Do Men Lie More?

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Do Men Lie More?

The next time you feel like a man is lying to you, you may want to remember the following statistics.  A new poll coming out of the U.K.'s Science Museum reveals that men tell lies more often than women.  On top of telling lies more frequently, the survey shows that men suffer less guilt from lying as well.

A recent article frommagazine discusses the results of the survey.  According to the poll, men tell an average of 3 lies a day and women lie about twice a day.  When you look at the numbers over a longer period of time you'll see men appear to be much bigger liars than women, telling 1,092 lies a year to a woman's 728. 

Unfortunately for us, it is the moms that are lied to the most.  Both men and women admit that they lie to their mothers more than anyone else in their lives.  Interestingly, only 10 percent of people say they lie to their spouses.  Most women (82 percent) report a feeling of guilt after telling a fib while only 70 percent of men say they suffer any guilt.

So what are all of these men lying about?  One of the top lies men tell others is that they did not have a lot of alcohol to drink.  Some other lines that made the top ten are "Nothing's wrong, I'm fine", "I'm on my way", and "You've lost weight."  Some of the top things women lie about are "Nothing's wrong, I'm fine" and "It wasn't that expensive." 

What do you think of the new poll revealing that men lie more often than women?

Do you agree with these findings?

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  • Gin257 By Gin257

    Haha of course men lie to us. They get scared! :)

  • patti6678 By patti6678

    I believe that men do indeed lie more however i do think a lot of women lie about much more serious things. women are just more emotional and jealous and a lot want what the next woman has so they will lie and scheme and do whatever they have to to try and get it.

  • LuckyMommaJ By LuckyMommaJ

    Hmmmmm ...that is interesting because my husband is the exact opposite. I am a believer in telling "white lies" like "we can't come to dinner, the kids haven't been feeling well" to avoid hurting feelings, instead of "we can't come to dinner, you bore us and your kids are monsters." My husband doesn't believe in white lies. He instead will say the latter.

  • lbrasfieldc By lbrasfieldc

    I happen to believe men lie just about as much as women do. In todays society with the morals that people seem to have; seems like everyone believes it is alright to lie; regardless the reason to be telling the lie. The world and its morality today is in a sad place.

  • Carrie_Mustin By Carrie_Mustin

    I believe men lie more. My husband lied to me about two secret wives, three children and five grandchildren I didn't know about for 7 years of our marriage. Now tell me that men aren't good liars and feel no guilt.

  • Alickina By Alickina

    If they are going to include things like "nothing is wrong, I am fine" then it does not suprise me that men come out ahead in the lies. Men do not talk about their feelings as much as women do. These are really avoidence techniques, not lies expected to be believed, which also explains the lower feelings of guilt.

  • mommaduck By mommaduck

    interesting, i know my husband has to fib all the times. he works at a middle school and well you know kids, they dont want to tell the truth. My husband i feel is very honest so i would not say he lies to me at all. or at least i hope he doesnt

  • LoopyLooop By LoopyLooop

    Chris Rock said it best. "Men tell the most lies, women tell the biggest lies."

  • gina35 By gina35

    My husband is not a very good liar,I can always tell when he lies, I just never say anything because he always tells on himself. He told me one of his friend installed his car stereo, two weeks later we went for a drive and passed this car stereo shop he told me, that is where I got my car stereo installed. I gave him that look and he just droped his head. He knew he had been caught.

  • oceangirl1 By oceangirl1

    There is an old saying once a liar always a liar !

  • oceanairy By oceanairy

    It is a shame that anyone should feel that they would have to lie to their significant other!!! I can't lie to my husband b/c I smile from ear to ear!! We could be in a big fight and he asks me something and I giggle b/c I just cant lie to him! I wish we were all like that.

  • marti3276 By marti3276

    I can tell, usually, when a man is lying. It is harder with a woman. But I also can usually tell when my teen is lying.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    Yes, but I want to know...are they good liars....I think not!

  • Orchid25 By Orchid25

    I think it just seems like they lie more because they aren't good liars, you can tell when men lie.. either by the stupid little smirk on their face or how they can't keep the lie covered up very long.

  • BeckyJane By BeckyJane

    I truly find it hard to believe that men lie more than women, however, the lack of morality in the countries today can make it true. Men travel more than women, they proably lie to their clients, business partners, wives, girlfriends, even their pastors if they go to church.

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