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A Mother Denies Her Son Chemotherapy

SS Member Image By drodriguez 05.20.09
A Mother Denies Her Son Chemotherapy
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When a child is sick it seems only natural that parents do whatever necessary to make the child better.  This is why the case of Daniel Hauser has raised such heated debate and enraged the public. 

Daniel Hauser is a 13-year-old boy suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  There is now an arrest warrant out for his mother, Colleen Hauser, because she has refused the life-saving chemotherapy that doctors want to give Daniel.  Daniel’s doctors became alarmed and notified child protection officials when Colleen Hauser failed to return Daniel Hauser to chemotherapy after having just one treatment in January.

A recent article from the Star Tribune reported that Daniel and Colleen Hauser’s whereabouts are unknown, presumably running from the current arrest warrant and public demand that Daniel receive treatment.  The courts have also decided that when found, Daniel will be placed in foster care. 

Daniel’s doctors have testified in recent court hearings saying that his chance of survival with chemotherapy treatment would be between 80 and 95 percent, but without it he would probably die within 5 years.  Colleen Hauser has testified in a previous hearing that using chemotherapy on her son would violate her religion and thinks that the drug is a fatal poison.  She has said that she prefers using vitamins and other natural herbs to treat her son’s cancer.

Judge John Rodenburg has stated that the county proved “a compelling state interest in the life and welfare of Daniel sufficient to override the fundamental constitutional rights of both the parents and Daniel to the free exercise of religion and the due process right of the parents to direct the upbringing of their child.”  The judge also ruled that Daniel should remain in the custody of his parents if they comply with the treatments recommended by doctors.

What do you think of Colleen Hauser’s decision not to give her son chemotherapy for his cancer?

Do you think chemotherapy should be court ordered in this case?

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  • jh0816 By jh0816

    Mixed feelings. I read about Obama saying his mom had to fight the insurance co. to pay (cancer). I have a friend whose insurance is fighting her EVERY step of the way on her mother -in-law's open heart surgery (they act like there is an option - there is, she could die, I guess that would be cheaper for them). They squirm their way out any way they can. This mom is stressed! I had a blood clot and I had to get shots to take at home, $1000/week ,and we could not pay for anything else (groceries)! What if I had not been able to pay? I had cancer 10 yrs. ago and waited a year before I did anything, in denial/could not deal with it. I was an adult and I was that messed up from it. Can you imagine (I cannot) a child going through this? Now add to it, he is on the run! And he knows if he comes home, he will get taken away from his FAMILY. Someone should ask him what he wants. Maybe he feels he cannot deal with the pain, sickness & feelings from the treatment.

  • bubra007 By bubra007

    While I agree that treatment should be left up to the individual, in this case it is a child. He is not developmentally ready to make such a decision, and apparently his mother isn't either since she would rather try to treat cancer with vitamins and herbal remedies. What a nutjob. The chances of recovery are so high that treatment should not even be questioned in this do what you need to do however unpleasant if a full recovery is pretty much guaranteed.

  • jerseygyrl143 By jerseygyrl143

    I personally have been through chemo myself and sometimes its not pleasent. I think it should be totally up to the child, I did the same thing he did, I had one round on chemo and the decided to get other opions from other doctors and try to seek alternative medicines. If thats what he wants then thats how it should be left, it should not be the courts decision at all! I would never go through chemo again you are sick for weeks after it and just when it stops your next treatment is coming back up, its impossiable somethimes to even get out of bed and no teenager wants to do that, I was only 18 when I had chemo and all I could think about was going out and enjoying life it made me so depressed. I think the mother and child are right about their decission.

  • ahennen By ahennen

    I can't understand why this mother would not want to save her child..he can't make a decision about life her doesn't understand. I am sure she has her reasons and I hope they are good because I could not deny my son a life.

  • eppieann19 By eppieann19

    I think this woman is crazy for not wanting to give her son the treatment that he needs to keep him alive. I don't understand how anyone would not want to do whatever was needed to keep their child alive for as a long as possible. What are her sons wishes is what I would like to know?

  • oceangirl1 By oceangirl1

    First of all why don't someone ask Daniel what he wants. Second of all this mother is probably so scared right now; you are only chasing her further and further away. Cancer is a very stressful thing. We live in America we should have the right to go where we need to for treatments. But insurance companies do not let this happen. There are cancer centers that opt alternative treatments. Some people do not realize what you go thru when you have cancer or are the care takers for someone who have cancer. People have had to pay for medications up front. These medications are very expensive. I think right now that they need to stop threatening this mom that they are going to take her son away. They need to give them help. Taking Daniel away will only hurt Daniel and his family. Work on bringing them back home and helping them. I pray that Daniel and his mom are safe.

  • dragonflies By dragonflies

    One thing alot of people forget is that Luke in the Bible that was a disciple for Jesus Christ was a Doctor. So in my opinion, (and of course we all have one)...I think it is ok to have a Doctors advice. On the other hand Doctors are not Gods (ok..some think they are) decisions should be personal. I know in this case it is a child. I would want care for my child and the Mother has been taking care of this child in the best way she knows. However, if the court has ordered treatment, then it is criminal to run from that decision. My hope is that they come back home..let the boy make his voice heard..and go from there. Of course, anyone knows that doesn't always work this way. Yet the child should be able to speak. On the other hand, not being an adult..the child only knows what mom and dad have taught him. So will his decison be on what mom and dad want or would it be his very own. Lots of pros and cons on this one.

  • Ginwin556 By Ginwin556

    I would do whatever it takes to save his life. I feel like God has given people the knowledge to create these treatments and give life to someone like this child. My mother died from cancer and refused to take the treatments for it. Could chemo have saved her life...I don't know but it would have been great if she would have taken the treatments and given us more time with her. The difference is that my mother was an adult. I believe that this boy should take the treatment, especially given the odds that he has to survive. To me his mother is giving him a death sentence.

  • yogajane By yogajane

    As a parent I would find if difficult to force my child to take treatments that he or she did not want to take. However, if their life would be at risk I WOULD tell them they had NO choice if under the age of 21. I can't emagine not doing what I could to save my childs life!

  • BMDsMommy By BMDsMommy

    It is the parents decision on whether or not he/she wants to give treatment, not the courts. This is why Big Government doesn't work. If she feels that the better option is to deny treatment, then that is her decision. I am sure she has spoken with her son about it and they have this decision together. Mother's know what is right for their children! She is trying to do the right thing!

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