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   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 05, 2011

Who says a time out should only be for children?

Jokes aside, a few minutes a day to disconnect and clear our minds is priceless. The opportunity to take a few breaths, relax our shoulders and just sit still can be exactly what we need to recharge and finish the day with excitement and a smile on our face.

It's easier said than done, we know! Crazy schedules, friends, children, spouses, and not to mention today's technology almost always keeps you connected to something or someone. But the benefits of finding that time, even just for a few minutes, can make you feel like a whole new person, like your old self again, maybe even like superwoman.

Research has shown (and supporters can attest) that a little time and effort can go a long way. Practicing yoga, stretching, meditating and running a nice bubble bath are just a few methods of how we can disconnect, and relax. But you, our members, are really the experts. You're the multi-tasking gurus. You're the working professional, stay-at-home mom and party planner all wrapped into one and you do it day after day.

So we want to know, how do you do it  ALL and still find time to disconnect? How do you find a few minutes a day or every couple of days for "Me Time" to rejuvenate your mind and body? Do you have help, set the calendar, or stick to a routine or are you self-aware and just know when it's time to retreat on your own.  Do you find it's easy to put down your cell phone or does someone else unravel your fingers from the keyboard? 

Share your experience with us by posting how you disconnect and how you reflect, and you'll be entered to Win 1 of 5 cool relaxation gadgets.  While many relaxation methods can be done with only a few minutes of peace and quiet, we wanted to compile some cool gadgets to help inspire you to find those few minutes a day for yourself.

The contest starts Wednesday, October 5th and ends Monday, October 10th at midnight EST. There will be 5 lucky winners with one winner receiving the grand prize, the Sharper Image Foot Massager, valued at over $50.

Here are the prizes:

Sharper Image foot massager ($50 value)

Aromatherapy Vaporizer with Oil ($40 value)

Conair Foot bath with bubbles and heat ($20 value)


2 Motorized Scalp Massagers ($12 value each)


Good luck!

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kidzmustplay by kidzmustplay | magnolia, TX
Oct 07, 2011

I spend time working out & then i curl up with a good book.

smathes by smathes | CHICAGO, IL
Oct 07, 2011

I'm up early every morning for a run. Without I'm drained and stressed. Some days it takes all my will power to drag myself out of bed, but I know no matter I feel better and have more energy if I can get out there for at least a few miles.

sleatham1 by sleatham1 | Roxboro, NC
Oct 07, 2011

I will go sit on the porch swing and read a book...or, I will hide out in the craftroom and scrapbook!!

xmsjnox by xmsjnox | PASADENA, CA
Oct 07, 2011

I will watch a marathon of Korean Drama dvds. Can't go wrong with suspending reality with Boys Over Flowers, Full House, or My Lovely Sam Soon!! Magic happens in those hours, and I feel TONS better in no time!

betty224 by betty224 | QUINCY, MA
Oct 07, 2011

When things get crazy I like to "disconnect" by going outside and taking a walk. I leave behind my cell phone and ipod and just walk. By the time I get home I feel refreshed and ready to tackle my next project.

grammasmagic by grammasmagic | Toledo, OH
Oct 07, 2011

Just like everyone else I have a busy life, just can't find time for myself. One thing I have gotten in the habit of doing, is reading some before going to sleep. Its my me time, I sit on my bed and read for enjoyment and to relax. I get sleepy, put the book down, lie down and away I go. Sleepy dreamy land......

krys2000 by krys2000 | COLORADO SPGS, CO
Oct 07, 2011

As a very busy mom with 3 kids, a business, and going back to school, I have very, very little time to relax. So, my daily fallback is to crash into my bed with a good book for 5-20 minutes until I pass out.

BrenLuk by BrenLuk | SUMMERVILLE, SC
Oct 07, 2011

Now that the weather has cooled down here in the South, once dinner is served and the dishes are done I ask my hubby to bathe the babies so I can go roller skating. Not only is this really great cardio, but there is no one with me so I find it relaxing as well. It's a great way to let a tough day roll away as well as helping me to get back to that ideal weight.

rsmith2902 by rsmith2902 | Fresno, TX
Oct 07, 2011

I was just injured at work, I'm a single mother of 5 kids and I'm going to nursing school to make a better life for us something like this would really help me out and allow me to relax from time to time

Kharis by Kharis | San Diego, CA
Oct 07, 2011

This one of my favorite relaxation techniques: Sometime during the day or evening I make a hot mug of tea, find an empty room, lock it behind me, light my favorite scented candle, stretch out every muscle in my body while completely emptying my mind, then finish up by drinking my tea. I feel like a new person, it really works. Try it and you'll see!

daddis73 by daddis73 | hobart, IN
Oct 07, 2011

when its time to relax, sit there and concentrate on each muscle starting from your toes....tense and then relax them and work your way up towards your head,,,then when your finished you should be sitting there without moving a muscle, and feeling relaxed,,,,or even tired a bit....

sheila221 by sheila221 | loves park, IL
Oct 07, 2011

A long steaming bubble bath is the best, however, for my everyday unwinding I always turn to my journal. Just the act of writing down my thoughts for the day relaxes me. It also helps me put things into perspective, maybe that annoyance earlier in the day is now something that I can giggle over. I almost always go to bed feeling better, at peace.

susan4 by susan4 | joliet, IL
Oct 07, 2011

After a long hard day of work,, and after dinner and dishes are done, I love to take a long shower get in my comfy jammies, pour a nice hot cup of tea and read a book ,,, thats my ME time

Gunga3 by Gunga3 | huffman, TX
Oct 06, 2011

I practice a breathing technique of inhaling to the count of five, holding my breath to the count of eight, and exhaling through the mouth to the count of nine.

mothertick by mothertick | Tok, AK
Oct 06, 2011

After work as a housekeeper and before I go home to take care of my husband with parkinsons, I put my favorite cd on and just get lost in the music.