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Scandal On Sesame Street

SS Member Image By drodriguez 09.23.10
Scandal On Sesame Street
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Many of us know pop sensation Katy Perry as a sex symbol who sings songs with risque lyrics and often dresses provocatively.  But kids may be getting to know her as something else entirely, just another one of Elmo’s friends on Sesame Street.  

Katy Perry recently shot a segment with Elmo on Sesame Street singing the PG version of the song “Hot N Cold”.  The music video segment was originally supposed to air on television but has so far only made it to Youtube after the video started receiving comments from parents about the way Perry was dressed, revealing too much cleavage.  

Katy Perry was obviously surprised when she took to her Twitter account after hearing news that Sesame Street was cutting her segment from the show.  She writes, “Wow, looks like my play date with Elmo has been cut short.”  While many parents showed their disdain for the singer’s attire, others thought it was no big deal and couldn’t understand why it was being taken out of the show.  

In the music video she is playing dress up with Elmo and is wearing a Tinker Bell dress that is cut in a heart shape at the top revealing some cleavage.  Sesame Street has responded to the negative feedback by withdrawing the segment from the television lineup and releasing a statement.  A rep for Sesame Street says, “Sesame Street has always been written on two-levels, for the child and adult.  We use parodies and celebrity segments to interest adults in the show because we know that a child learns best when co-viewing with a parent or care-giver.  We also value our viewer’s opinions and particularly those of parents.”  

What do you think of the way Katy Perry was dressed during her Sesame Street segment?

Do you think her attire is inappropriate for a kid’s show?

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  • gogrl71 By gogrl71

    I read on TMZ that the top part was actually a nude color. I dont get the sesame street producers and all those people who work their. They saw her walk on set with that dress on, couldnt they see that it was a bad choice of clothing for the show?

  • Aspiringauthor09 By Aspiringauthor09

    i think that we need to be very careful with our rolemodels for our children. they should have kept Katy a little more covered, but i think her outfit wasn't all that bad. as long as we don't idolize the sexed-up version of Katy, we should be fine. I think that as long as we teach our kids- especially our daughters- that we should use of minds more than our boobs- to put it crudely- than we can let tyhem watch that. it all depends on how you have taught your child. in the end, its the parents' fault if their kid turns out whoreish.

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    I'm a life time watcher of Sesame Street. I've watched over the years it get more and more away from it's conservative beginnings to being surprised at some of the things its been airing. I also would prefer to see less CGI and more human relationships and interaction with the people/puppets in the neighborhood. (just added note, it was so sad when Mr Hooper passed away. I still miss him.)

  • babyemg By babyemg

    Why ask her to film the segment and not request her to wear modest attire if it was in poor taste? I did not think her attire was inappropriate in the least and I am shocked that Sesame Street felt the need to pull her segment.

  • kazelton By kazelton

    Just another poor role model for our children.

  • GinaAlicia By GinaAlicia

    I don't think that was inappropriate...remember she is a pop star and she is who she is! I think she looked pretty :)

  • NicoleSpeaksCA By NicoleSpeaksCA

    I thought it was funny that this made such an uproar. I did find her outfit a little inappropriate, but I didn't find it offensive, yet why make that call at all. Why not put on something more likely to be found in the dress up trunk? (though my kids do have a couple of dance recital outfits in theirs...) I do agree that I thought Elmo running around her legs, with the camera cut off at her crotch was a bit freaky. I don't know, I think it was kind of like the Janet Jackson slip up, where the fact that it was shown over and over again probably had more impact than airing it on SS would have.

  • mazo77 By mazo77

    yes, I think she's showing a little too much for kids! I am not really a big fan of her, so that's probably part of the reason why I think it's inappropriate!

  • fishersonia By fishersonia

    lol, I agree with claudiaaydeea! She looked like a beautiful tinkerbell!

  • mandaliz By mandaliz

    It was a little jiggly in parts.... but then again, so is Jello and no one is crying foul and having it yanked off the shelves. I don't see the big deal, and I have 4 boys. *shrug*

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