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Climate Change Debates Heat Up

SS Member Image By drodriguez 10.15.09
Climate Change Debates Heat Up
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As we discussed in a recent post, SheSpeaks is taking part in Blog Action Day this year by opening up a discussion about climate change.  Talk of climate change and the ways it affects the planet has become a part of our daily lives, especially in the last few years.  We have been watching the debate heat up recently as nations meet to discuss a possible international agreement to fight climate change.  The debate will come to a head in a couple of months when delegates from 192 nations meet in Copenhagen to draw out the framework on how we will reduce global emissions.

We are also seeing environmental activists speaking out on the subject, some making grand gestures to have their voices heard.  The Associated Press just reported that a group of activists in London scaled Britain’s Parliament building on Sunday holding large yellow signs to draw attention to the issue of climate change.  One protester on the site, Anna Jones, states that "We are here to remind them that they simply haven’t done enough to stop climate change and we need to see some action at home."

If you take a look at recent headlines regarding climate change, it is no wonder that people are up in arms on the topic.  A recent study coming out of Kashmir University’s geology and geophysics department reports that Indian Kashmir’s glaciers are melting at a fast rate due to higher than normal temperatures.  This news threatens the water supply of millions living in the Himalayan region. 

And reports from Swiss researchers show the Alpine Glacier is melting and leaking harmful chemicals that were once used widely in the 60’s and 70’s into the surrounding waters.  Researchers from the study talk about the dangers this type of run-off will pose, "Considering ongoing global warming and accelerated massive glacier melting predicted for the future, our study indicated the potential for dire environmental impacts due to pollutants delivered into pristine mountainous areas."

What do you think about the issue of climate change and how it affects the planet?

What are you hoping will be the outcome of the much anticipated meeting of nations in Copenhagen this December?

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  • JustOla By JustOla

    I believe that climate change is real, and that both individuals and companies/industry need to make changes. If all individuals make small changes, those changes combined can have a major impact. Industries can have major impacts, but we must be willing to pay for products that are in the best interest of our planet. I work in marketing in the building products industry, and see major changes in that industry. For example, I have the good fortune to work with a company called Trikeenan Tileworks. They have always been very eco-friendly (recycling and so forth), but have recently formulated a line of very beautiful glazes made of 100% glaze runoff - something that most manufacturers dump in a landfill. Changes like these, by each company, CAN have an impact. This is a global issue - not someone else's problem.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    We have ignored this REAL problem for far too long. Already, we can see climate changes happening all over, some at an alarming rate. Global government with strict regulations needs to happen for anything to make a difference. We must also, individually do our part in our daily lives. This is a very "me" society and we need to change our thinking and start worrying more about others and our futures. By the way, car companies are boasting electric cars as being a great thing of the furture...think about it....where does our electricty come from? COAL PLANTS! SO, the is a great marketing scheme, but will not help our planet whatsoever. The more we can be informed, the more we can educate others.

  • Alyssarae92293 By Alyssarae92293


  • amberdana By amberdana

    I am sorry but climate change has happened for centuries. Its just another ploy to try and get us to spend money on some other companies ideas. Climate change does happen but it happened when dinosaurs roamed the earth and earth managed to stay around with out our help. We should do things responsibly but not out of guilt over climate change which we have no control over. It is what it is.

  • momagarry By momagarry

    We need to do what we can to help prevent harming our ozone.

  • sakana By sakana

    I highly recommend the November/December issue of Mother Jones, which highlights climate change issues. The editorial had a great comment about the argument that you can't expect people to care about the environment in the global recession: "One, if that were true, it would apply globally," but only Americans are (statistically shown to be) so unconcerned. The second reason really struck me, too: "[C]limate change isn't chiefly an environmental issue. It's a massive social and technological challenge that will...force the wholesale transformation of our economy." Entire nations, like Tuvalu, face displacement. Take a read if you have a chance. And don't forget all the things that can help that not only don't cost money, but will save you money - turning of lights and computers, turning down the heat, driving less, etc. Plus

  • Britnev By Britnev

    It is about time that we take responsibility for our planet. You have heard the saying "we are what we put in our mouths" well the same goes for the planet. It is as good as we treat it. It is too easy for someone living in distant land to ignore the plight of the animals who are loosing their habitats due to global warming. I hear others say "that does not affect me" when in fact it does affect us all in some form. It does not take much and everyone has the ability to make a difference. Simple steps such as recycling or using recycle bags instead of plastic bags collectively work towards helping the plant. I truly hope that each and every person sees this as worth the effort. You do not have to do a lot, just do something!!

  • cteaf1948 By cteaf1948

    I'm in total agreement with amberdana. The alarmists only seem to report the science that supports climate change (Global Warming?) and conveniently leave out other info that doesn't. The finest meteorologists in the world cannot predict the weather two weeks in advance, let alone the climate for the rest of the century. Can Al Gore? Follow the money, who's getting fat and laughing all the way to the bank. And carbon credits???

  • saralen By saralen

    Things need to change and we need to put more input in our planet. Ofcourse climate changes have been present always but there's been more disasters lately and I think we all have to do with that. We need to take care of our planet at least by doing simple things. If we dont, who will?

  • terrypear By terrypear

    I have learned that the harsh chemicals in the cleaning products we use can have an impact - not only in the air we breathe but also in the environment. That's why I've partnered with a Health & Wellness Company that's based out of Idaho. We?re a 23 year old, billion dollar international corporation. This company produces "green" products we all use every day. They are highly concentrated (saves money & uses less containers so as to not dirty up the environment) and work really well, better than store bought ones. I do not sell products or make deliveries, but I do advertise for the company and then set up customer accounts so they can shop direct. My purpose is to share a web cast presentation to anyone who's interested in getting the toxins out of their home (& the environment, too) as well as learning about an opportunity for earning extra money. Would love to share more. Please contact me at

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