Fired For Facebook Remarks

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Fired For Facebook Remarks

It’s one thing to complain about your job or your boss to your friends in the privacy of your home, but when you take it to a social networking site like Facebook you are making your opinions public for all to see.  One Connecticut woman found this out the hard way when she was fired from her job after making disparaging remarks about her boss on her personal Facebook page.  Her boss may have been offended, but was this grounds to have her terminated from her job?

The National Labor Relations Board doesn’t think so.  A recent report from CNN discusses the complaint they filed against the Connecticut ambulance service where the woman worked in what could be a precedent-setting case.  The labor board claims that the company illegally fired her and refused to allow her representation through her union after she made several critical remarks about her supervisor on Facebook.  One of the remarks the employee made was comparing her boss to a psychiatric patient. It is also being reported that she used vulgarities regarding her boss in some of the other comments she made.

According to the labor board’s Joanthan Kreisberg the employee was not breaking any rules and should not have been fired.  Kreisberg says, “You are permitted to talk about terms and conditions with employees or anyone else, it’s public because you are protected under the National Labor Act.”  The ambulance service, American Medical Response, being accused of firing the employee denies the reason for firing her was due to her Facebook comments.  Instead, they insist they fired her because of complaints that she was rude to patients.

What do you think of an employee being fired for making critical remarks about her/his employer?

Do you think people should refrain from making complaints about their work public on personal social networking sites?

Fired After Facebook Remarks
Should An Employee Be Fired After Complaining About Her Boss On Facebook?

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  • beth31j By beth31j

    No, absolutely it's NOT right. there is such a thing as "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" here in the United States.

  • GrapeKoolaid By GrapeKoolaid

    I agree with a previous poster - the internet is NOT a place to vent. You're entitled to your opinion, but if you want to vent, vent to close friends and family - not everyone on the internet.

  • frogqueen75 By frogqueen75

    Realize that just because YOU have YOUR facebook settings on super-private, if you choose to comment on someone else's page who has their settings less private or has it available for anyone to look at, then just about anyone can see your comment. People also need to be aware that many companies have a policy that you can be terminated at any time, for any reason, without notice-know what the policy is at your employer. And seriously, this is just common sense: if you wouldn't say it to your employer's face, DON'T POST IT ONLINE!!

  • trisonik By trisonik

    I know many employers have a social media policy - what you can & can not say on social media. Facebook is -a public forum. So unless she has her profile blocked to everyone she should watch what she posts here.

  • 1SwtWrld By 1SwtWrld

    I think this whole Facebook and not being able to type what you want is crazy, and since when was your boss able to stalk your facebook??....Is give me your Facebook name now a requirement for a job?...I guess you have 0 privacy anymore, I guess next were going to have spies living under our houses....what a shame

  • ICanSpeak By ICanSpeak

    Well, people should realize what they post online, not just on facebook, any kind of public forum or blog. Some things are always professional and private. So, I guess since every company has its own rules about internet security, although I dont support firing someone based on facebook comment, the employee must be reprimanded.

  • funmom31 By funmom31

    You don't have to put the first thing that comes to mind on facebook. Some things you need to keep private. It's never a good idea to degrade anybody on a networking site. I know our Company has very strict rules about networking sites and yes you can be fired!

  • jamievgirl By jamievgirl

    I thought that FREE SPEACH was a right in this country??? I think that many companies and corporations take advantage of employees and she was likely wrongfully terminated. We don't have all the details. The point is you can say what you want anywhere - it is your right. If your boss is a (insert choice word) and you want all your Facebook peeps to know it you can post it and that should not be grounds for being fired per the National Labor Act. There are laws against defamation and the people that were verbally attacked could pursue the appropriate remedies provided by law if they chose to do so.

  • mardel By mardel

    I hope that people now realize that you could lose more than your dignity when you vent on the web regarding things that should be kept to yourself or a Psychiatrist! She deserved to be fired! If you are not happy with your employer or work environment than speak to the right department. Better yet give your position to someone without a job who qualify's and would be more appreciative just having one!

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    I don't think the internet is the place to vent.....lesson learned.

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    maybe she should have been more careful who she friends or who she allows access to see her dumb profile.... I really don't want to comment in this case since i am mix on this subject, however it is fishy how she was fire after she made the slandering comments. if it was indeed true that they fired her because she was rude to patients, then they should have have records and fired her a long time ago. i think what she just did was flip the light switch on herself. i never friend ANYONE at my work place. there is so much drama as it is. i don't need it on social networking. that is my time.

  • korkypeachmom By korkypeachmom

    Soooo...we can basically slander people online to potentially hundreds or thousands of people, but employers aren't allowed to take appropriate action? Nonsense. SHe needed to be fired.

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