Can You Be Makeup Free?

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Can You Be Makeup Free?

We’ve all heard of Casual Fridays, a day some companies set aside to allow their employees a more laid back dress code.  But have you heard of the new trend making its way around offices called Makeup Free Mondays?  The online magazine, The Beauty Bean, started "the movement" aimed at encouraging women to embrace their inner beauty by tossing their makeup for one day every week.

Creator of the Beauty Bean, Alexis Wolfer, talks about how lots of women who participate in Makeup Free Mondays have written to her to say how liberated they feel after getting over the initial hump of not wearing makeup to work.  Wolfer goes on to talk about how she and the women she works with have handled the makeup-less days, "we found ourselves apologizing for not wearing makeup, as if we were doing something wrong.  We’re not, however, doing anything ’wrong’ and no one even seems to be noticing."

The idea that women have to wear makeup in our society in order to look professional has been instilled in us our whole lives, but why?  Why do we feel the need to cover up wrinkles, lengthen our lashes, or darken our lips ever day of the week when men don’t?  Do we do this for ourselves or the people around us?  Makeup Free Mondays is a way for women to question and redefine the idea of what beauty really is all about. 

If you feel like tossing the lipstick one day out of the week, the online magazine gives six ways to participate in Makeup Free Mondays.  One way to participate and give back at the same time is to make a donation of unused, unopened makeup to some organizations like Dress For Success, that help women who don’t have the means to purchase clothing and cosmetics for job interviews.

What do you think of Makeup Free Mondays?

Is this something you might try at your place of work?

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  • abruntra By abruntra

    I would love for that to be common place - sadly, I don't think it would fly in the consulting world. On the weekends, I am definitely make up free. On the weekdays, if it can't be done in 5 minutes, it won't be!

  • augirl97 By augirl97

    I think Make up free Monday is a great idea. I don't know how many of my coworkers will agree. It is certainly worth a try.

  • contessakris By contessakris

    I really don't understand makeup. I'm a lipstick gal but not all the time. The rest of the makeup I go without. Of course I don't have a problem with problem skin or anything so I see some women's need to wear it to feel better about themselves. But I don't think we should be wearing it because its accepted or men want us to.

  • jrosales721 By jrosales721

    I think this is awesome. I am the occasional make-up wearer some mascara and bronzer or blush. I am the youngest woman in my office of 8 and wear the least makeup. I have spoken to a few of the younger ladies and they always "WISH" they could not wear makeup, I am going to let them know about this. They have mentioned their husbands have told them not to wear make up, these woman are not much older than me but feel they need to wear makeup. Make Up Free Mondays!!! MUFM I'm going to tweet this!!!

  • Shonjo By Shonjo

    I use a little concealer and mascara, sometimes blush and light powder (for my oily skin), but that's about it. I frequently leave the house without makeup on, especially on the weekends. However, it's easy for me to be ok with this, because I'm still fairly young. When I'm 50, will I feel the same way? I guess only time (and gravity!) will tell.

  • jeannec1 By jeannec1

    I have never been big into makeup. I barely where any most of the time. occasionally I might wear some mascara or maybe light powder. If it is a special occasion, I will go all out but then it usually makes me itch the whole time (even hypoallergenic). Not worth the aggravation most of the time.

  • ok2bme By ok2bme

    It's funny how i have changed. When I was younger, and obviously prettier, I had to have my make up on and my hair just so to even go outside to check the mail. Now, I don't care...the colors on my face do not determine who I am. I am just me and I am now happy being me. I only wear makeup when I feel like putting it on. My husband and family love me with or without it. Every day of our lives together my husband tells me i am beautiful. So I have lost my insecurities about such things. Exceptions to my idc if I wear it or not, are job interviews, formal events, and maybe just maybe high school reunions, lol. But I will still always bemoan the fact that i have wimpy colorless eyelashes...mascara ads always catch my eye.

  • alm83182 By alm83182

    Very rarely do i wear make up. I use to at least wear eye shadow and foundation/powder when i would go out to the bar with my hubby, but the past year i find that its just time consuming and i look equally as good with out it (i hope lol).

  • inspirek0 By inspirek0

    Now that I think about it, I have never seen any of my co-workers without makeup. Which is funny because I think I came to work without makeup only one day and no on said anything either. It was always the same smiles too. Although my skin suffers so I try to go without makeup on the days I don't really go out at all. I don't need makeup to head to the grocery store, but sometimes it gives me a boost of confidence when I am at work.

  • tsoko22 By tsoko22

    I really don't wear much to begin with.

  • nadinenreyes By nadinenreyes

    It's weird when some women think you're trying to impress a guy or trying to be fancy out there even if you wear a little bit of makeup. They must be old school or just uneducated about the true beauty of using makeup. It's not because we need to 'put a face on...' Ha ha ha!

  • kneehisockmama By kneehisockmama

    i brush my hair n teeth n swipe on some chapstick and i am on my way. i think it is awful that some women think they can't leave the house or be seen without a full face of make-up.

  • dtsierra06 By dtsierra06

    The one product I will not leave the house without is mascara. I think having a makeup free day is probably good for the skin!

  • Alyssarae92293 By Alyssarae92293

    yes if i like the way my face looks that morning

  • niecie70 By niecie70

    I don't wear makeup. I may put on eyeliner and some lipstick or gloss at times, but I never wear foundation, blush eye shadow nothing else. I am forty and I look much younger. I enjoy the freedom of not having to check my makeup. I drink plenty of water and keep my face clean and moisterized daily and nightly.

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