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Put Your House To Work For You...Really?

Put Your House To Work For You...Really?

Could you live with your house becoming a giant billboard? If it means not having to worry about the monthly mortgage, many of us say, “We’re in.”

CNN Money reveals that just hours after Adzookie, a startup advertising firm, announced the offer that they will pay a homeowner’s mortgage in exchange for turning their home into a billboard, they received more than 1,000 applications from homeowners who wanted to participate.  One church has even applied to become a billboard for the company.  

Adzookie CEO, Romeo Mendoza, was surprised to see such a large response so early.  Mendoza says, “It really blew my mind.  I knew the economy was tough, but it’s sad to see how many homeowners are really struggling.”  

Adzookie will paint their ads directly on the facade of homes and will paint the homes back to their original color after the campaign has ended.  Adzookie has agreed to pay the participating homeowner’s mortgage as long as the house remains painted, which will be anywhere from 3 months to a year.  

What do you think of Adzookie’s offer to turn homes into billboards in exchange for paying the monthly mortgage?

Would you consider participating in an offer like this?

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  • HockeyMom13 By HockeyMom13

    Perhaps using the house as a billboard would make my lawn look great by comparison....but even then, I wouldn't do it.

  • mmi284 By mmi284

    you bet, I could pay off other bills! I could care less what the outside of my house looks like and if it could earn me money all the better!

  • kristijdaniels By kristijdaniels

    I would definitely do this, no hesitation. It's not harming anybody, and it could be a great way for a struggling family to be able to "make it" in todays economy.

  • jakeremom By jakeremom

    Yes I would..... The company will make sure that they ad us nice and then they will paint the house back to it normal color. What is the harm? That is as long as it is a clean and not a dirty add. Let them call me today!!

  • Sweetpeli By Sweetpeli

    You bet I would! What a win win situation for everyone!

  • ladygracie By ladygracie

    I wish it had been me.. any time

  • GetUpAndTryAgain By GetUpAndTryAgain

    I definitely would allow this! As long as the advertisment wasn't offensive to my neighbors or my family I would do it in a heartbeat. I saw this offer on a freebie site a few days ago and I immediately posted in to my FB page! This is an excellent offer!

  • mogie543 By mogie543

    Yes I would do it. Being on a major road would be a way to catch people's attention and it isn't like I really care what the color of my house is because I spend more time inside then outside

  • kimvoloshin By kimvoloshin

    Thank god I live in a good area where this would be illegal, I bought my house and have no desire to look at adds from any company. It down right ugly and inner city.

  • scchic By scchic

    I would absolutely do it!! Especially since 1) they will pay my mortgage for the time the ad is there 2) our house needs a paint job anyways so after they are done w/ the ad they will give my house a nice fresh coat of paint back to the way it was before, 3) I could probably pay off both our vehicles w/ the $ I would spend on a mortgage or keep paying my mortgage and have an extra year off my mortgage (imagine the savings just in interest alone! SIGN ME UP - as long as it's a good company and an ad for anything unsavory!

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