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Vaccinating The Nation

SS Member Image By drodriguez 08.17.09
Vaccinating The Nation
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As we all gear up for the new school year, health officials are busy getting ready to introduce the new H1N1 flu vaccine to the public.  It is being reported that the vaccine should be available some time in October.  School age children, health care workers, and pregnant women will be some of the first in line to receive the swine flu shots.  Many schools around the country will double as vaccination centers, some offering free shots, to make sure as many children as possible are inoculated against the virus. 

Schools are also taking extra precautions by encouraging parents to keep their children at home when they are at all feverishNewsweek reports that schools in Minneapolis have installed tamper-proof soap dispensers in all restrooms to make sure children have the chance to wash their hands. 

Though the original swine flu outbreak has been considered relatively mild, government health officials are preparing for the worst.  They are considering the possibility that the virus could become more serious and widespread with the onset of winter. 

With pregnant women and young children first in line to get the swine flu shot, some people are left worrying about the safety of the new vaccine and whether it has been tested long enough to get effective results.  A recent Reuters article discusses some of the concerns people have about the new vaccine. 

One of the top concerns is rooted in the public's memory of reports from 1976 when the U.S. government began a massive nationwide immunization against the swine flu of that time.  Though the swine flu of 1976 never spread further than a military base, several hundred cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome were reported after receiving vaccinations.  Guillain Barre Syndrome is a rare neurological disease that can paralyze a person and in some instances lead to death.  More people suffered from this disease than those affected by the actual swine flu.

Do you trust that the new swine flu vaccine will be safe?

Will you be taking any extra precautions this fall to guard against flu?

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  • hvacgal By hvacgal

    I agree, we dont know side effects or possible long term effects. I have always encouraged my children to wash their hands as often as possible. A little common sense and hand washing goes a long way in keeping most illness away!

  • MyEmptyCanvas By MyEmptyCanvas

    I'm still iffy on the subject. I do take the normal precauions as mentioned by others, but that is not 100% going to keep you from getting swine / h1n1 flu. I do get a regular flu shot each year so... ehh...

  • BeckyT By BeckyT

    I really beleive this flu has everything to do with government experiments,now the public has gone into a panic for a vaccine. There will be a lot of people used as guiena pigs for the test. Why did this occur so quickly,,and in summer months???? I was talked into taking experimental drugs,out of fear I did more damage to myself than the disease. What will the next panic be about? No ,I do not think this is the right way to get people to "try" these vaccinations.

  • b_oloo2008 By b_oloo2008

    I'm not exactly for the vaccine. I work in healthcare, so I will probably end up getting it. You can get Guillain Barre Syndrome just from getting any type of virus, especially the fu virus. I imagine in 30 plus years they have advance enough in science that history will not repeat itself like what happened in 1976.

  • P_Celaya By P_Celaya

    As a person who has been testing for the Flu all summer and will continue to do. Every year they change the sesonal flu vaccine to try to include the strain that is going to infect the coming flu season. They do not test everytime they change the strain. I don't see how this one is any different. I am not going to base my decision on something that happend over 30 years ago. So, I will not hesitate to take this vaccine. I will be one of the first ones since I am a healthcare worker. We will see once school kicks off all over the US how this will spread..we have already begun to see an increase recently, and no sign of slowing down. I test for a community hospital in a very large city and everyone is on edge...not because of the press or the government, but because of facts. We are starting to get really stressed, because of how busy we are getting. I will be getting this vaccine and the seasonal one.

  • Magyyy20001 By Magyyy20001

    I am on the fence about getting the flu vaccine at all. On one hand I read Jenny McCarthy's book on her son's struggle with Autism linking it to vaccinations. On the other hand I hate getting the flu. My children are 13 and 14 and have had flu vaccinations in the past without any visible harm. I heard that mercury is used in the process and I don't want that in my families bodies. I am still pondering whether or not to vaccinate family.

  • naturelvr By naturelvr

    Have you ever completely read the warnings and side effects that come with any over the counter medications - including asprin? That is scary. There are so many chemicals and warnings out about everything we consume that I do not think this vaccine could be by far any worse than the medicine we take every day. My concern is that when this first broke out, they were saying on the news people were getting together to have H1N1 parties to build their resistance by spreading the flu. This scares me enough to take the vaccine.

  • BMDsMommy By BMDsMommy

    I have gotten the regular flu shot for the past three years, and I still get the flu every year. If we are just more careful with washing our hands and touching surfaces, there will be no need for ANOTHER vaccine.

  • dolores47 By dolores47

    Before my family or I receive this vaccine, I will research more about it. I have always taught my kids to wash their hands, keep their hands away from their face and eat healthy foods. I believe these practices will go a long way in keeping us healthier.

  • mrszsmith4906 By mrszsmith4906

    I dont think this is a very good idea. Before i put my childs life at risks i would like to know the govt' has tested this vac' enough so no wrong is done to anyones family, it will become a worse proble than the swine flu itself.

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