Twitter Party 101: How to Have Fun, Make Friends and Win Prizes

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 26, 2011

So you’re ready to party in the Twitter-sphere? Twitter Parties are great fun and a good way to meet new Tweeps by discussing a shared topic or interest. Parties usually last around 1-2 hours and are very fast-paced. We enjoy throwing Twitter Parties because it gives us the chance to chat with our members in the real-time world.

Twitter parties have the same format as a regular party at home. By searching and using the party hash tag you can see all the conversations that are happening at the party. You can retweet and respond to any of the questions or responses you see in the party.  If you like a response or comment retweet it, it’s a great compliment and that’s how you begin to meet people and be seen by others. 

How the Party Starts:

First, your host will tweet to welcome you and introduce you to the other hosts, panelists and VIP’s. There is usually a door prize and that is drawn from all those who RSVP to the party invite.  It’s not necessary to RSVP to join a twitter party but it does often increase the prizes you’ll be eligible to win, so don’t forget to do it before the party starts.

After introductions your host will introduce the party theme.  Usually the party includes a few fun questions and for each question a party favor can be won! There will also be information and fun facts for you to read and retweet.

The host will tweet out the first question, which you and the hosts should retweet while you think about your answer. As soon as you have a response in mind, tweet your answer with the party hash tag.  You need to be quick but be sure to read and enjoy the responses of others.

At the end of the party you will be asked to enter a grand prize, as with most parties the best is saved until last so it’s usually worth sticking around to enter your response. If you win a prize, it will often be tweeted during the party and you will receive instructions via DM about how to get your prize.

After you join a few parties you will get used to the format and the speed they run and other tweeps will begin to recognize your twitter name. 

Like we said, Twitter Parties can happen very quickly. We want to make sure you know the basics so you’re ready to tweet, win, & have lots of fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this blog, post on our Facebook wall, or tweet us at @shespeaksup.

Tweet you later!

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lolagirl74 by lolagirl74 | Georgetown, OU
Dec 02, 2014

Very helpful, joining my first tom...yay very excited

janiea by janiea | JACKSON, GA
Dec 01, 2014

Waiting for my 1st party!...

winterwitch by winterwitch | HARBOR SPGS, MI
Nov 06, 2014

RSVP @NetworkingWitch

Inarae1 by Inarae1 | SPRING HILL, FL
Nov 04, 2014

Ina fowler febreze holiday scents & a Walmart gift card giveaway will definitely get you in the Holiday Spirit!!

Marybethnron by Marybethnron | Dallas, GA
Nov 02, 2014

Rsvp MarybethNelms.2

ILoveSamplezx by ILoveSamplezx | Stone Mountain, GA
Oct 19, 2014

Hi everyone, I just rsvp'd for my first twitter party. Super excited!

JetsJewelry by JetsJewelry | unsubscribe, IA
Oct 12, 2014

I twitter about new shows on TV, but I have never been to a twitter party. I can't wait.

Krissssy by Krissssy | LAKE ALFRED, FL
Sep 23, 2014

Thank you for the tips ...i tend to get lost and I am kind of slow!

Tiffanie by Tiffanie | DURHAM, NC
Sep 23, 2014

Thanks for tips! Still learning!

ling333 by ling333 | SOMERVILLE, MA
Sep 23, 2014

Thanks for the tips, I always forget what to do on twitter parties new to it!

marc4401 by marc4401 | Williamsburg, KY
Sep 19, 2014

I feel dumb but I don't understand the hashtag thing can someone help me here

tobogna by tobogna | Malone, NY
Sep 19, 2014

This will be my first party so i hope i will do fine

m121415 by m121415 | Glasgow, KY
Sep 19, 2014

@shespeaksup I've joined several parties and see that some other parties have 'favorited' my responses, however when I reply to questions or comment during parties I never see my reply pop in the list. I scroll back and also keep refreshing. Is this normal to not see your own answers or comments in the chat list?

vandk24 by vandk24 | hampton, VA
Sep 18, 2014


AnnaMarie2014 by AnnaMarie2014 | CUMBERLAND, MD
Sep 17, 2014

I've tried to attend twitter parties but it seems like I'm not tweeting fast enough to win anything. I answer the questions and tweet along with the hashtag but what am I doing wrong? @AnnamarieE883