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The Tyson Tragedy

The Tyson Tragedy

We were all deeply saddened recently to hear the reports of Exodus Tyson, Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter’s, accidental death.  It has been confirmed that Exodus Tyson died after getting a treadmill cord wrapped around her neck.  Since the news hit many people have begun to question the safety of having exercise equipment in homes with children. 

A recent article from the New York Times reported that somewhere around 25,000 children pay a visit to the emergency room every year due to an injury related to home exercise equipment.  Many of the injuries reported are severe burns caused by children touching underneath the track of a treadmill in motion. 

Australian hospitals have seen so many children coming in with burns from treadmills that their government has launched a campaign called “Treadmills and Kids Don’t Mix”.  As a new safety measure, all new treadmills in Australia will come with a large sticker warning parents of the dangers it may pose to small children.  But is a sticker enough?

The New York Times article advises that parents should keep exercise equipment in the locked position and unplugged.  The equipment should be set up in a way so that a parent can see where the children are from every angle.  A couple of mirrors positioned in the right way may be a good option in order to get a clear view of children approaching. 

Do you think Exodus Tyson’s death was just a freak accident or something that should be explored further?

What do you think can be done to keep kids safe around exercise equipment?

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  • CrystalBurgard By CrystalBurgard

    that could have prevented this. People need to stop looking at everything under a microscope trying to place blame and look to the people who are responsible for that child's safety - the parents. But we all also know that accidents do happen, that's why they are called accidents.

  • emlogan03 By emlogan03

    I have to agree with CrystalBurgard. People don't watch their kids anymore. And, in general, if your four-year-old is REALLY quiet for more than two minutes, you should be checking on them. Children get quiet when they're getting into mischeif. It really angers me that people don't watch their children anymore. Almost all child deaths from household objects would be avoided if parents were to keep their children in their line of sight and look at least every three minutes! It's not hard! All you have to do is look at them. And children under the age of 6 shouldn't be left to their own devices anyway! They may be able to sit and play by themselves for a few minutes, but they don't have enough reasoning and common sense to stay out of trouble. They're too little. PLEASE, people, watch your children. God gave them to you, so keep them safe.

  • emlogan03 By emlogan03

    It is really sad, that a child's life has been lost. That's never an easy thing to live with. Yes, accidents do happen, but supervision is key.

  • SirahLou By SirahLou

    its really sad to hear what happend. I have a 6 year old daughter and I dont let her out of my eye sight. Ya she is 6 but I know the temtations that all childeren have. What they see us do as parents they allways want to try out themselves. But you got to think how safe was the tredmil? Why was it on? I have a tredmil i dont dare to let my child or let alone any of my neices or nephews around it if im not there.


    I think it's a shame about Mike Tysons baby girl.

  • 5frosts By 5frosts

    Just a point of clarification the treadmill was reportedly unplugged. So they were safe. What room in any of our homes don't kids get into? I can only pray that Mike and his family will keep their hands in Gods hands to get them through this.

  • frogqueen75 By frogqueen75

    Plugged in or unplugged, a cord is dangerous. I watched as my 4-year old took the cord from an unplugged computer keyboard & wrapped it around her neck, pretending it was a scarf. I was in the room the whole time; the keyboard was on our kitchen table where she was eating her breakfast & I was getting my son's bottle ready. Luckily, she didn't pull it tight, and I removed it & told her that we don't put cords around our necks EVER!! (and then put the keyboard in a closet.) As far as our exercise equipment goes, we only use it when the kids are asleep & they're not allowed near it when they're awake. All of their toys, etc are on the opposite side of the basement & we supervise. We're in the process of trying to get a very wide gate to block off the are entirely, but that will be very expensive.

  • calichristy2 By calichristy2

    Ive always been careful with my exercise equipment and my kids... I keep it in a seperate locked room because i was always afraid that the same equipment i use could be folded up to take less place could also fall and take something i care about, whether it be a child or an animal.. You have to watch all of your equipment anything can be dangerous. I feel this was an unforeseen accident and how terrible it was.

  • JEM4612 By JEM4612

    I agree that sometimes people don't watch their children like they should, but to assume that the mother was at fault for the child dying is mean and judgemental. Unless people personally know the mother and her supervising habits, then they have no room to speak. We always kept free weights in the house when my boys were little, but they were in a room that the boys were not allowed to go into without supervision. If we didn't have a spare room, they would have gone in the garage.

  • kjwkcoleman By kjwkcoleman

    I am sympathetic to this story. Any parent will find it hard to lose a child. I hate this happened to him and the child's mother. It makes me keep a more careful eye on my child. Especially if she is out of my view for more than a minute.

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