Post a Reboot-Your-Body Tip & Win Workout Gear

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Post a Reboot-Your-Body Tip & Win Workout Gear
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Where does the time go! Summer is over, school is back in session and the holidays are quickly approaching.

For many (if not all) of us, time passes way too quickly and we can easily put our jobs and our families ahead of our own health and peace of mind.

We're not saying ignore the kids, let your spouse fend for himself, or start slacking off at work. But, we want to make sure you're also making some time for yourself and that you don't leave it to January 2012. Fall is a perfect time to reboot, the weather is cooler for an outdoor jog or stroll and it’s easy to picture your renewed, fitter self in a few months, at a holiday party or family gathering.

So let's start today!

We all know it’s not just about diet. When was the last time you got a good night's sleep? Had a great workout? Or got a massage? Do you have an endless To-Do list that’s keeping you from taking a walk? Do you want to try yoga, boxing or P90X?

Well this week, SheSpeaks wants to help give you some tips and a friendly boost to Reboot Your Body. And, we're enlisting the SheSpeaks community to help with their collective wisdom and cheerful advice. So, we're asking each of you to share your tip, your words of wisdom, whatever you've learned along the way that has helped you and might help someone else!

Comment on this blog post below with your words of wisdom and enter to WIN one of the  items below that will help you Reboot Your Body Today! The contest starts Thursday, September 22nd and ends midnight EST Tuesday, September 27th.

Here’s a tip from a member of the SheSpeaks team:

If you’re looking to lose weight, the “My Fitness Pal” app on the iPhone is ridiculously helpful. You enter how much you weigh now, how much you want to weigh and it will tell you how many calories you can intake a day and track it. Enter everything you eat each day (as specific as the Cosi signature salad) and whatever exercise you do and it will tell you how many calories you ate, how many you have left (if any) and exactly how much you would weigh in 5 weeks if you keep doing what you’re doing. It’s a great way to know exactly where the weight is coming from and how to lose it!

And these are the prizes!

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation DVD System (over $50)

Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit


Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer



YogaAccessories 1/4” Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat


Good Luck!



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  • brittanymartin17 By brittanymartin17

    if your tired from a long week or have been traveling for hours and just want to relax and feel rested with out sleeping the night or day away you can drink a NEURO SLEEP DRINK by neuro sonic its like a power nap in a bottle. it puts you in a calm and relaxed state. you can get it at any convenient store or grocery store by the specialty drinks and its only like 2.50 there are also neuro passion and neruo weight loss. also there is a drink called VIB( vacation in a bottle) that i highly recommend for all of us who need a vacation but don't have the time. REMINDS ME OF THE ISLANDS

  • InsightsbyApril By InsightsbyApril

    My tip is get your own water bottle and keep it with you at all times. Great reminder to drink your water. Also just start, start with a simple workout and keep doing it!! You have to start somewhere, and once you are used to doing it a little, then step it up.. You will feel better and be able to get more done the more consistent you are with working out and leading a healthier lifestyle.

  • jillyvanilly By jillyvanilly

    Reboot your workout with some fat-blasting intervals. Add some high intensity bursts of quick sprints combined with periods of easy recovery and then repeat. You'll burn more calories and more fat. It's working for me!!

  • whodoneit By whodoneit

    i think to reboot your body is just to relax stress can cause alot of things. for one wrinkles we dont want that and headackes. just do breathing excerise and just think so i really need to to mad about this. You also eat alot when stressed to. lol thats why i TRY not to get upest easily.

  • momsvoicetoday By momsvoicetoday

    Water, water, water, water can not stress that enough. I did this last year in Oct. no more pop, started drinking water, in a year I have dropped 45 lbs and have not changed anything else. Now I will be honest I thought I was about to float away the first week or so, but I stuck with it. And now I dance around and say it works I feel great, I feel great and You Will TOO!!!! If I can do this. Anyone can do this. Here's the trick WATER is FREE and just about everywhere you go! Just ask for a glass of water and there you go a burger and free drink (water). And about 120 calories less than you would have paid for the coke.

  • kathykelley By kathykelley

    I've decided to make healthier meals for the family and limit the amount of sweets in the house. We are also eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. With my daughter back in school I can focus more on rebooting my body by eating a raw breakfast and a raw lunch (fruits and vegetables only nothing cooked) and drinking lots of water. My body is beginning to feel less bloated and my skin is glowing.

  • PennyWhistle By PennyWhistle

    Getting into fall is a transition that calls for a variety of adjustments on many levels. Picking up a slightly richer emollient face or body cream is where I begin; stocking up on really fresh, colorful fall veggies and trying a handful of new recipes is a blast. The weather was perfect to harvest the last of the summer herbs from my balcony pots and prepare them for drying. Going to bed a littler earlier each night helps to combat fall allergies which make it sooo difficult to get up when its still dark. But my absolute best move - I grabbed a friend and we went to yoga class together Saturday morning. Afterwards, comparing notes over a latte and biscotti provided the perfect punctuation to a great motivator and energy booster. Now, finding time to squeeze in a few bike rides before it gets chilly, along with trying out a new exercise from the October Shape magazine, should just about do it. Oh, yeah, and pick up a new book in anticipation of cuddling up with it soon!

  • jokosworld By jokosworld

    First thing I do every morning is plan what I'm going to eat for the day. When I have a plan, I am less likely to stray!

  • Ro1jack By Ro1jack

    Taking part in a yoga class is a great way to reboot!! I try to participate in a heated class at least twice a month. Even if I have to force myself to go, I always leave feeling energized and in a great mood, having worked on both mind and body in this way. The calories burned in a heated class are n added bonus!!

  • ncarlson By ncarlson

    Set a goal and document it. I have been training for a half marithon. I found a training calendar and each day have a goal for what I have to run. Find a friend to work towards a similar goal. On the days I wanted to stay inside she would motivate me to run and I would motivate her on her down days. We are two weeks away from our run and are excited to see if we can reach our goal.

  • debbwalk By debbwalk

    I try to do a litle something everyday. Whether it's parking farther at work and walking, or staying away from the office snacks. A little goes a long way. You don't have to be in the gym for 2 hours to get fit!

  • Marmaleenie By Marmaleenie

    I'm always counting my calories and when I feel unmotivated, I turn up the music really loud and dance to get my heart pumping.

  • condoleeza By condoleeza

    I absolutely have to have me time. If I don't take care of myself, and have my "house in order," so to speak, I can't help anyone else. For me this time is about a half an hour in the morning, where I sit, pray, meditate, contemplate, etc. It is so worth getting up a little earlier than you might want to, so you are not rushed. I have carved out a little space where I specifically spend this time. I also mark a date on the calendar for every 90 days to re-examine/check-in with myself as to how I am and what, if anything needs to be changed. Spirit, Mind & Body!

  • ALH1203 By ALH1203

    Water, eating clean, sunscreen and keeping moving are how I keep my body healthy


    The most important thing about exercise is actually getting in a routine of doing something everyday. Once you stop it is hard to get started again. solicit a friend to go walking several times a week, this way you are less likely to cancel and you get some good girl time too. DOnt forget to stretch even for a stroll around the neighborhood

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