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Do You Do Black Friday?

Do You Do Black Friday?

For those of you that were brave enough to wade through the crowds of Black Friday shoppers this year, you may have noticed that not everyone stuck it out all day long.  The Wall Street Journal reported Friday evening that Black Friday started out strong, but slowly thinned out by afternoon.  This is because shoppers were not willing to stick around unless they were seeing some major discounts. 

A lot of the savings we were seeing this year came in the form of doorbusters and a good deal of sales on electronics.  Unless you were lined up outside the door just as stores opened in the early morning, you may not have seen too many savings.  The Wall Street Journal reports that Andrew Harris, a Dallas police officer, planned his Black Friday out perfectly when he showed up for a sale at Target at 3am, 2 hours before the store even opened, and bought a 32" LCD HDTV for $246 (a savings of $180). 

Wal-Mart also saw lots of traffic, with some customers showing up the evening before to camp out in front of the store.  Stores like Wal -Mart recognize the need to get shoppers in by enticing them with deep discounts since many consumers have expressed a need to spend less this year than last. 

Aix Partners LLP
released a study earlier this year with some data about the upcoming holiday season.  They found that 88 percent of consumers planned to spend less this year than last year and 82 percent said that what they do spend money on will be purchased from value stores like Wal -Mart.  Though the numbers sound bleak for retailers, the National Retail Federation is only predicting a 1 percent drop in U.S. holiday sales, which is up from last years 3.4 percent decline. 

Did you venture out to the stores this Black Friday?

Do you plan on spending less on gifts this holiday season than you did last year?

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  • tmaier By tmaier

    If the other shoppers were a bit nicer the experience would not be so bad.

  • cleanliving By cleanliving

    Black Friday - No way! Too early to rise, too many people, too much traffic. I got the same deals online - from the comfort of home!

  • laine17 By laine17

    I hate Black Friday. I hate the crowds, the fighting for parking spots. Not worth it to me, Id rather pay the extra money than deal with the traffic and crabby people.

  • luanlee54 By luanlee54

    I don't like the whole concept or name of Black Friday either. This year I am trying to mostly buy locally made items. There are some beautiful things available at farmer's markets, church fairs, craft coops, etc. That way we are supporting our neighbors and not sending our money to China. (Just wish one of our neighbors made flat screen TVs and laptops..)

  • girl17 By girl17

    I thought about shopping this year. I usually never do because the crowds are unbearable. This year since I'm trying to be more frugal it was a little more appealing, but not enough to get up super early to fight the crowd. I did search online for deals though.

  • yousefloli By yousefloli

    I did go BF shopping this year! I did not see to many great deals though!

  • chintel By chintel

    I went BF shopping for the first time this year and will never go again. It is not worth getting up that early in the morning to save a few bucks. I'd rather pay the extra money than wait in a line for an hour to check out.

  • GuessWho By GuessWho

    Why shop on Black Friday when you can use the internet for Cyber Monday?

  • deenice22 By deenice22

    I agree it is not worth getting up that early. The majority of the door busters are very limited in quantity. I did not see a lot of really good deals this year. When I am in the market for electronics (especially desktop computers, camcorders, or TVs), I have stood in the lines to get these products. I didn't always get what I set out for but when I was able to get what I was looking for the savings were great.

  • jlindseyc By jlindseyc

    I go but not early...usually get started around 10. Mostly its a fun family tradition and finding especially good deals is a bonus!

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