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Vaccinating The Nation

SS Member Image By drodriguez 08.17.09
Vaccinating The Nation
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As we all gear up for the new school year, health officials are busy getting ready to introduce the new H1N1 flu vaccine to the public.  It is being reported that the vaccine should be available some time in October.  School age children, health care workers, and pregnant women will be some of the first in line to receive the swine flu shots.  Many schools around the country will double as vaccination centers, some offering free shots, to make sure as many children as possible are inoculated against the virus. 

Schools are also taking extra precautions by encouraging parents to keep their children at home when they are at all feverishNewsweek reports that schools in Minneapolis have installed tamper-proof soap dispensers in all restrooms to make sure children have the chance to wash their hands. 

Though the original swine flu outbreak has been considered relatively mild, government health officials are preparing for the worst.  They are considering the possibility that the virus could become more serious and widespread with the onset of winter. 

With pregnant women and young children first in line to get the swine flu shot, some people are left worrying about the safety of the new vaccine and whether it has been tested long enough to get effective results.  A recent Reuters article discusses some of the concerns people have about the new vaccine. 

One of the top concerns is rooted in the public's memory of reports from 1976 when the U.S. government began a massive nationwide immunization against the swine flu of that time.  Though the swine flu of 1976 never spread further than a military base, several hundred cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome were reported after receiving vaccinations.  Guillain Barre Syndrome is a rare neurological disease that can paralyze a person and in some instances lead to death.  More people suffered from this disease than those affected by the actual swine flu.

Do you trust that the new swine flu vaccine will be safe?

Will you be taking any extra precautions this fall to guard against flu?

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  • mommymomo By mommymomo

    I do not think it should be mandatory! I do think, however, you have the right to choose. I feel as though people should be more aware of handwashing! We are our own responsibility, we need to ensure we take the neccessary precautions to protect ourselves and our family in any way possible! I also feel, as weith any optional vaccination, the said vaccination needs to be given to those at higher than average risks first.

  • blake2020ca By blake2020ca

    I ama needlephobe to start with so i do not get flu shots and have never gotten them for my children so i will not start now.. And i do not trust the swing flu vax so we will just double up on our hand sanitizer and start using a shopping cart cover for my daughter.

  • pjkrotz By pjkrotz

    I am torn on this issue as well. I have two small children. My youngest son is 1 and he has a history of breathing issues (specifically when he gets sick) due to asthma. On the one hand, I want to do everything I can to protect him and my daughter from being sick. On the other hand, I worry that this is a new vaccine and we don't know how safe it is. He has a well baby check next week, so I think I am going to talk with his pediatrician and then make a decision on whether or not I will get it for my children.

  • Lilmonster311 By Lilmonster311

    I do not want to get the swine flu shot. They dont know the side effects and that scares me. I think more people would die from the swine flu shot than it would save.

  • tmosier00 By tmosier00

    No to H1N1. A co-worker's daughter is a lawyer with emphasis in evironmental law. I hear all the things that the scientists discuss that don't make it to the press (not suprised). I highly advise not getting this swine flu vaccine!

  • koopac7 By koopac7

    I WILL NOT be vaccinating myself or my children for this. Now, I don't ever tell those who vaccinate they are wrong at all. It is a personal choice. I have just done way too much research on the topic of vaccines, I won't be doing them again. My children are not vaccinated, and I don't plan on letting the government ever tell me to do so. There is a whole lot more behind vaccinations than people think. I am deffinitely NOT a fanatic, but Im just very skeptical, and at this point educated. I am not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but I do believe there are other motives behind mass innoculation (money, kickbacks etc...) Just look at the law suite that went down with Pfizer recently... makes one wonder...

  • FutureMrsBoudreau By FutureMrsBoudreau

    I would never get this vaccination! Nor would I let my child! I don't even get vaccinated from the regular flu and they don't suggest if for children under 6, since my son is 2 that is also a no go. I realize to prevent him from getting the flu I should get vaccinated but as they say with the swine flu, WASH WASH WASH to avoid contamination!

  • ncarlson06 By ncarlson06

    Working at a hospital has made up my mind majorly on vaccinations. I will have the swine flu vaccination because we see so many sick people daily, it would be stupid for me not too. But I will not only rely on that sole vaccination. I plan to make sure that everything is clean around me as much as possible, by washing my hands and cleaning my desk at work daily. These are little things that people do not do which causes bacteria to spread so quickly.

  • wvan47330 By wvan47330

    I will be discussing the vaccine with my childrens peds. and also with my 8 yr old Rheumatogist. My 8 yr old is on meds that surpress her immune system so any flu including the H1N1 is a really bad thing for her. All 3 girls got the flu vaccine last yr and will again the H1N1 maybe be on our list.

  • krispy76 By krispy76

    "The vaccination has to be FDA approved so the benifits must outweigh the risks" Seriously? Have you seen the list of drugs that were FDA approved that were then recalled because they pose a danger? I trust the goverment less every day. There is no way I'm putting my health or my child's health in their hands.

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