Early Twenties Too Young To Say 'I Do'?

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Early Twenties Too Young To Say 'I Do'?

A recent SheSpeaks poll reveals that almost 60% of our members think that between the ages of 25 and 29 is the perfect time for nuptials. Only about 11% feel 18 to 24 year olds should be planning a wedding and there may be a good reason for this.

Though there is no magic number for when you should tie the knot, research does show that your marriage has a better chance of surviving if you wait to make that commitment until you are in your mid-twenties or later. The fact that many women have already been through college by the time they turn 25 could have something to do with marriage success.

A Cosmopolitan magazine report points out some research that reveals women with more education usually have more lasting relationships than women who have received less schooling. Terri Orbuch, PhD, author of Five Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage From Good to Great, reveals why women who already have college degrees fare better in marriages. Orbuch says, “Educated women tend to be more confident about who they are and less willing to settle for a man who doesn’t meet their standards”

Just the fact that we are a little older and wiser once we reach our mid-twenties probably has a lot to do with a lasting marriage too. By the time most women reach 25 they know who they are and have enough dating experience to know who would make the best long term partner.

What age do you think is the right time to get married?

Why do you think people who marry at 25 or older have a better chance of staying together?


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  • tmwiddows By tmwiddows

    He or she has to be "the one". I married in my early 20's, now have two children and have just recently celebrated my 12th anniversary. I don't believe age plays a factor. I believe it is in your and your partners beliefs. My hubby and I both believe marriage is until "death do us part". I think that is the problem today, divorce seems to be the easiest option. Well guess what...marriage is hard and you don't always see eye to eye. You grow together, you learn together, you share life experiences together. A spouse is a partner who is always there for you, sometimes whether you want them to be or not! And really in the end who the heck wants to re-train one after all those years!!! lol

  • Chandamay21 By Chandamay21

    Being married at 20 and now divorced and remarried at 26 I have to say I do know a lot more about what I want and who I am then what I did at 20. I think that you can't really put a age on it because it is more about who you are. It's also about changing and growing together and what value you hold your relationship at. Today it is so simple just to say you give up and you want something new and anyone can do this at any age. Whatever age you get married the chances of it lasting depends on yourself and the other person not based on how old you are.

  • Bearyunique By Bearyunique

    In today's way of life, I think it is best to wait until your 25 or older. After you finish college or you begin your working career you more stable to be able to make the commitment last. I think when you build your confidence up, you are more secure about who you are and with whom you want to share the rest of your life. When your married it lessons your possibilities for certain dreams someone may have, like studing abroad. However, Anything is possible if you put all your heart and soul into it.

  • Janellcp By Janellcp

    I think 18-19 years old may be too young to get married, so maybe that is why the survey reflects these results. I was married at 20. We had both finished college. We were married 8 years before we had kids. We have now been married 14 years and we are still in love. We are happy we were married young.

  • amb0116 By amb0116

    I married when I was 22 and I would not change one thing about that. My husband and I had a long engagement during while obtaining my college degree. Do I think that for some people their early twenties is too young, absolutely. For myself, however, I believe and always knew that I would marry young because that's what I wanted. Now that I did marry young I have time to relax and get to figure my marriage out now, fix flaws and learn to grow with him before I feel pressured to make the next step to have kids. This gives us our "us " time that I would miss if I would have decided to wait till my late 20s. For me personally, it's what works best, but that DOES NOT mean it is best for EVERYONE. Do what makes you happy because each person story is unique, you have to create your own ending =)

  • cocoabella By cocoabella

    Marry when you are ready and mature enough to take this step. Couples need to realize marriage isn't a fairy tale. You have to work at it. Too many young couples today throw in the towel on their marriages and end in divorce instead of trying to make it work. It's give and take, not take take take.

  • dodgeramgirl35 By dodgeramgirl35

    I got married whe I was 21 (2 months shy of my 22 bday) and my husband was 24. We are both still very happy and we are looking forward to buying our first house together and expanding our family. It's not about the age it's about the maturity of the individuals.

  • idevasir By idevasir

    Definitely because most people have more knowledge around age 30. Personally I think the 30's is the perfect time to marry & then have a baby. Because you are situated in your career and have a better idea of what you want. We all know that guys don't mature until age 30 or older. It takes them a while. Lol. It's true though!!

  • anngut By anngut

    I got married at the age of 18 and have been happily married for 14 years....Would I reccomend it for anyone else? NO! I agree with the article, wait until between 25 -28 to get married. Live your life, become yourself. Then get married. Don't rush into things.

  • slagel2000 By slagel2000

    I got married while in High School and that marriage did not last. I believe it was due to immaturity. I have now been married to the most amazing man in the world because I took care of me after my first marriage and waited to find that second great man that has changed my life. Bottom line is if you are happy and you know this is what you want, then age does not matter.....as long as you are happy and you have your life set

  • xtaticgg By xtaticgg

    I got married when I turned 30 and looking back, it was the right decision for me and my husband. We were older and more mature, stable and knew what we wanted. Had I married in my early 20's I would have missed so much and I would probably have taken things for granted, but knowing what i learned in my 20's I know how things are out there in the world and I know i am blessed with the wonderful man i picked to be my husband.

  • ahoeppner18 By ahoeppner18

    I married at 24 and am now 27. We have had major relationship issues but are continuing tp work through them at home and through counseling. I am hopeful for the future but fear for the worst. I envy my friends who were not getting married when I was at 24.

  • BATCave By BATCave

    I don't think there is a magical age that is right to get married. Each person and their circumstances are different. I got married at the age of 23. Twelve years and 3 children later, we are still happily married. Some people will never be "old" enough to get married in my opinion! It is about emotional maturity, knowing what you want in life, and finding a compatible partner. Some people who waited a lot longer than I did to get married didn't make it past a few years in their marriage.

  • Sara4258 By Sara4258

    This is a different world, girls have much more options. I think that young women need to have time to develop and figure out who they are. Divorce rates for couples in their early 20's are threw the roof now. I think most young girls like the idea of the attention and planning for the big day without truly understanding the compromise that marriage takes.

  • buttercup3 By buttercup3

    I got married when I was 21 and he was 26. I had been dating him since I was 17. We have been married for 9 years and have 3 beautiful children. We are very happy and have a wonderful life together. It doesn't matter what age you are...if you love each other and are meant to be together you will make it work.

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