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Tiger Woods Says Goodbye To Privacy

Tiger Woods Says Goodbye To Privacy

We’ve all heard the news and witnessed the number of women on the list of Tiger Woods’ alleged extramarital affairs growing daily.  Whether you seek out the reports or just happen to hear about them on the evening news, it seems they are everywhere.  The extent of the Woods coverage is leaving many to question whether all of this should be such a public matter. 

Even if you have no interest in golf, you are probably well aware of who Tiger Woods is and most of us know how he prefers to keep his life, outside the sport, very private.  All of this changed recently when Woods was involved in a car accident just outside his home.  After the accident, reports started surfacing about a domestic disturbance with his wife that may have led up to the accident and the alleged affairs that fueled the disturbance. 

With each day since the accident it seems a new woman declares publicly that she too had an affair with Woods.  The latest count of women making this claim is ten.  A recent articles from Forbes discusses whether or not Woods’ family matters should be kept private.  A poll from The Sharkey Institute for Seton Hall University found that 78 percent of responders thought that details about the car accident and the alleged fight with Woods’ wife should have been kept private.

Tiger Woods himself has responded to all the press surrounding him and his family when he said, "Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn’t have to mean public confessions."  Forbes points out how this statement is ironically presented in the form of a press release and a public confession.  This is reminiscent of the way the women who host ABC’s The View recently agreed on air that Tiger Woods’ family problems should be kept private just before they all began to dish on the latest gossip that surrounded him.

What do you think of the way the media has been covering Tiger Woods’ affairs?

Do you think when someone in the public eye commits adultery we have the right to hear about it or should it remain a private family matter?

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  • mamma_nee By mamma_nee

    Does not surprise me one bit but his business is non of mine . free scarf giveaway on my blog ends dec 31st

  • jmaciej1 By jmaciej1

    i think its ridiculous that celebrities cannot have privacy!

  • 4vonnie By 4vonnie

    I feel that things have gone to far. I feel that he has done something wrong and needs to communicate with his wife and family, not the public. He did not hurt anyone but his wife and family. We should not know everything that goes on in the private lives of actors, sports figures, ect...One may say he put his life out there the minute he decided to have an affair but really he didn't. This woman is out to make a name for herself and get paid. They are both wrong!

  • cpns72 By cpns72

    I strongly believe in orivate lives of others and us, too. It is none of their businesses of what they/we are doing in our every day life as long as we do not break the laws. Not fortunetely for Tiger being well known golfer and I still think he is a good guy. He knew better not to have affairs with other women as he is married and has his children and broke his marrige vow. Why get married in the first place? That hurts his marriage and family awful lot. Naturally those people will do anything to get attention from media in hope to get money, fame for movie or book, etc....

  • Hatshepsut By Hatshepsut

    I think it should be PRIVATE. Their profession has little to do with their personal lives. How sad that so much time has been spent on a FAMILY matter instead of something more important! How about showing missing kids, wanted criminals during this media frenzy instead of what Tiger Woods did? That would certainly be more productive. No, it shouldn't come with the territory. Why should their pain be allowed to become entertainment? What does that say about our society?

  • cybrown551 By cybrown551

    I believe that we have a right to know what is going on with him when he is in the public eye influencing our children. There are so many children who look up to him and inspire to follow his footsteps. He should have been more responsible in my opinion. What he did to his wife was totally a disgrace.

  • girl17 By girl17

    I think that his personal life has no relevance on his job performance. With that said, he is in the public spotlight and knows that no privacy comes with the territory. He is a role model and should behave as such. I am personally over all of the drama surrounding this and would like the media to get over it too.

  • sewhpy By sewhpy

    As soon as a celebrity accepts money for company and brand endorsements, their unscrupulous activities are no longer private. Each of us contribute to their financial gain through these endorsements when we buy these products and/or services they are representing. Additionally, they owe the public and their young fan base a level of decency and upstanding behavior as they are role models for the younger generation. Come on Tiger, get a clue - what were you thinking???? I am also just as disgusted with the "women" he was allegedly seeing. Where are their morals? - Its not like they didn't know he was married. Too bad some of them will actually make money off this.

  • cleanliving By cleanliving

    Bottom line, he has made his life - his name - a brand. By which he makes millions of dollars selling us products - using this brand. So like it or not it opens up his life and all that he does to the public. It is up to us the public to turn our television channel and not purchase the media hype if we disagree with the publicly. If we do not buy it, listen to, talk about - the media would drop it.

  • grandma2 By grandma2

    He knows lack of privacy comes with the territory. There are a few sports figures, actors, famous people who do a good job of keeping their personal life private and seperate from the media. They rarely do interviews even when they have a new movie out or receive an award. But unfortunately if you are going to do something illegal or what most people would consider inappropriate in this day in age of high tech it will not be kept a secret. Tiger Woods is not that dumb. Even David Letterman who never gives interviews and kept his personal live private couldn't do it. People are vendictive, money hungry and just plain back stabbing in nature. Tiger was wrong. Do I care? YES. I don't care to go on thinking this man was a wonderful husband and father when obviously he isn't. Can I forgive, forget and like him again if he handles this right? Yes. We all make mistakes. If we learn from them and grow as a better person from them we deserve a second chance.

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