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Vaccinating The Nation

Vaccinating The Nation

As we all gear up for the new school year, health officials are busy getting ready to introduce the new H1N1 flu vaccine to the public.  It is being reported that the vaccine should be available some time in October.  School age children, health care workers, and pregnant women will be some of the first in line to receive the swine flu shots.  Many schools around the country will double as vaccination centers, some offering free shots, to make sure as many children as possible are inoculated against the virus. 

Schools are also taking extra precautions by encouraging parents to keep their children at home when they are at all feverishNewsweek reports that schools in Minneapolis have installed tamper-proof soap dispensers in all restrooms to make sure children have the chance to wash their hands. 

Though the original swine flu outbreak has been considered relatively mild, government health officials are preparing for the worst.  They are considering the possibility that the virus could become more serious and widespread with the onset of winter. 

With pregnant women and young children first in line to get the swine flu shot, some people are left worrying about the safety of the new vaccine and whether it has been tested long enough to get effective results.  A recent Reuters article discusses some of the concerns people have about the new vaccine. 

One of the top concerns is rooted in the public's memory of reports from 1976 when the U.S. government began a massive nationwide immunization against the swine flu of that time.  Though the swine flu of 1976 never spread further than a military base, several hundred cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome were reported after receiving vaccinations.  Guillain Barre Syndrome is a rare neurological disease that can paralyze a person and in some instances lead to death.  More people suffered from this disease than those affected by the actual swine flu.

Do you trust that the new swine flu vaccine will be safe?

Will you be taking any extra precautions this fall to guard against flu?

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  • cybrown551 By cybrown551

    I don?t mind the vaccines if it would save a life. There have been many people dying from this virus so I would recommend the vaccine to decrease the spread to save a life.

  • krispy76 By krispy76

    The regular flu shot is a shot in the dark, so there is no way I'd get the swine flu vaccine. Nor would I let my child have it. He's 4 and never had a flu shot. In the last 10 years I've had one flu shot and it was the only year I got the flu.

  • sarahk1237 By sarahk1237

    I don't really believe in flu vaccines and am not sure if I believe kids need as many of the vaccines as they get. We have vaccinated my son up to this point, but I don't really want to get him a flu shot even though the Doc recommends it. I have never gotten a flu shot and never plan to. I don't think they can make me so I am going to give this one a miss and skip it for my son too.

  • NoBrainer By NoBrainer

    I agree wioth most here. Wasbeing admitted for daty surgery and the RN asked me if I had the vac. or the one for phen. When I said no, she stated she didn't trust it either! I had chemo yearsago and it comprinised the immune system so I naturally feel am asking for trouble taking these antibodies on. I also (politically speaking) wonder if we are being used as 'test subjects' at times, 4 months ago there was nary a vaccine for this and now there is?

  • Blaze65 By Blaze65

    No Way! How can the Government Predict all these deaths? last time i checked they said about 90,000 people will die from the swine flu. how do they know? unless the swine flu shots are not safe. I dont agree with giving this shot out to all these people it hasnt been tested enough.

  • sample_gal By sample_gal

    My son has asthma and I am very concerned that he might get swine flu. However, I am not confident in the vaccine this early on. I plan to make sure he washes more frequently and uses hand sanitizer at school.

  • Bella2008 By Bella2008

    I will not get the swine flu shot & neither will anyone in my family. There has NOT been enough testing on the swine flu vax for me to trust it. We know the side effects from the seasonal flu shot, but the gov't can't tell us every little side effect from the swine flu vax. Simply, there is not enough research done on this swine flu vax for me to be comfortable taking it myself, or having someone in my family taking the vax.

  • jhoeflinger By jhoeflinger

    I have never nor have my two girls been given a flu shot...however, the "fear factor" with the swine flue had me questioning whether I should or should husband who is a Marine said "hell no" he's not getting it. After reading these posts, I have decided we will take our chances, and like all the other ladies have said...wash wash wash our hands and cover our mouths.

  • mvemother By mvemother

    I agree with most of the posters, I will not be getting the vax and neither will my children. There are other ways to protect yourself.

  • cubbyandmelody By cubbyandmelody

    I am torn on this issue. I hear both good and bad stories about vaccinations, but a lot of the information seems to conflict. I don't have children, but am planning to in the not so distant future and whether or not to vaccinate when the time comes is an issue that I feel like I need to know more about.

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