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The Tyson Tragedy

SS Member Image By drodriguez 06.03.09
The Tyson Tragedy
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We were all deeply saddened recently to hear the reports of Exodus Tyson, Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter’s, accidental death.  It has been confirmed that Exodus Tyson died after getting a treadmill cord wrapped around her neck.  Since the news hit many people have begun to question the safety of having exercise equipment in homes with children. 

A recent article from the New York Times reported that somewhere around 25,000 children pay a visit to the emergency room every year due to an injury related to home exercise equipment.  Many of the injuries reported are severe burns caused by children touching underneath the track of a treadmill in motion. 

Australian hospitals have seen so many children coming in with burns from treadmills that their government has launched a campaign called “Treadmills and Kids Don’t Mix”.  As a new safety measure, all new treadmills in Australia will come with a large sticker warning parents of the dangers it may pose to small children.  But is a sticker enough?

The New York Times article advises that parents should keep exercise equipment in the locked position and unplugged.  The equipment should be set up in a way so that a parent can see where the children are from every angle.  A couple of mirrors positioned in the right way may be a good option in order to get a clear view of children approaching. 

Do you think Exodus Tyson’s death was just a freak accident or something that should be explored further?

What do you think can be done to keep kids safe around exercise equipment?

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  • xlessliex By xlessliex

    It is really such a tragedy here. I Bless this poor family and believe this is not something the mother needs to be investigated upon any further. I do believe this should definitley be an eye opener to those who do have small children at home or anywhere that they do need to have an eye on them at least at all times and even then tragedy can still occur. This poor woman is going through enough just knowing she could have prevented this by just keeping the child away from the tread mill and letting her know the dangers of it and defintley tieing up the cord, but i do not believe this was done on any intent at all,. My prayers are for this Family

  • xlessliex By xlessliex

    Lord Bless This Family. It is definitly a tragedy and they have to now live with the "what ifs" This needs to be an eye opener for those with little ones and realize that es they do need someone in any room with them all the time why because at any moment ( even when you are right there) Tragedy can strike. God Bless the Tysons May God be with you and Exodus in your arms. You all are in our hearts.

  • momismyname By momismyname

    This is a horrible accident. You do have to watch your children, but sometimes freaky things happen. Maybe the fact that this did make the news will make parents stop and think and make their houses safer for their children. I know I got rid of all my miniblinds when my son was born because of all the deaths they caused. Hopefully, this tragedy will bring some awareness and save other children's lives.

  • ruralmom By ruralmom

    As a safety conscious mom, my rule is that kids should not be around whenever anything with a motor is running. Fingers, clothing and even arms and legs can be pulled into moving parts so quickly. When I use my treadmill, I keep my kids in the next room where I can see them, but blocked off from all moving parts by a safety gate. We have to use common sense to keep our kids safe. Watch our kids, watch for dangers to prevent accidents, and stop leaving their safety to chance. A 4 yr old can not predict what things may injure or kill them, but many times parents can. Parents need to pay more attention. Our kids need to be top priority. I am sick of lazy parents leaving young children alone to take care of themselves. Wake up people!

  • fpeters By fpeters

    the best advice is to not have children around them but at times when you do, be extremely cautious and protective. this was such devastating news to hear, my condolences to the Tyson family!

  • tsoko22 By tsoko22

    This is so sad:0( The thing is ther are many things in the home that are safe and a tragedy like this could happen to anyone at anytime with many things within our homes.

  • Alyssarae92293 By Alyssarae92293


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