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Pregnant? A Little Wine Won't Hurt

SS Member Image By drodriguez 10.12.10
Pregnant?  A Little Wine Won't Hurt
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If you follow health reports in the news than you probably have noticed that we are always being given changing and conflicting advice on what we should eat, how we should exercise, and what medicines to take.  This is especially true for women who are pregnant.  For years women were told to abstain entirely from drinking alcohol while pregnant, but a new study reveals that it may be perfectly fine to have a drink every now and again.

The study, reported about in Time magazine and published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, reveals that drinking one or two glasses of wine once a week while pregnant shows no ill effects on kindergarten age children whose mothers did this.  The study also found that this group of children actually had less behavioral problems and did slightly better on cognitive tests than children of mothers who abstained from drinking during pregnancy entirely.  

So is light drinking during pregnancy actually good for your unborn child?  Probably not..  Light drinkers involved with the study tended to be more highly educated and wealthier than those who abstained and who drank more.  When researchers took this into account the results were not as significant as they had been.  For example, before taking the mother’s income and education into account children born to light drinkers were 33 percent less likely to have behavioural issues, but after researchers factored this in the number dropped to 23 percent.

No matter the findings, American health officials still urge pregnant women to abstain from drinking alcohol while pregnant in an attempt to eliminate any chance of fetal alcohol syndrome.

What do you think of the latest study showing light drinking during pregnancy to be safe?

Would you consider having a glass of wine now and again while pregnant?

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  • ashelyluvu By ashelyluvu

    i diddo some of you all comments i say no wine o smoking no anything that you wudnt want your mom to do if she was pregnan

  • theOdyssey By theOdyssey

    I'd much rather be safe than sorry and stay completely away from all alcohol. These studies are always contradicting each other. Who knows what to believe any more...

  • ualauren By ualauren

    I think that drinking most likely impacts the development of a child during certain stages of their prenatal development. But until this study is confirmed SEVERAL times, I wouldn't risk it.

  • erinvictoria19 By erinvictoria19

    My girlfriends and I always laugh at the movies that show people pouring a 1/4 of a glass of wine. We fill it to the 3/4 line when we share a bottle of wine. So, if the doctor recommends a 1/2 glass of wine, is that just a splash in the glass? And let's be honest, a lot of people can't stop at 1 glass. I think it's better to just avoid temptation. Drink grape juice, it has very similar "healthy aspects" of red wine.

  • uniquemom By uniquemom

    My aunt is a neonatal nurse in Italy and when I visited her at 17 weeks ( in 1998) she had suggested half a glass (of red) a day to promote better blood circulation and healthy placenta flow. I didn't do it everyday, but as I know red wine thins the blood, I did enjoy it twice a week. I now have three very healthy children. I don't know if it made any difference, but it didn't hurt and on some day it did help me relax. Everyone has to make their own decisions about such things. An open mind is a good thing.

  • fishersonia By fishersonia

    Better safe than sorry. Still not a good idea. If you wouldn't let your child drink it, then you shouldn't drink it when they are consuming your intakes.

  • mama89 By mama89

    i still wouldn't consider doing it

  • joya08 By joya08

    i still think is not a good idea.

  • mina77 By mina77

    I don't condone drinking while preggers but I know you can have a perfectly healthy baby if you do. I have had too many relatives drink & smoke throughout their pregnancies and all of them had healthy babies.

  • ammienem By ammienem

    My mother said that she had an occasional glass of wine while pregnant, and all of her children are perfectly normal. Moderation is key. I knew I was pregnant when I went out to drink with friends, and after 2 drinks I was sick. I think that the human body knows it's own limits. Also, you need to be honest with your doctor. If you are going to have a drink here or there that is fine, but let your doctor know so that they can look out for negative effects. I was a smoker when I found out I was pregnant (yes I did quit) and I had to honestly talk to my doctor about it so he would know what to look for.

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