Review and Win One of 10 Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 08, 2011

Do you love spending time in your kitchen? Or does it seem like a chore to you?

Whether you are an accomplished cook or just dabble in dessert making, there are some great ways to make your kitchen look and function like a chef’s. Appliances, gadgets, mechanisms and devices can bring a new joy to your cooking and add an element of cool to your counter-top.

With so much of our time spent in the kitchen, it’s great to see so many options and innovations in functional design, color and simple fun to take the chore from daily cooking.  SheSpeaks members have been reviewing the classics of kitchen equipment and the hot new items to save you time and energy. And for pitching in and reviewing a product of your own, you could WIN one too.

We’ve created our favorite picks for the kitchen and we’d love to hear about a kitchen gadget that you love or hate. Is it new or classic? what’s the brand? And why does that gadget get your attention? Create a quick review and you’ll be entered to WIN some cool new tools for your kitchen!


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One lucky winner will win the Cuisinart Panini Press (valued at over $50).  3 other lucky winners will receive either a Pampered Chef Mini Spatula, Norpro Wonder Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup, or an OXO Cherry Pitter. The contest will close Wednesday, September 14th and winners will be announced Thursday, September 15th. Review Today to Win! 


To Start the Day:

Keurig Special Edition B60 Gourmet Single Serve Coffee Maker
Overall Rating: 4.69 stars | 59 Reviews


The Classics:

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer
Overall Rating: 4.76 stars | 1147 Reviews


The Handy Helper:

Vidalia Chop Wizard
Overall Rating: 4.60 stars | 12 Reviews


When you don’t feel like cooking:

Cuisinart Panini Press
Overall Rating: 4.67 stars | 20 Reviews


When you feel like doing it yourself:

SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker
Overall Rating: 5.00 stars | 3 Reviews

The SheSpeaks’ team chimed-in as well with our favorite picks for the kitchen. Check out our must-have kitchen gadgets:

• OXO Cherry Pitter
• Norpro Wonder Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup
• Starbucks Coffee Press
• Pampered Chef Mini Spatula
• Bodim Ibis 57 oz Electric Tea Kettle

Cooking is not just about the appliances, but the ingredients and how you put them together. That’s why SheSpeaks has also added a Recipes section to the SheSpeaks website. Visit to discover fun, mouthwatering recipes or to share some of your own!

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mcqueen123 by mcqueen123 | JACKSONVILLE, AR
Sep 10, 2011

I am starting over with my kitchen utensils and appliances. I would love to have these products. Just not able to replace everything at this time. Hopefully SheSpeaks will help me out. My kitchen really needs some help.

dzinck by dzinck | LINCOLN UNIV, PA
Sep 10, 2011

I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I have owned one for almost 20 years and it is a true work horse. Prior to purchasing my Kitchen Aid I burned out 3 competitor's mixers attempting to make cookies. With my Kitchen Aid I can make double batches of cookies with ease and bread dough is a snap. I would never want to be without it.

Sourgrl by Sourgrl | BRADNER, OH
Sep 10, 2011

I LOVE my handmixer! I couldn't live without it!!!!

christinlilly by christinlilly | SIESTA KEY, FL
Sep 10, 2011

I love the OXO pitter but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my knock off silicone baking mat. I truly want a silpat but the knock off was half the price. IT WORKS AMAZING!!! Such a time saver and no grease!!

wildlodge by wildlodge | GLENSHAW, PA
Sep 10, 2011

I truly need a new Kitchen Aid Stand's been used so many times for so many things. Hoping someone in the family takes the many hints I've been throwing around and surprises me with it at Christmas!

tinajanet by tinajanet | Land O Lakes, FL
Sep 10, 2011

I also have a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. My husband bought me one for Christmas last year. My daughter and I bake everything from bread to cakes! For over 30 years I used a hand held mixer which I thought was working great. I just can't believe the difference in my bake goods and the time I save with my new stand mixer. I just love it and wished that I would have asked for one sooner! tinajanet1

fancy1972 by fancy1972 | BENSALEM, PA
Sep 10, 2011

I love our Keurig. My husband loves his coffee and I love my tea (& hot chocolate too). This unit allows us to have one gadget sitting on the counter to fullfill both our requests!

d_e_b_b_i_e_98 by d_e_b_b_i_e_98 | PHELPS, NY
Sep 10, 2011

I LOVE my kitchen aid mixer!! I got it for my wedding and I use it ALL the time!! I have the accessories and attachments and I even recommended to my best friend's fiance to buy her one last year for Christmas and he did!! And she LOVES it as well!!

cyborg131 by cyborg131 | Cherry Valley, IL
Sep 10, 2011

Couldn't live without my mini-chopper or my Bunn Coffee Maker - super fast!

cyborg131 by cyborg131 | Cherry Valley, IL
Sep 10, 2011

Couldn't live without my mini-chopper or my Bunn Coffee Maker - super fast!

Tillia by Tillia | WARMINSTER, PA
Sep 10, 2011

The Pampered Chef Jar Opener: While I have many favorite gadgets in my kitchen, this is a favorite that gets used very often. Inexpensive, heavy duty and versatile, this opener works on every size bottle or jar I have ever used it on, from small top bottle caps to large jars. No more wasting hot water and banging lids or looking for someone else to do it for me. Works every time with ease. The best $11.00 bucks I ever spent on (way too many) a kitchen gadget.

ksdmom by ksdmom | newbury park, CA
Sep 10, 2011

My favorite is my Kitchen Aid Stand mixer. I use it for everything from making cookies to making dinner. I could not live without it!

Tannersmom by Tannersmom | BOISE, ID
Sep 09, 2011

I use my Rival "A Garden of Good Things" crockpot every week to make our family a chicken dinner. It is many years old but still works great and is extremely easy to use with only two settings - low and high.

mztab2u by mztab2u | Nashua, NH
Sep 09, 2011

I love my food chopper its great for onion and garlic no more tears

Sep 09, 2011

I love my Pampered Chef food chopper it chops up most of the stuff I need to and it usually is used at least 4 times a week so I never really put it away . love , love ,love it