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Vaccinating The Nation

Vaccinating The Nation

As we all gear up for the new school year, health officials are busy getting ready to introduce the new H1N1 flu vaccine to the public.  It is being reported that the vaccine should be available some time in October.  School age children, health care workers, and pregnant women will be some of the first in line to receive the swine flu shots.  Many schools around the country will double as vaccination centers, some offering free shots, to make sure as many children as possible are inoculated against the virus. 

Schools are also taking extra precautions by encouraging parents to keep their children at home when they are at all feverishNewsweek reports that schools in Minneapolis have installed tamper-proof soap dispensers in all restrooms to make sure children have the chance to wash their hands. 

Though the original swine flu outbreak has been considered relatively mild, government health officials are preparing for the worst.  They are considering the possibility that the virus could become more serious and widespread with the onset of winter. 

With pregnant women and young children first in line to get the swine flu shot, some people are left worrying about the safety of the new vaccine and whether it has been tested long enough to get effective results.  A recent Reuters article discusses some of the concerns people have about the new vaccine. 

One of the top concerns is rooted in the public's memory of reports from 1976 when the U.S. government began a massive nationwide immunization against the swine flu of that time.  Though the swine flu of 1976 never spread further than a military base, several hundred cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome were reported after receiving vaccinations.  Guillain Barre Syndrome is a rare neurological disease that can paralyze a person and in some instances lead to death.  More people suffered from this disease than those affected by the actual swine flu.

Do you trust that the new swine flu vaccine will be safe?

Will you be taking any extra precautions this fall to guard against flu?

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  • horseshoekels By horseshoekels

    This new vac is kind of scary. I work in elderly healthcare and my employer is really pushing that everyone should get this. Im very concerned about this vaccine because it has not gone through all the tests, and who knows if something might happen to those who get the shot- they might get worse problems than someone who contracts the actual swine flu!

  • kristmonr By kristmonr

    For all the shots and meds that are out..while it has some what contained the disease there is no real way to ensure that your child or urself does not become I really don't understand the importance. Honestly aren't we pumping our next generation with enough preservatives and gov't approved drugs. What about being pro-active and informing our country of things that could be done to boost our overall immune system and not just immunity to ONE out of the thousands of sicknesses

  • Brenda121 By Brenda121

    My family won't be getting this shot. I don't want NO part of it.

  • Dare2BDifferent By Dare2BDifferent

    I did a research paper on this subject a couple months ago. The swine flu vaccine that is due to come out is not the same as the 1976 vaccine. It is a variant of the vaccine that is used every year for flu and is greatly improved from the 1976 vaccine. I would certainly assume, even without research, that this is the case as they have had over 30 years to advance in making flu vaccines. GB syndrome is a risk of any flu vaccine. The last swine flu spread before I was born. I will be getting this vaccine as I work in public health facilities and will have a high likelihood of exposure. I have no decided on my children getting vaccinated yet.

  • Pepperjune By Pepperjune

    I am an agreement with Smallangels,first of all more people have died from a normal flu than the swine flu,but even if it does become more widespread, I also agree with Brenda121,I want no part of this vaccine. I will wash my hands and take my vitamins like I have done every fall when the normal flu becomes a threat. The side-effects from the vaccine are far worse then the flu itself.

  • veelove23 By veelove23

    I don't trust it either because no one knows just how fast the flu will spread it might not spread the way the government says that it wil so I don't agree with it God is in charge of everything that goes on so with his grace and, mercy I will go with cause with God before you who can be against you.

  • Pepperjune By Pepperjune

    Amen! Veelove23!!!! you are right on!

  • tiiuona By tiiuona

    I for one do not take flu shots and have not for six years. When one reads what they use in putting together these shots, why would anyone want to put something so alien and so foreign into YOUR body? Because the goverment says so that we do it? Wash your hands, teach your family to wash their hands and I think if we all took these measures we would all better off.

  • Stacelet By Stacelet

    I get a "regular" flu shot every year, but this one sort of scares me as well because of the of testing. I think I will hold off and take every "natural " precaution instead. I actually know someone who was diagnosed with a confirmed case of H1N1 and he said getting on the anti-virals within 2 days of getting sick made a HUGE difference. So I guess my approach will be no shot, but if I do get flu-like symptoms I will be at the doctor pretty quickly.

  • BlondieKAA By BlondieKAA

    We won't be getting the vaccination. I just don't like the newness of the shot, and don't feel comfortable about it without knowing the potential side effects (not just short term, but long term, too!!) I think there's a lot we can do to try to stay healthy, with eating healthy, taking vitamins and washing hands. Maybe it won't completely prevent the flu, but I think that's a good start and better than getting the vaccination.

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