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Facebook Crooks

SS Member Image By drodriguez 08.10.10
Facebook Crooks
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With social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook we can all be clued in to what our loved ones are doing at any time of day or night.  Whether it be something as mundane as a visit to the grocery store or as exciting as the birth of a new baby, we can follow our friends and families lives like never before.  But what if we’re not the only ones keeping track of our friends?

A new website called PleaseRobMe has drawn a lot of attention to sites like Twitter and Facebook and questions how safe it is for people to share such private information for the world to see.  And after an Indiana woman was recently robbed by a Facebook “friend” prior to updating her status to say she was away on vacation, it is no wonder this has become an issue.

PleaseRobMe was created as a way to draw attention to the subject and show the public just how easy it would be for house thieves to find out when someone will be away on vacation by simply reading a status that might say something like, “Can’t wait to leave for our two-week-long vacation this Friday!” and rob their house.  

Though they are no longer displaying this type of information, PleaseRobMe was posting information that they easily retrieved from Twitter and Facebook users who were away from their homes and put it up on their website as a way to display “opportunities” for thieves to rob homes.  Though the site was meant to send a satirical message about how what was once private information has become incredibly public, some people are taking it a little more seriously and are not happy with the information the site was displaying.  

What do you think of the message PleaseRobMe is sending?

Will you be more careful the next time you update your Facebook or Twitter status?

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  • wondon By wondon

    This does really make you stop and think about what content should be included online, especially for children.

  • LilyLex By LilyLex

    I feel like social networking has its limits. Things aren't always private and you should limit the information you place on your wall.

  • EileenInVirginia By EileenInVirginia

    Come on people, it truly is a complete and total "No Brainer," like Puckerbutt said....Don't post what you don't want the WHOLE WORLD to know. Sometimes it really boggles my mind what some people post. A little common sense can go a long way :)

  • customsurfartdotcom By customsurfartdotcom

    Love Face Book and sharing with family and friends... but you have to be smart about it. I never post my address, or phone number or other private information and my profile is set to private. It's especially important to teach your kids about being Internet Smart!

  • armywife3322 By armywife3322

    This scares me to death. My husband is in the Army and is away quite often. I never say when he is gone, and we are alone! My 13 year old thinks I am a snoop because I check her facebook account everyday, but I don't want stranger's to find out when she is home alone either.

  • Bunny26 By Bunny26

    Quite scary..we all need to be careful.I have reduced my facebook usage and post nothing that is compromising security.

  • jhmommy By jhmommy

    I've been careful not to write on my page about going somewhere, only where I've been when I return. Sometimes, though, I do slip up and forget to watch it. I also have my page listed as private, so if you are not on my friends' list, you can not see what I post. I wonder if that would keep something like this "PleaseRobMe" website from getting my information?!?!

  • 1honeyjean By 1honeyjean

    I never post where I am going on Facebook. I do, however post things about where I have been.

  • texasgirl87 By texasgirl87

    I have privacy settings on my facebook page so not all my friends on my friend list can see what I post and people not on my friend list cant even see anything on my pae. But I will be extra careful what I post from now on after reaking this

  • puckerbutt By puckerbutt

    Don't post anything that you don't want the entire world to know.

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