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Violent Video Game Gets The Boot

SS Member Image By drodriguez 02.28.09
Violent Video Game Gets The Boot
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A video game that was recently being sold on reputable websites like Amazon and eBay gives new meaning to what would be considered inappropriate for both children and adults.  The disturbing Japanese game called Rapelay is said to depict mothers and their daughters being stalked, assaulted, and raped.

Fox News recently reported on Amazon and eBay dropping the game from their sites.  An Amazon spokeswoman told Fox News, “We determined that we did not want to be selling this particular item.”  Amazon had reportedly been selling a few “like new” copies of the game before it was removed.  The Japan based company that created the game is called Illusion Studio and also sells a video game series entitled Battle Raper and Battle Raper 2. 

World Net Daily (WND) also reported on the removal of the rape simulating game.  According to reviews and descriptions of Rapelay WND reports pregnancy and abortion are focused on throughout the game.  Characters are punished if after raping a woman they decide to keep the baby rather than aborting it.  The main character has somehow escaped from prison in order to stalk and rape women and young girls.  The male character is said to take photographs of his victims after assaulting and raping them. 

Though the game has now been removed from both eBay and Amazon, Newsday reports that Rapelay is still being sold on smaller gaming websites.  New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault have called on all U.S. video game distributors to refrain from selling the game.

To view a CBS News report featuring Christine Quinn calling for a boycott of the game you can visit:

What do you think of the recent removal of Rapelay from Amazon and eBay?

Do you think enough is being done to ensure games like these do not end up in the wrong hands?


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  • iokijo By iokijo

    To be honest we really shouldn't be surprised.. I mean look at the "games" that are so popular that people are spending all day playing.. They are primarily how to kill, to destroy etc. How can anybody find any of this entertaining ??? I don't get it. Why are movies that are mainly killing so popular ?? Its gross, and it just produces apathy to violence and not just in Kids... as other posters put it.. " adults, mainly adult men are who they are aimed at" .. I for one don't find that any comforting. Instill the thought that raping is entertaining? I agree banning it just makes people want it more... you have to stop the development of them.. boycotting any stores etc. is good.. also I think any woman who has been stalked, abused, attacked in any way should include this company in any law suits filed as an accomplice.. hit them where it hurts the most.. their bottom line People need to wake up.. we are getting closer all the time to having the Roman coliseum back.

  • Barbiels By Barbiels

    I'm horrified that any company making games would make a game out of raping.

  • fredsmom By fredsmom

    Wow! So many thoughts and only 1000 characters!? Though confining, it does ensure brevity. I've stopped reading the posts to control my outrage, and condensed my thoughts for the sake of the membership LOL! To say that I'm appalled and angered that this type of product is even allowed to be sold in our country would be an understatement! I'm repulsed, and my patience is exhausted, by the self-proclaimed "artists" (whether in the performing, fine or graphic arts) who feel the need to express themselves through creations that undermine our societal values. Via venues that allow them to promote everything from sexploitation and violence against women, children and animals, to the more mundane crimes and moral depravities of humanity, they hide behind our laws which provide for legitimate Free Speech. They use our court system, and our tax dollars, to defend their civil liberties, enabling them to create and distribute this unconscionable material. So much to more to say?

  • lilwecky By lilwecky

    I don't usually have a problem with violent video games. My brother and I both played them as kids as did all of our friends and we all turned out just fine. I think it is another excuse for people to blame their bad behavior on. This game, however, crosses that line! This is not just a violent game. This is WAY worse than that. It is basically teaching our children to rape women and that abortion is the answer to an unplanned pregnancy! Sounds like one more way the devil is trying to get into our children's heads.

  • ashleylparrott By ashleylparrott

    I've already commented, but I would like to say that I don't think the "objectification of women" is going to change anytime soon, and certainly won't with the removal of one or two games. It may be a start, but if you ask me even Victoria's Secret portrays women in a negative, unrealistic light. Everywhere you go, the media would like for you to believe that the average woman has breasts larger than her hips and enough weights in her head to keep her from tipping over when she walks. According to the "media", I'm supposed to have long blond hair, wear clothes so tight I shouldn't logically be able to breathe, get manicures and pedicures on a strict schedule, and work a job, take care of my kids and house, and STILL, by 5:00, have a five course, gourmet, organic meal on an antique dining table in my glistening, spotless dining room. I very rarely see an accurate portrayal of the average woman, and I somehow don't think I'll see it anytime soon...

  • rolliepollie By rolliepollie

    I heard about this game a while back. I was shocked beyond words. How could anyone even come up with such a game. And for the ones who made this game or the ones who play or played this game to say they don't think about it in real life in a lie. Like tigpooh1516 said - "Wow". This just leaves me totally speachless. It amazes me at how little respect men have for women. I know all men are not the same but it seems the majority of men seem to think women are just put on this earth to be their sex toys and slaves put here only to serve them. Yeah RIght!

  • tigpooh1516 By tigpooh1516

    All I can say is "WOW". It is so scary that those things even happen in this world, but to make a "game" about it and it is legal to make/sell? Ridiculous! I am glad that a few sites have stepped up and have chosen not to sell or endorse this game.

  • LisaCarrico By LisaCarrico

    While I have finally began to realize that many of the gaming companies are producing games aimed directly at the adult male population, they need to realize these offensive items are still considered "games" wich implies kid-friendly. If the companies feel they must produce these games, they need to be placed with other items of adult content. NOT with the other games where kids shop.

  • msconfident By msconfident

    I dont like violents games. I sure dont want my grandchildrens playing them.i always tells my daughters about those games they are not safe for there kids to play.the companies are responsible for making violents games, they should be delt with.

  • Gradchica By Gradchica

    I do support the right of private companies to decide whether or not to sell a product, and the right of consumers (us) to tell them we do not want to patronize stores/websites that sell such items. Games like this--that encourage players to identify with rapists and reward abortion--affect both the people who play them, particularly younger boys whose brains are still developing, and people they may act out this "play" on. They also contribute to the general objectification of women in our society. Women here are "things" to be used, even against their will. One game might not make a huge difference in and of itself, but if it becomes popular and spawns will. Also, if a new low is deemed acceptable, companies will continue to push the envelope. Let's not completely lose our ability to say "this is simply not acceptable in our society".

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