Black Friday: From Burglary to Brawls

   By drodriguez  Nov 28, 2010

Imagine camping out for two nights in a store’s parking lot in order to get your hands on some Black Friday deals just to have your purchases stolen.  This is the sad reality for three women living in West Palm Beach, Florida who had their merchandise stolen from their car just moments after making the purchase.  

A recent report from CNN tells of the women’s misfortune as well as some other Black Friday stories that show the extremes people go to when enveloped in a consumer frenzy.  The three Florida women were the first people to enter a Best Buy early Friday morning where they purchased about $1000 in Black Friday deals.  They then brought their merchandise back to their car and went into a nearby JC Penney to browse.  After returning to their car just moments later they realized they had been robbed.

It is also being reported that one Wisconsin woman’s Black Friday ended in her arrest after she allegedly threatened to shoot fellow consumers after cutting in front of them in a long line of several hundred shoppers.  The woman who was arrested, Lanessa Lattimore, was shopping for the toy her daughter wanted at Toys-R-Us when the altercation occured.  Lattimore explains, “Everybody was cutting in line.  But there was one girl who was threatening me, so I told her that I’d shoot her.  I’m not a violent person, but police charged me with disorderly conduct.”

A Target store in North Buffalo, New York was the scene of some shoppers’ worst nightmare when the row of people in the front of the line were trampled on falling to the ground as eager shoppers rushed the front door as it opened. There have been several other reports across the nation of shoppers becoming unruly on Black Friday making many wonder whether Black Friday is really worth it and if there should be more restrictions in place to lessen these types of incidents.

If you took part in Black Friday this year, did you witness any altercations with fellow shoppers?

Do you think officials should place tougher restrictions on the stores that take part in Black Friday?

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elisi989 by elisi989 | OVID, MI
Dec 01, 2010

I went this year for the first time and really have to commend our local Walmart for the way they handled it. Each large item that went on sale at 5 am had it's own line in the grocery area. Employees were stationed at each line with as many tickets as they had items in the store. When their tickets ran out they told you the item was gone so you didn't have to stand in line for nothing. If you got a ticket you were guaranteed to get the item when the time came, you just had to wait in line. No ticket, no item. So that meant everyone in line was getting the item, no need for anyone to push, shove or stampeed. Everyone was really friendly and relaxed and we actually had a good time visiting with fellow shoppers while waiting. When 5 am rolled around the lines moved in an orderly fashion. You handed over your ticket and they handed you your item.

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Nov 30, 2010

The stupidity of it all is beyond me. No one enjoys shopping and Christmas more than me, but the insanity of black Friday just takes away from the meaning of the season! The thieves who take part obviously are as far from any meaning as they can possibly get, but the nit-wits who camp out and go nuts in line are not that much better as far as the season of "peace and joy" are concerned.

Taffypull by Taffypull | Oklahoma City, OK
Nov 30, 2010

I didn't see anything scary but than again I just went to one place and it was in a small town. Not many people to see. However my sister works at a local Wal-Mart and she said a lady there got a broken arm over a trampoline. I do think there should be rules to shopping or something. There has to be a better fairer way to do it.

Bunny26 by Bunny26 | LAS VEGAS, NV
Nov 30, 2010

I went shopping on thursday,a kmart store near my home.I was there around 3pm.It's better to go late to avoid the frenzy.There were fewer shoppers and it was all quiet.I bought what I needed,a snuggie and bedding sets.On Friday,went to target around 2pm this time again,avoided the early crowds and bought kids clothing,I would have loved to grab the doorbuster,a sandwich maker for $3 but decided it wasn't worth waiting in line for at 4am and risk getting hurt.

cupid2217 by cupid2217 | country club hills, IL
Nov 30, 2010

I choose NOT to g out n black Friday. Deals or nt, it's not worth the risk. People are out f their minds & it's just nt worth all the trouble.

