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New Labels For Cigarettes Revealed

New Labels For Cigarettes Revealed

The FDA has released nine graphic warning images that cigarette makers will be required to use on their packaging as of September 2012. 

Warning messages including " Smoking can kill you," "Cigarettes cause fatal lung diseases" and "Tobacco smoke can harm your children" are paired with images of cancer infected body parts, a corpse, and a crying baby, among others.

Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg estimates that in its first year, the new campaign could cause as many as 213,000 established smokers in the United States to quit, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Cigarette companies in Canada, Europe, Australia, and parts of South America are currently required to display graphic images on their cigarette packaging.

To see the nine the new warning labels, click here.

What do you think of the new labels? Do you think they will help people quit smoking?

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  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    the more labels the better for them! at least they won't be sued by people claiming ignorance anymore since its all in pictures and black and white for them to read.

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