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Melt The Stress Away From The Comfort Of Your Home

Melt The Stress Away From The Comfort Of Your Home

Leading a busy lifestyle can make relieving stress one of the last things on your list of things to do.  One company that knows most women walk around every day with a heavy load of worries on their shoulders is Johnson & Johnson.  Through research and focus groups the company has come up with a program designed for busy women as a way to relieve their stress from the comfort of home.

A recent article from New York Times spotlighted the stress management program called Upliv, which is expected to launch later this month through the website.  The program is subscription-based and will allow women to go online in order to receive tips and instructions to de-stress daily.  Women will also be given writing tasks and keep an online journal.  Members of the program will receive aromatherapy toiletries about every 3 months through the mail and will billed for the shipping cost of these items.

The program boasts that it has psychiatrists working on their advisory boards which give women a semi-personalized experience.  Though there is no one-on-one interaction, women are given tips and tasks based on a stress analysis test that each woman is given.  If you express that your jobs creates the most stress in your life you will be sent specific articles for that problem. 

One concern among critics of the program is that sitting in front of a computer is not necessarily the healthiest thing to do with your free time. 
Margaret Aleles, vice president for innovation growth platforms and new businesses at the company, disagrees.  Aleles says, "Women spend over 27 hours a week on the internet that’s not email related, and what we found is that women love to go on the internet after their kids have gone to bed."

The cost of the program is also a concern for many as it is $99.95 for the first month and $39.95 for the following months (as an introductory incentive the company is offering a price of $380 for the first year).  But even with the introductory offer, many women are reluctant to spend that kind of money in this economic climate.  Aleles responds to these concerns by saying that the price is about the same amount women are currently spending to get the stress out of their lives, like going to a spa or paying for a yoga class. 

What do you think of the online stress management program for women that Johnson & Johnson is getting ready to launch?

Do you think you would be willing to pay for a service like this?

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  • lady630 By lady630

    I feel if you need to release stress take a day off of work or take a day off and go to the spa money is very tight and the amount is very high I feel they should try to come eye to eye and see how everyone basically agree with each other

  • 805Therapy By 805Therapy

    No I don't approve.

  • LISA2699 By LISA2699

    This is a grand idea, but seriously way too expensive. For this price you can go to a therapist and have one on one contact and assistance. I can't imagine how they developed this price point and also thought that people would pay for shipping for "free" aromatherapy products. This is a great idea as a starting point, and I hope that they think it through before releasing it. Having homework and written journals would not serve as a stress relief for me. After working on my laptop all day I don't want to be expected to work more at night.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    Seems a bit too steep of price for most people! I can think of other ways to spend my money to de-stress!

  • momonamission2008 By momonamission2008

    Definitely too high priced. Getting a massage is a great destress and it a lot less expensive that this.

  • mooneykell By mooneykell

    Way too pricey, great idea in theory but out of most people's price ranges. Plus its stressful to think of the things to write in an online journal. Technology is great, but your words can come back to bite you!

  • rockhound24 By rockhound24

    Sounds great to me... but waaaaay too expensive! Money is part of my stress. Also, I can join a massage club here and get a 1hr massage for $39 a month. I love massage, but I can't afford to do it!

  • kyhomebody By kyhomebody

    PHEW!!! sounds like alot of money but the cocept so easy we can make our own aroma therapy products and use a notebook as a personal journal ,and read a daily affirmation free on intewrnet. can't see this product being a best seller with working class or fixed incomes

  • fourgen By fourgen

    The idea itself sounds great, but I believe that it still needs work , considering fixed income families, we dont need added financial stress.

  • pabennett By pabennett

    Sounds like a great idea, but I think trying to pay the price of the program might stress me out. Can't see this being a success.

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