Plus-Sized Model Bares All

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Plus-Sized Model Bares All

Open up almost any fashion magazine and you will usually see a much smaller than average sized woman posing on just about every page.  This is why when plus-sized model, Lizzie Miller, posed nude in Glamour magazine recently people noticed.  Glamour was soon inundated with letters from readers praising them for being brave enough to feature an average sized woman. 

People found Miller's photo to be a refreshing change from the norm and rejoiced that they could finally relate to a model's figure.  Lizzie Miller discussed her decision to pose nude for the magazine.  Miller said, "I remember when I was younger, looking through magazines, and I would feel so out of place and so self-conscious because I didn't see anyone who looked like me." 

It is no wonder the size zero models are difficult for us to relate to when, according to an ABC News article, an estimated 41 percent of women are larger than a size 14.  So why do retailers seem to cater to tiny figures when most consumers have a much fuller figure?  It doesn't make sense that retailers seem to be turning their backs on literally millions of consumers

The fact that Miller's photo caused such a stir proves that we are ready to see this kind of change in our magazines and advertisements.  Miller talked about this change when she said, "The fact that this picture caused such a frenzy, it says that this is obviously, something that people need to see.  I'm not trying to promote obesity, and I'm not obese, but I'm also not stick thin."

What do you think of plus-sized model, Lizzie Miller, posing nude for Glamour magazine?

Do you think more fashion magazines should feature larger women models?

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  • anndrrea By anndrrea

    GOOD FOR HER AND GLAMOUR! i'm 19 so i know that the media and everything entertainment wise is shoving almost everything down our throat to be a size 0. i love this!! this made my day compltely

  • October By October

    That's a horrible picture you really can't tell what size she is, but she certainly does not look plus size.

  • krispy76 By krispy76

    At least it's a step! I really appreciate that ALL YOU features real women! I get so sick of seeing these itty bitty super models and their ridiculous clothing that almost no real woman would wear.

  • abmomof4 By abmomof4

    Finally! When I see one of these size 0 models it makes me think somebody needs to feed her! They don't even look healthy! I have 4 daughters and they are all built different and I as a mom have to let each know they are beautiful in their own special way--no matter their size--society makes that a lot harder to convey & they are not always easily convinced.

  • stefaniek99 By stefaniek99

    I applaud Glamour for featuring a regular sized woman. I also especially applaud them for not airbrushing her. But I think we need to stop focusing on the size number altogether. Yes, many women are sized 14 but what does that mean? They say Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 or 14, but in modern times (because of all the reductions in sizing) that would be equivalent to a size 6. And hasn't everyone been one size in one store and a completely different size in another? The numbers mean nothing at all. I'd like to just see some healthy women. Not rail thin, but not obese either (I don't think either should be celebrated because neither are healthy).

  • junconventional By junconventional

    You know back in the day - the supermodel weren't so skinny, they had "regular" bodies - Christie Brinkley, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford - they looked like they ate and I don't think any of them were a size 2. In the fashion industry every thing over an 8 is considered plus size and if you look even in the Lane Bryant catalog - they are curvy but typically not an 18 or a 20 (usually they are a 14). Yes, in reality it would be nice to see more women with curves or figure flaws like me on the cover and within the pages of the magazine. The real problem is these designers that don't make anything over a 12 (or they call it a contemporary fit which is like jr sizing).

  • cewhiting By cewhiting

    Good for her. As many people say those models or too skinny. Its nice to see a model not a size 2.

  • shopperMD By shopperMD

    I think its about time. Great change and a good step for future generations. I have heard only positive things about it.

  • maenad25 By maenad25

    What a powerful image for women. I am so tired of trying to live up to impossible standards. Even the models don't look like that in real life. All the airbrushing makes us feel that a lot of women truly ARE perfect and that we don't measure up for one reason or another. I think it's time that magazines took some responsibility for creating this problem.

  • sassysami By sassysami

    I think it it great. But I would not call her a PLUS SIZE. She is average woman at a healthly weight. with real curves. People of all sizes should be recongnize that they are all beautyful know matter what other people say!

  • thebutlerdidit By thebutlerdidit

    JBallantine, thanks for posting the link to the story and photos. I totally agree that this was a baby step for the magazine. Not so brave of Glamour to bury these tiny photos. I am so surprised by their surprise at the positive reaction people have expressed to Glamour. Now I wonder - do they not believe us when we say they would like to see women who look like us in magazines? Or do they just not listen? The "Campaign for Real Beauty " from Dove makes me very happy and very comfortable relating to their products because I can see that they are appropriate for women like myself. Sorry Glamour, but I can't exactly picture myself wearing the fashions displayed in your magazine. Also - BOO to She Speaks for referring to this model as Plus Sized in the heading for this article. She is not. She is average, healthy, and gorgeous. The fact that she is normal and the fact that a normal woman appearing in the magazine is causing a stir is really funny when you think about it.

  • jeanelley By jeanelley

    I think the fact this story has become such a hot topic, just tells us that there is a real problem in this country. Far too many superficial people who seem to care too much about what other people do with their time. Worry about your own health, your own family, and your own life and the world will start to revolve in a much less pressured way.

  • Stephbff By Stephbff

    In terms of the way women should be represented by the media, Ms. Miller's apperance in Glamour was a baby step. We should be represented in a realistic light; in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Ms. Mller looks like she is an average sized woman not a plus size woman. If Glamour really wants to break down barriers they should do a feature story on a woman who is a size 18 or larger. Even better, do a feature on average sized and plus sized women. Moreover, make a promise to their readers that they will begin representing women realistically by using models of all shapes and sizes.

  • Pepperjune By Pepperjune

    I was really proud of Lizzie,she is a confident and lovely young women,and seeing her picture made me FEEL good about myself,that she was real and I am also real. Suddenly the 10 pounds I have put on in that last year,didnt seem like such a big deal. She loves herself,so why cant I?

  • Irasemayanezz By Irasemayanezz

    They call it a PLUS size model because what they think is a perfect model is either a 00 or size 1 and thats what most of the magazines feature. Why doesnt anybody make a poll of what men prefer either a size 00-1 or a size 9-11??? Im almost 100% sure what the % would be!

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