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Breast Milk Cheese: The Latest In Fine Dining?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 03.29.10
Breast Milk Cheese: The Latest In Fine Dining?
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Even some who would consider themselves adventurous diners may be turned off by an item that one of New York City’s top chefs has added to the menu.  After the birth of his recent child, Chef Daniel Angerer, has concocted a cheese made from the breast milk of his wife.  Daniel Angerer’s restaurant, Klee Brasserie, is a popular New York City eatery featuring this item on the menu.  Angerer may be best known for beating Bobby Flay in the Food Network’s "Iron Chef" competition.  He is now serving the breast milk cheese with figs and Hungarian cheese. 

Angerer’s cheese dish was recently featured on the Today show where a guest chef on the show, Billy Dec was given a taste of the cheese without knowing exactly what it was.  After chewing and swallowing, he was told it was "mother’s milk" and was shocked, but then continued eating the appetizer off camera.  Though some show disgust for the dish, others wonder what the big deal is.  After all, we drink milk from cows and goats, so why not our own kind?

Lori Mason, Angerer’s wife, tries to explain why she thinks some have a problem with the idea of consuming human breast milk.  Mason says, "I think a lot of the criticism has to do with the combination of sex and cheese.  But the breast is there to make food."  Since her husband’s creation of breast milk cheese Mason has been urging him to try making a gelato before she finishes breast feeding their infant. 

Chef Daniel Angerer decided to turn his wife’s milk into cheese when they had too much of it in the freezer.  After realizing the cheese actually tasted good, Angerer posted the recipe he calls, "My Spouse’s Mommy’s Milk Cheese" to his blog.  The response surprised the chef as customers of his restaurant begged him to add the appetizer to his menu (though he admits some of his customers are grossed out by the addition.)

Though there are currently no laws against serving human breast milk at restaurants, Chef Angerer has received warnings from the New York City Health Department.  A Health Department spokeswoman recently told the New York Post, "The restaurant knows that cheese made from breast milk is not for public consumption, whether it is sold or given away."

What do you think of Chef Angerer’s breast milk cheese dish?

Is this something you would ever consider ordering at a restaurant?  If not, why do you think it is so different from drinking cow’s or goat’s milk?

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  • joy9281 By joy9281

    That is just sickening ! I can not believe that this is acceptable to anyone.

  • SweetGirlVicky26 By SweetGirlVicky26

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  • spiceychic By spiceychic

    although breast milk cheese is most likely very healthy, the foods the mother consumes can affect the safety of breast milk / cheese. If the woman consumes wine or alcohol, takes prescriptions, or illegal drugs, this can get into her milk. These types of concerns are really controversial for making human cheeses. Eating cheese/dairly from animals is highly regulated so we have complete control over what our animals ingest.

  • rgoynessurvey By rgoynessurvey

    I don't think I could every bring myself to try this. Ever.

  • anamika By anamika

    It's definitely sounds gross....Atleast it shouldnt be an menu item

  • jeannec1 By jeannec1

    I have no problem with it except since every other food product needs to be tested and regulated before served to the public, I feel that the breast milk/cheese should be subjected to the same treatment to ensure it is safe and healthy. If it passed the same tests as cow milk, then hey, go for it as I hate to see any sort of food source wasted!

  • djcalli By djcalli

    In this age we need to be careful about transmittable diseases. HIV and other diseases can be passed through breast milk. While I am sure that this man's wife is not infected with a horrible disease, we can never be too careful.

  • jadedgrin By jadedgrin

    I saw this story on television. His wife was more than happy to share her breastmilk. It's not as though he's got her chained up and forcing her to pump her breastmilk for his weird cheese. That said, I reacted the same as most of you - it made me squeamish to think about it. If she is blessed with an over abundance of breast milk, I wish she would donate it to NICU units at her local hospital. Those babies need good nutritious breast milk to thrive and many hospitals have breast milk donation programs.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly


  • fajaer By fajaer

    I actually heard quite awhile ago that some groups are trying to convince Ben & Jerry's to develop ice cream with breast milk, so this story wasn't that shocking to me. I can't imagine women voluntarily producing milk for adult consumption. It's way to time consuming. Also there is no way of knowing how healthy her breastmilk is..was she drinking, taking drugs..etc. Not all breastmilk is created equal.

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