Oprah's Chicken Giveaway : Philanthropy or Hypocrisy?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 05.07.09
Oprah's Chicken Giveaway : Philanthropy or Hypocrisy?

In light of our current financial predicament Oprah Winfrey has decided to do a little something for everyone.  Winfrey announced recently that she, along with KFC, would put some dinner on every table across the country. 

The special promotion allows anyone to sign onto Winfrey’s website between May 5th and 6th and print out a coupon which is good for a 2-piece grilled chicken meal.   Though a free meal is probably a very helpful bonus for families suffering job losses, many are now criticizing Winfrey for her recent KFC promotion.  Most of the criticism is coming from various animal rights group. 

Apparently, the Tyson company is the main supplier of chicken to KFC.  According to a recent article from U.S. News and World Report, Tyson is known to use “controlled animal feeding operations (CAFOs) ? dark and tightly-packed coops where the chickens are often unable to stand up or move.  Many would consider this practice as a type of “factory farming”. 

PETA is expected to show their disappointment with Winfrey’s latest promotional partnership with KFC.  PETA recently honored Winfrey with their 2008 “Person of the Year” award.  After Winfrey devoted an entire episode of her talk show to uncovering the abuse that goes on using “factory farming” techniques PETA’s president, Ingrid E. Newkirk, was quoted as saying that Winfrey used her “powerful voice to defend those without one.” 

On top of harsh criticism from animal rights activists, it is also being reported that due to heavy web traffic many people have had trouble obtaining the coupons.  And redeeming them in the stores has been tough for some as well.

What do you think of the controversy surrounding Oprah Winfrey’s decision to offer free KFC meals nationwide?

Do you think the criticism coming from animal rights groups is warranted?

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  • ShortThickNThunda By ShortThickNThunda

    Why are people critizing her for stepping up & helping out when she could've taken her money & not cared about people losing their jobs. Maybe it was poor planning, but it's the thought that counted. Thank you Oprah & KFC.

  • laney216 By laney216

    I don't think anyone anticpated the FRENZY this gesture would create.KFC has been struggling & needed the exposure.What better way to get free advertising than to be endorsed by Oprah!Then you have Oprah trying to help families put a meal on the table.A healthy meal of grilled chicken not fried.I am for Animal Rights & hate to see an animal mistreated.PETA has gone so far to the extreme with their campaigns-that it takes away from the causes that should be looked at - people then ignore the important issues.The point to the whole issue-it didn't work out the way everybody intended.Thank you to Oprah & KFC for trying to do something for the American people.PETA if you don't want to eat chicken that's your right-you're not going to change peoples minds by being over zealous radicals.You're only going to be viewed as kooks & that takes away from the mistreated animal.Sorry, you have to pick your battles! IT IS WHAT IT IS

  • daniellewise By daniellewise

    i dont get what the big deal is she gave away a free meal...btw i was really good to

  • iokijo By iokijo

    While PETA talks big about how we all should do so much to save the animals, they actually do nothing... they make NO donations to any rescues, habitat preservations or any organization or program that actually does something besides talk ~~Personally I think humans have canine teeth for a reason... if you want to have all the animals we eat free range raised, alot of you better plan on giving up your house and shopping centers so there is enough space to raise the multitude of animals we eat~~So bluntly~~~GO KFC~~~

  • iokijo By iokijo

    As for PETA~~before you jump on their bandwagon you might want to do some checking out on their goals and actions.~PETA does not believe any animal should be in captivity... that includes your pets. It is better for a species to go extinct and an individual animal to die even from starvation than to be put in captivity~~they completely miss the point that if people don't get to know about a species they don't care about it.. they get to know the species from individuals that are in captivity.... Shamoo is a prime example, before the public got to know that animal; Killer Wales had a goverment price on their heads literally.~~~PETA has been caught euthanizing and then dumping the bodies in dumpsters of animals that they "saved" from shelters that were no longer of any PR use.~~~

  • iokijo By iokijo

    While it had it glitches it was a great idea, whether it was for PR or to help people out it really doesn't matter. When the problems became evident KFC adjusted the offer so that people would get coupons thru the mail. Oprah advertised it, great more people would hear about it.~~

  • smiling_mama By smiling_mama

    I agree with pjgriff. Come on all of you animal rights activists. Go sit under a tree somewhere and eat bird droppings! Yes, KFC should have been more prepared. Come on it was Oprah.

  • dragonflies By dragonflies

    I will not complain one bit. It is not ever day that some one is sooooo giving as Oprah was in trying to give American a meal. That just does not happen ever day. On the comments of the poor families that could not print out the coupons...did you know of any families that could use the coupons that were needy? Did you print some for them? I did. If you didn't then...shame on you! I thank Oprah from my heart...God gave her what she has today...and thank God for her sharing a piece of what she has. As far as the animal activist...bah...if you don't eat meat thats ok...I do and love chicken and I love my veggies as well. It just an uproar on their part because they did not give veggies like Oprah gave chicken...lol...goodness....no wonder theres war on this earth!

  • bubra007 By bubra007

    I am not surprised that PETA would have something to say about this. If you can use the free meal, great, if not, move on...why does everyone immediately want to complain about something? Get a life!!

  • dbrew101 By dbrew101

    I know somebody who works for KFC . I heard stories of how the employees had to hide in the freezer during the first few days of this promotion , customers were surrounding the building banging on the windows demanding their free chicken. It was a nice idea by Oprah, however I agree the most needy could not print the coupons and the poor planning was a nightmare for employees of KFC.

  • jallen9245 By jallen9245

    If you don"t agree with how Oprah hearts desire to help in addition to building schools,and other nice things that is not advertised.then each and everyone that does not agree you go out and feed atleast one person in need .

  • spidermonkey511 By spidermonkey511

    we appreciated the coupon. Being able to save a little is nice and don't think that PETA should be so upset. Then again anytime someone does something good there is always someone there ready to complain.

  • amanda1010 By amanda1010

    No matter who you are or what you are doing, someone will always have something negative to say about it. Oprah & KFC tried to do a nice thing. If you don't like the way KFC conducts it's raising of chickens, then don't eat there. Leave everyone else alone.

  • jrjackson By jrjackson

    PETA and KFC have a long standing feud....and I think that with PETA giving Oprah the award they did, perhaps Oprah should have considered the backlash she would get from the public after endorsing something like this. It's not like she doesn't have the money to set up free meals at another establishment that treats it's animals humanely....

  • robynlong By robynlong

    I say great job Oprah! but in my town there were so many people going to our KFC that they stopped doing it. I did print the coupons, but never got to use them. Later on I heard they gave rainchecks but I miss out. I am glad that so many people in my community got the chance to use the coupons! KFC is one of my favorite places to eat!!

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