dhaubner by dhaubner | JACKSONVILLE, FL
Nov 30, 2010

I went for the first time this year as well. I was shocked at Target. There were police contolling the amount of people in and out. It opened at 4:00 and I got there at 4:30. I didn't need a TV so the lines weren't worth waiting in. I did head over to Home Depot next and waited in a very calm line with about 20 others for them to open at 5:00. They even came out with cookies and sale flyers. Told us where to find what we were looking for. I got a great deal on a new refrigerator. I just have to wait until Feb. 2011 for the delivery...

marriedgirl27 by marriedgirl27 | FULTON, NY
Nov 30, 2010

I went black friday shopping for the 1st time this year. I was so excited and even went to Walmart with my husband and relatives at 12:am because the sales started at 12:01am. The people their were crazy and fighting with each other for products! I was so overhlelmed because i'm only about 5ft tall and everyone was running around and shoving people out of the way! I hope the store's regulate peoples behavior more because someone could have been hurt.

sandy94536 by sandy94536 | Fremont, CA
Nov 30, 2010

Its something about the holiday season that really brings out the yuck in some people. BF is just a day that heightens it. I dont shop the wee hours to get a deal on material things. Ill go later in the day with my son and just browse around. We all know that the #1 items to get are electronics, for me I dont care to wait in line for days / hours for something that depriciates in value month by month...remember when the VCRs first came out...look at the prices now. The same goes for computers, movies, dvd get my point.

nikikz by nikikz | elk river, MN
Nov 30, 2010

The only store I went to on BF was Menards, we got there at 4:45, and were probably about 20th in line(They opened at 6am). The line was good with friendly people and employees passed out maps. As opening time neared, more and more people started to arrive, but they did not get in line, they just stayed near their cars. As the doors opened all these crazy people came rushing from all over the parking lot and just crashed the orderly line, knocking people over because they were so rude, and too lazy to just get there and stand in line like a decent human being. I was schocked and appalled at the amount of people that have no manners or common courtesy, hopefully next year the store will handle it differently, or I will not be going!

jrledford77 by jrledford77 | FLOWERY BR, GA
Nov 29, 2010

I did attempt to Black Friday shop at Target and got some really great deals. The lines were long but I met some really cool people and had a lot fun!! No fights in the store I was in thank goodness.

SheGoestoEleven by SheGoestoEleven | unsubscribe, VA
Nov 29, 2010

My husband and I do not celebrate christmas, so it's kind of a moot point for us. I do my best to stay clear of any malls or big box type stores between Thansgiving and New Years, unless I really, REALLY need to go! I live in in area with a LOT of traffic normally and it only gets worse at christmas-time. I do sometimes take advantage of special on-line deals during the season, if it's for things I need/use/want. For example, I bought husband an iPad Friday when had them reduced by about $45. He's wanted one forever and this is really the only time I'll ever see a discount on them. I also bought some new winter clothes for my nephew during today's Old Navy 20% off promo.

tribbs78 by tribbs78 | Snohomish, WA
Nov 29, 2010

There is no deal that is worth getting injured or arrested over.

MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Nov 29, 2010

BF is the day I stand back and see people's true savaging nature. Personally, I have better things to do then to wait in line all day long in the freezing cold for stuff. I know I totally ticked off a co-worker of mine who told me that her friend was going to save her spot in line so that she didn't have to stand there all morning to get her stuff for BF. I told her that what she is doing is cutting in line and it's not fair to those who waited long hours while she just appear at the last minute to claim her coupon. She isn't talking to me anymore. I don't know who else does this, but then I am pretty sure they teach you in Kindergarten that cutting in line was unacceptable.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Nov 29, 2010

I avoid Black Friday....besides...what really has happened to the true meaning of Christmas?

Nov 29, 2010

I once worked at a mall during Black Friday. That was the last time I'll ever set foot in a shopping establishment on Black Friday. People are very rude when they're in a rush!