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Plus-Sized Model Bares All

SS Member Image By drodriguez 09.07.09
Plus-Sized Model Bares All
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Open up almost any fashion magazine and you will usually see a much smaller than average sized woman posing on just about every page.  This is why when plus-sized model, Lizzie Miller, posed nude in Glamour magazine recently people noticed.  Glamour was soon inundated with letters from readers praising them for being brave enough to feature an average sized woman. 

People found Miller's photo to be a refreshing change from the norm and rejoiced that they could finally relate to a model's figure.  Lizzie Miller discussed her decision to pose nude for the magazine.  Miller said, "I remember when I was younger, looking through magazines, and I would feel so out of place and so self-conscious because I didn't see anyone who looked like me." 

It is no wonder the size zero models are difficult for us to relate to when, according to an ABC News article, an estimated 41 percent of women are larger than a size 14.  So why do retailers seem to cater to tiny figures when most consumers have a much fuller figure?  It doesn't make sense that retailers seem to be turning their backs on literally millions of consumers

The fact that Miller's photo caused such a stir proves that we are ready to see this kind of change in our magazines and advertisements.  Miller talked about this change when she said, "The fact that this picture caused such a frenzy, it says that this is obviously, something that people need to see.  I'm not trying to promote obesity, and I'm not obese, but I'm also not stick thin."

What do you think of plus-sized model, Lizzie Miller, posing nude for Glamour magazine?

Do you think more fashion magazines should feature larger women models?

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  • gingerella By gingerella

    I think it is great that she did this. I know I have so many body issues so I could never do it. But I think more magazines, tv shows, music videos etc should show more "real sized" women because most of us aren't a size 0-2.

  • saralee49509 By saralee49509

    I like how a larger woman is poseing nude I am a larger woman and I say a long as you are happy with yourself to pose nude then who is anyone to to say you can't. I love my curvie body I would do it too!

  • twicebad18 By twicebad18

    I was very pleased to see that picture and when i saw it I was like she has a body like mine and she is in a magazine what gives LOL its nice that an average size women is pictured in such a popular magazine. regardless of whether she is plus size or average she is above the stick thin figure that has become todays model and we should applaud that.

  • cathy825 By cathy825

    I think more magazines should feature plus sized models because skinny models are not the only pretty ones there's plus sized females that have the face of a model. I think is unrealistic if magazines don't feature plus sized models all kinds and looks if they don't put them in covers it wouldn't matter to me if they are famous is just a matter of variety.

  • docmp78 By docmp78

    I think every woman goes through different sizes all through her life..before marriage,after marriage,after having kids,in pre-meno,post varies a depends a lot on ur genes etc. No one can stay certain size all their lives..but every woman should be confident in whatever the size is..and the media /tv/mags etc should not try to keep us all in size they think is perfect for us!! as long as we feel healthy,we are good:)

  • giggles3 By giggles3

    I am very pleased that Glamour posted Lizzie's photo in their magazines. I'm glad I can see a beautiful average woman going out of the norm of stick skinny models. I personally always wanted to attain a career in modeling but felt that it was impossible because of my figure. I never really had the confidence in myself to go and take a picture of myself and refer to the picture as beautiful. I've always thought I was overweight but various people tell me that I'm not even close to it. (5'5' and 135 lbs) I see Lizzie as an inspiration to love my body the way it is and to not let the media's idea of beauty get to me. I think magazines should have more plus-size models because it wouyld show the REAL AMERICAN WOMAN that the men love.

  • laineybugger By laineybugger

    I thought she was brave to bear it all not being stick skinny! I wouldn't really consider her PLUS SIZE. just a normal average woman!

  • woobeley By woobeley

    I hope this has started a trend. I'm a size 12/14 dependng on the store and can't believe I'am considered plus size. I'd rather be seen as normal. Kudos to Lizzie Miller!

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    IT"S ABOUT TIME! I HOPE this trend continues! I think our kids need to see HEALTHY images of women!

  • dmb4454 By dmb4454

    i think that it is so great to see a plus size model featured in a magazine for once! I am plus size and i am tired of seeing those smaller than average women in magazines. I think it is better for teenagers to see it too... it would help prevent all the eating disorders that you hear all these very young women having now a days. i think there is to much pressure on these poor young teenagers.

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