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Make That Vacation Vibe Last A Little Longer

SS Member Image By drodriguez 05.27.09
Make That Vacation Vibe Last A Little Longer
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For many people, summer is the prime season to plan a trip, round up some friends or family and get away for a few days.  A lot of time and effort goes into the details of your trip, but it’s also important to spend some time planning your departure and arrival back home.  If you can get a few things done before you leave, it will be a lot easier to get right back into the swing of things when you come back. 

A recent article from offers some tips on how you can ease back into work and your daily life after a respite away.  The first thing you should do is organize before you leave.  Coming back to your office or home to find a mess can ruin the stress-free feeling you achieved on that vacation. 

You may not see the need to make your bed before you leave, but you’ll appreciate it when you flop down on your arrival back. suggests you order a DVD or book to greet you when you get back.  Or, if you prefer, you can make plans with friends to have a nice dinner.  This will also allow you to recount the glorious details of your time away.

Another trick that will allow you to hold onto the tranquility just a little longer is to come back midweek.  If you have a few days off from work right after you return home this will help you ease your way back in. 

Lastly, suggests you plan a mini-vacation when you get back.  Planning a short weekend trip or even a day at a spa can help you feel like the vacation did not come to a screeching halt once you put the key in your front door.  A more affordable approach may be to have a spa day at home or plan a potluck with friends. 

Will you be doing any travelling this summer?

If so, do you think you could use some of the tips above to help you ease your way back into the daily grind?


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  • julz53 By julz53

    We are going on a trip in July for two weeks and are leaving on a Saturday and coming back on a Saturday. I always like to rest at least a day before going back to work. We always have friends house sitting when we go away as we have two dogs and hate to put them in a kennel because it costs so much, plus they get really upset. Of course I straighten up before they come and the house is always straight when we get back.

  • aMUSEme By aMUSEme

    Completely agree about taking a day or so before going back to work. Did this after my Honeymoon and really made it easier to deal with not being in the Virgin Islands anymore . . . though I still miss it!

  • Joodles By Joodles

    Great ideas...I agree on traveling Friday-Friday to have Saturday & Sunday to regroup before having to go back to work on Monday. Since I usually travel to the East coast, taking an extra day at the end of the vacation to do laundry, even to sleep in and not feel rushed is priceless; I do this so I end up using more vacation time, but totally worth it!

  • akmommy18 By akmommy18

    I am not doing MAJOR traveling but we do go down to my parents property in Soldotna (I live in Alaska this is about a 3 hour drive) Or we may head to some other places. We tend to do it on the weekend. And then my husband tries to take the friday off so we can leave early, we come back early sunday and do some things around our town. He goes back to work Monday (he likes it that way) but that night we always have a movie to watch. Its really nice that way. And we always clean the house befor we leave so when we come back its all ready to go :)

  • eblynn By eblynn

    These are great tips I have a 2.5 week vacation comming up this month and I can not wait but I think I will start chipping away at organizing my work space and home in the weeks to come so that I can hold on to my tranquillity when I return. Great article!

  • mrruva By mrruva

    I agree totally! I always clean before I leave! I hate to come home after vacation to work. I always come home at least a day early before jumping right back into to work!! I love the idea of having a DVD or book waiting, something to look foreward, I'm going to try that, my family is leaving to the Caribbean in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gatorfitzwife By gatorfitzwife

    I love these tips! i really like the idea of returning to a clean home a few days before getting back to real life with a good book waiting for me in the mail. Unfortunately I usually don't pack early enough to be prepared to leave my house looking good. Need to improve that!

  • piscesgrly2 By piscesgrly2

    Well, I won't be doing any traveling this summer because I don't work, and my dad is unemployed. We were going to to Montana, but that was planned before he got laid off. I love it when I don't have to clean when I get back from vacation. If my house is a mess, then I beciome overwhelmed, and the vacation wouldn't have done any good.

  • ShortThickNThunda By ShortThickNThunda

    I agree. I rushed out on a trip not thinking about they mess I made. When I got home I was tired. I didn't feel like looking at or cleaning it up. I will use this & send it to everyone I know.

  • BBcorazoncita By BBcorazoncita

    I'm forwarding this to my mother...I remember growing up, when the family would come home from vacation everyone would be on edge, cranky, and overtired. These tips are great for helping ease back into "real life"!

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