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How To Deal With Dave

SS Member Image By drodriguez 10.07.09
How To Deal With Dave
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Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know most of the details about the current David Letterman scandal.  Letterman revealed on his show last week that someone had recently attempted to blackmail him.  In exchange for $2 million the alleged extortionist told Letterman he would not go public with evidence he had of Letterman's past sexual exploits with women on his staff. 

Since Letterman's first account of the crime on his show, the alleged extortionist's identity has been revealed as prominent 48 Hours producer Robert Halderman.  And more news has surfaced that Halderman's ex-live-in girlfriend was Stephanie Birkitt, Letterman ex-assistant.  Though Birkitt herself has not come forward it has been reported that she was one of the women involved in a sexual relationship with her boss, Letterman.

The public's reaction to the shocking news appears to be split.  Some stand behind Letterman, believing the way he has conducted himself the last few days to be respectable and worthy of redemption.  The relations he had with his staff appear to be, at this point, consensual.  And during the time of his affairs he was not married to his now wife Regina.  By revealing the attempted extortion on his show Letterman has managed to remind people that he is the victim in this case. 

On the other hand there are many people speaking out that find Letterman's past exploits to be reprehensible and think he should be disciplined by the network.  Letterman may not have been married, but he appeared to be in a long term (23 year) committed relationship during the time of the relationships with his staff members.  And any time you have someone of authority having sex with his subordinates questions arise over whether work place code of conduct was violated.

What do you think of the latest Letterman scandal?

Do you think Letterman should be disciplined in any way by his network?

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    I think he did right by coming out with everything. It's really non of my business & it doesn't change anything with my feelings toward Letterman, he's still the best talk show since Johnny Carson!

  • ruthterry By ruthterry

    what do I think? A) is it any of my business??? NO B) does it affect my life??? NO I am very busy with my own life, friends, family, work, kids activities, social life, caring for parents.

  • janch By janch

    Consensual between the parties it is their business. None of the woman filed suit, lets see if they don't get talked into it by some fast talking attorney. No one but DL and his now wife know what their bedroom agreement is or isn't...she may have her own list of notches on the bedpost as well and if not then they need to work it through privately.

  • tofusgirl By tofusgirl

    I think it's none of my business who the man has sex with...None of the women are saying they were forced to sleep with him...

  • hrydhswyfe By hrydhswyfe

    I'm glad he did not give into an extortionist. Between the media and people's judgements, he is being punished. I do feel bad for his family, and any of the other families that will be involved as a result of this scandal. They are the ones that will suffer also.

  • LISA2699 By LISA2699

    One can not say if the workplace code of conduct was violated unless they have the employee policies of the organization that this person works for. It is very, very easy for people to point and judge. Why is no one looking at the people who tired to blackmail someone, which is illegal. If his wife is upset, which she has every reason to, then it is up to her to do something about it. For all we know, she knew what he was doing before they were married and still married him.

  • thebutlerdidit By thebutlerdidit

    I think he took the high road by coming out and admitting this before anyone could come out and ask him about it. Whenever that happens it seems that the only thing to do is to deny it. It just puts us on the defensive. At least now he can stop losing sleep over worrying about when and how the news would break and start dealing with the aftermath. I don't think any punishment is necessary. None of the women who have worked for him have made complaints. The lawyers have come out on tv in force to say that no lawsuits have been filed YET. I am so sick of that. Don't assume that these affairs were widely known by all of the staff and a hostile work environment was formed. Something tells me DL is smart enough to not flaunt these affairs to the point where someone could turn around and tell his wife about them.

  • cathysue1 By cathysue1

    I think is a personal thing between david letterman and his wife and should be kept more private. we see this happen all the time with celebrities. Its never right and it happens in our world too. I hope if she is able to forgive him that they seek counseling. Maybe its not too late for them. Iv been cheated on I know how hard it can be and I feel for her. Sometimes you cant forgive. well see what happens.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    If this was consensual, then so be it...even though he's scum for cheating on his wife. It's just another one of those "celebrity things".

  • reetl1 By reetl1

    I do not think he should be disciplined at work. It is his personal life and as long as he was still doing his job that should be that. As for dealing with his personal life at home-that is another thing. I would not let him off easy AT ALL!!!! I think that is gonna be his biggest problem from all of this.

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