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Relax & Share to Win One of 5 Cool Gadgets

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 10.05.11
Relax & Share to Win One of 5 Cool Gadgets
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Who says a time out should only be for children?

Jokes aside, a few minutes a day to disconnect and clear our minds is priceless. The opportunity to take a few breaths, relax our shoulders and just sit still can be exactly what we need to recharge and finish the day with excitement and a smile on our face.

It's easier said than done, we know! Crazy schedules, friends, children, spouses, and not to mention today's technology almost always keeps you connected to something or someone. But the benefits of finding that time, even just for a few minutes, can make you feel like a whole new person, like your old self again, maybe even like superwoman.

Research has shown (and supporters can attest) that a little time and effort can go a long way. Practicing yoga, stretching, meditating and running a nice bubble bath are just a few methods of how we can disconnect, and relax. But you, our members, are really the experts. You're the multi-tasking gurus. You're the working professional, stay-at-home mom and party planner all wrapped into one and you do it day after day.

So we want to know, how do you do it  ALL and still find time to disconnect? How do you find a few minutes a day or every couple of days for "Me Time" to rejuvenate your mind and body? Do you have help, set the calendar, or stick to a routine or are you self-aware and just know when it's time to retreat on your own.  Do you find it's easy to put down your cell phone or does someone else unravel your fingers from the keyboard? 

Share your experience with us by posting how you disconnect and how you reflect, and you'll be entered to Win 1 of 5 cool relaxation gadgets.  While many relaxation methods can be done with only a few minutes of peace and quiet, we wanted to compile some cool gadgets to help inspire you to find those few minutes a day for yourself.

The contest starts Wednesday, October 5th and ends Monday, October 10th at midnight EST. There will be 5 lucky winners with one winner receiving the grand prize, the Sharper Image Foot Massager, valued at over $50.

Here are the prizes:

Sharper Image foot massager ($50 value)

Aromatherapy Vaporizer with Oil ($40 value)

Conair Foot bath with bubbles and heat ($20 value)


2 Motorized Scalp Massagers ($12 value each)


Good luck!

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  • mdavis79 By mdavis79

    I am a single mom raising a special needs child. it is very hard for me to get some alone time. 2-3 times a week I hire a babysitter to watch my son. While I go for a walk. I love walking in the fall. I love seeing the leaves change on the trees. i love feeling the cold air in my face it takes my mind off of things at the house for about 30mins. It is so relaxing, when I get back from my walk I am so relaxed adn refreshed and ready to start my day all over again.

  • anngut By anngut

    I have a STRESSFULL life, with both my husband and myself being disabled and on a fixed income, I had to find some way to unwind. Here is what I do: I get ready for bed, which involves getting meds and machines ready, and then about thirty minutes before bedtime everything but the lights go off and I take out one of a selection of magazines and read it, uniterrupted until bedtime (my favorite magazine is a religious magazine that I get for free). That is my relaxation technique and it works for me!

  • MiscRamblings By MiscRamblings

    When I've had all I can take in life, I head outdoors. When gardening season is in, I work in my garden, and get my hands dirty. When it's not time for gardening my camera becomes my friend and I take pictures of the wonders of nature. It brings me back to center.

  • zoerights By zoerights

    There's nothing like a good book to take your mind off your troubles.

  • valerieak1 By valerieak1

    When we bought our house my husband wanted a two car garage. I wanted a deep bath tub. I know it only takes 5 minutes to shower, but 15 minutes in a big tub full of bubbles is so worth the extra time. I take a cheap romance novel with me and read for 10 minutes and wash for 5. It lets me relax all over and my mind go off to some place else. I think I am worth the 10 extra minutes and the extra water.

  • cleanliving By cleanliving

    I do take yoga classes, but my "go to" unwind technique is to take a walk. I can go just outside my house, go as long as I have time for. I use this time to unwind and be thankful for all the good things in my life - which helps me let of the rest.

  • Tiffanyplusone By Tiffanyplusone

    I find me time and lock myself in the bathroom-let's face it there's only so much you can do for other people while in the bathroom, right?! A LONG bubble bath and a good book with a glass of wine seems to do the trick at my house. ;)

  • Flossy14 By Flossy14

    At the end of the day, l love to escape to my bedroom.. with my corner of the room filled with a bookcase of my favorite books, pictures of my children growing up..i get my husband pillow, get out my stash of candy in my bedside table-hot tamales.. fireballs..candy corn.. i either read or write in my journal that i have been keeping since the 7th grade.. it sooths me and lets me think of me for a precious while..

  • DelightfulToni By DelightfulToni

    Being a single mom makes unwinding difficult. I TRY to take time for myself and when I am able to, I usually walk at our local metropark. I'm sure this isn't what most people think if for relaxation but it is for me. It's very easy to sort through my thoughts and make sense of all of the chaos these days. Don't get me wrong, I love a good bath like everyone else but I can't exactly take my boys with me for a bath lol

  • jackieab By jackieab

    At the end of a marathon day, I take a scenic drive on the way home. It allows me to slow down, literally and figuratively, it gets me away from the crazy traffic and helps clear my head of the days activities so I can arrive home refreshed and not totally stressed from the hectic day.

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