a glass of juice and they are attracted to it and I guess drown...Bye Bye Buggers!

  • JaimeM By JaimeM

    My cousin swears by the vinegar and soap method. She cuts the very top off of a two liter bottle and inverts it and pours the solution inside. I'll have to tell her about incense. She deals with fruit flies every summer

  • tasha1013 By tasha1013

    I'm going to go buy some incense TODAY. I've been having this problem all summer and like you I tried the bleach, the vinger and dish detergent and it didn't help at all. Thanks for sharing.

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