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Breast Milk Cheese: The Latest In Fine Dining?

Breast Milk Cheese: The Latest In Fine Dining?

Even some who would consider themselves adventurous diners may be turned off by an item that one of New York City’s top chefs has added to the menu.  After the birth of his recent child, Chef Daniel Angerer, has concocted a cheese made from the breast milk of his wife.  Daniel Angerer’s restaurant, Klee Brasserie, is a popular New York City eatery featuring this item on the menu.  Angerer may be best known for beating Bobby Flay in the Food Network’s "Iron Chef" competition.  He is now serving the breast milk cheese with figs and Hungarian cheese. 

Angerer’s cheese dish was recently featured on the Today show where a guest chef on the show, Billy Dec was given a taste of the cheese without knowing exactly what it was.  After chewing and swallowing, he was told it was "mother’s milk" and was shocked, but then continued eating the appetizer off camera.  Though some show disgust for the dish, others wonder what the big deal is.  After all, we drink milk from cows and goats, so why not our own kind?

Lori Mason, Angerer’s wife, tries to explain why she thinks some have a problem with the idea of consuming human breast milk.  Mason says, "I think a lot of the criticism has to do with the combination of sex and cheese.  But the breast is there to make food."  Since her husband’s creation of breast milk cheese Mason has been urging him to try making a gelato before she finishes breast feeding their infant. 

Chef Daniel Angerer decided to turn his wife’s milk into cheese when they had too much of it in the freezer.  After realizing the cheese actually tasted good, Angerer posted the recipe he calls, "My Spouse’s Mommy’s Milk Cheese" to his blog.  The response surprised the chef as customers of his restaurant begged him to add the appetizer to his menu (though he admits some of his customers are grossed out by the addition.)

Though there are currently no laws against serving human breast milk at restaurants, Chef Angerer has received warnings from the New York City Health Department.  A Health Department spokeswoman recently told the New York Post, "The restaurant knows that cheese made from breast milk is not for public consumption, whether it is sold or given away."

What do you think of Chef Angerer’s breast milk cheese dish?

Is this something you would ever consider ordering at a restaurant?  If not, why do you think it is so different from drinking cow’s or goat’s milk?

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  • joy9281 By joy9281

    That is just sickening ! I can not believe that this is acceptable to anyone.

  • Gwenlane74 By Gwenlane74

    I guess for babies that are starting on regular foods that would be fine...But personally I want my grilled cheese to be made with Kraft Singles.

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    I don't think I'd order it in a restaurant but I do see reports that breast milk does have some health benefits for adults with some health issues.

  • ralane78 By ralane78

    I would pass on the cheese, but that's me personally.. I am currently breastfeeding my one month old and have since discovered how funnysome adults react to breastmilk in the US. I think it is a bit silly afterall do we not lay our arms out to give blood. Breastmilk should be treated the same, meaning bodily fluids should be tested before being passed to others. Breast milk and blood banks all test before passing to others and of course the FDA monitors food and cattle are tested and treated for illnesses before milk is collected. I must say I am a bit envious of the overabudance, I wish my freezer was full, not to make cheese, but to feed my baby girl and not have to supplement!

  • BlondieKAA By BlondieKAA

    I know that breast milk is healthy and does have benefits to it, and I am totally for breastfeeding babies. However, the idea of me personally eating it just grosses me out. Also, if I were in his wife's position, I would not like the idea of my breast milk being used in food dishes.

  • heatheranne By heatheranne

    I could never eat anything that had breast milk in it. I do not like milk anyways so this just furthers my disgust!

  • agurleysms By agurleysms

    Lots of interesting comments. I don't know if I would try it or not, but I don't know what the big deal is if people want to do it. My only concern would be that of fajaer; not all breastmilk is created equal, and what the woman was consuming.

  • cybrown551 By cybrown551

    That just seems a bit weird. However it will bring the price of cheese down if this idea ever becomes more marketable. The sounds of breast milk cheese just doesn't seem appetizing to me. I don't know if I were ever get used to this idea if it does become marketable. This is something that will have to grow on me for sure.

  • bltsandwich17 By bltsandwich17

    Of course there are people who would like it, you can find people who would like anything you come up with in this world.That doesn't mean using breastmilk to create cheese is actually a good idea. I find it disgusting.Breastmilk should be given to babies not adults.

  • gspencer By gspencer

    I don't think the idea is repulsive. When you're surrounded my breast milk 24-7 and it's filling up your fridge/freezer for a year (or more), you get used to it everywhere. I think socially it's not accepted, but neither is some of the stuff I see on Iron Chef either (think raw Tuna ice cream). Culinary Chefs at their own restaurants have a been of leeway in what they serve... as long as it's "safe". I guess that would be the real issue. I doubt his wife's milk is unsafe, but it's possible to transfer certain things that you wouldn't want to eat... and of course there is no way to test or any standards to go by, so it's a "all up in the air" kind of thing. Anyways, I doubt Chef Angerer will continue making that cheese, as his infant won't be an infant forever and his wife will stop lactating.

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