Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

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Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!
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Whether you take it light and sweet or dark and unadulterated, we all have our favorite brand of coffee.  If you’re tired of your current home brew or just want to try something new, have a look at some of our member reviews before your next trip down the coffee aisle. 

Community Coffee 
Members describe this coffee as bold and not at all bitter.  The Louisiana based company offers a variety of coffee flavors (including the New Orleans favorite coffee and chickory) that would suit any coffee tradionialist as well as gourmet lovers. Tea lovers are also covered as Community Coffee offers all types of herbal blends, incuding Earl Grey and English Breakfast.  Member pattycake70 writes of the coffee and tea, “Have loved both the coffee blends and tea that Community sells. Too many great tasting flavors to choose from though!!!!”

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee
Definitely our most popularly reviewed coffee with more than 100 SheSpeaks reviews and counting.  This coffee gets a little over 4 stars out of 5 with many member saying they love the dark rich flavor and drink it daily.  Member sakana writes of the flavors she’s tried, “I tried the dark roast and was surprised by it! It had a good, rich flavor. I just bought the regular roast (and am drinking a cup right now), it's not quite as good - a little tinny. I definitely recommend the dark roast, though!”  Most members have only positive things to say about the Dunkin’ Donuts brew available in grocery stores, but a few find that it has a burnt unappealing flavor. 

Cafe Bustelo
You can’t beat the value on this coffee, with the price of 10 ounces going for about 3 or 4 bucks.  If you like your coffee extra strong, you will probably love this dark Cuban blend coffee which also works to make espresso  (without the expensive machine).  Claudinew writes of the coffee, “I love this coffee. My dad got me hooked on it about a year ago. I use it in a french press and it comes out great.”

Have you tried any of these coffees?

Tell us about the go-to brand that you brew at home!

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  • DianeHoffmaster By DianeHoffmaster

    I havent tried any of usual go to coffee is a starbucks bold whole bean brewed at home.

  • browneyes78 By browneyes78

    DD coffee is good, but since I got my Keurig over a year ago, I've been trying all their flavors. So good, I have so many fav's now.

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    I've tried all 3. If I only had those to pick from, it'd be Community Coffee. My current go to brand is RaceTrac's Molten Java.

  • FrillyFabulous By FrillyFabulous

    Dunkin Donuts and I are the best of friends! They're coffee is so delicious and I get a coconut iced coffee almost every afternoon for a little pick me up! I've tried making iced coffee at home many times, but never tastes as splendid as Dunkin Donuts, but have created an iced coffee recipe that will not disappoint! You'll thank me after ;) ... I've recently bought a coffee press and am really enjoying the intense flavor of the coffee ... strong & heavenly! If you haven't tried coffee from a coffee press, you must! Your taste buds and wicked energized body will love you for it! Mouse on over to to see my tasty iced coffee recipe!

  • Bridge6981 By Bridge6981

    I can't get enough of Starbucks espresso. I use my little Mr coffee espresso maker and make iced lattes at home with almond milk. Sometimes I copycat the cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks because you can buy the syrup in store so it tastes the same only a quarter of the cost and I love the stronger brew of Starbucks espresso.

  • crisss By crisss

    I used to always drink DD coffee, but have to say, I really don't love it anymore. It has a weird taste to me, like it's been sitting there all day. I really like 7 eleven's coffee & Gloria Jean's. At home, when I'm brewing it, I absolutely love Folger's French Vanilla, in the red plastic container. To me, it has the best flavor, if you like vanilla coffee.

  • girl17 By girl17

    I just started drinking coffee and it's the Dunkin Donuts brand. I only drink it in the evenings after dinner with a shot of bourbon (preferably Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream)!

  • lauralee By lauralee

    My hubby prefers DD but I like Trader Joe's Joe when I do drink coffee. Excellent spiked with their chocolate syrup but that much caffeine gives me the jitters!

  • AnnSheSpeaks By AnnSheSpeaks

    My MIL is so excited for D&D to be sold in K-cups for her Keurig. I should find out if she got any yet and if not, go buy some for her. :)

  • missyvecc By missyvecc

    I miss Dunkin Donuts! I left NY for California, and then moved to Washington. There are NO Dunkin Donuts out here. I was super excited yesterday when I found out about the DD KCups, but you have to buy them in the stores. My husband and I are going to start getting our East Coast members to traffic KCups because our drug of choice is definitely Dunkin Donuts.

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