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Violent Video Game Gets The Boot

SS Member Image By drodriguez 02.28.09
Violent Video Game Gets The Boot
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A video game that was recently being sold on reputable websites like Amazon and eBay gives new meaning to what would be considered inappropriate for both children and adults.  The disturbing Japanese game called Rapelay is said to depict mothers and their daughters being stalked, assaulted, and raped.

Fox News recently reported on Amazon and eBay dropping the game from their sites.  An Amazon spokeswoman told Fox News, “We determined that we did not want to be selling this particular item.”  Amazon had reportedly been selling a few “like new” copies of the game before it was removed.  The Japan based company that created the game is called Illusion Studio and also sells a video game series entitled Battle Raper and Battle Raper 2. 

World Net Daily (WND) also reported on the removal of the rape simulating game.  According to reviews and descriptions of Rapelay WND reports pregnancy and abortion are focused on throughout the game.  Characters are punished if after raping a woman they decide to keep the baby rather than aborting it.  The main character has somehow escaped from prison in order to stalk and rape women and young girls.  The male character is said to take photographs of his victims after assaulting and raping them. 

Though the game has now been removed from both eBay and Amazon, Newsday reports that Rapelay is still being sold on smaller gaming websites.  New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault have called on all U.S. video game distributors to refrain from selling the game.

To view a CBS News report featuring Christine Quinn calling for a boycott of the game you can visit:

What do you think of the recent removal of Rapelay from Amazon and eBay?

Do you think enough is being done to ensure games like these do not end up in the wrong hands?


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  • aMUSEme By aMUSEme

    That literally makes me cry. How in the world could someone in their right mind allow such a thing? Do the owners of the company have other games with ideals like this? And I was shocked about Grand Theft Auto!

  • Ma2Mia By Ma2Mia

    And we wonder what's wrong with the world today? How would the makers of this game like it if the users went on a raping spree and rape and killed their daughters or mothers? I AM DISCUSTED!

  • 2busy2day By 2busy2day

    The government needs to completely ban it and then set up sting operations for people trying to distirbute it. It encourages violence against women and may be too much of a turn on for would-be rapists and pedophiles who have not yet committed a crime. Studies show that violent games actually increase violent tendencies in children and adults.

  • Teresaj By Teresaj

    HOW COULD ANYONE THINK THIS IS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And wonder why our children are taken and abused. Or women are treated like objects not a person,

  • scrappie By scrappie

    The games that are coming out not should be stopped. The government need to do something about all the violence in these games. No wonder kids are going to school and other public building shooting and killing people. Parents need to be very deliquent onlwhat their kids are doing.

  • synesthesia By synesthesia

    That was the most disturbing thing ever. Made me sick to read about it and to think that some sick mind would make something like this.

  • LovesFlowers By LovesFlowers

    What the h*ll is wrong with people? Only in a 'liberated, (supposedly) equal society' would some sicko get away with this type of crap. God forbid we should trample on some pervert's rights to view any thing they want no matter how vile!

  • jennyjenny123 By jennyjenny123

    I am continually shocked at the level of violence in video games but this is just disgusting. I can't believe someone would come up with this idea for a game let alone a company producing and selling it. I am glad amazon and ebay removed it from their sites but it never even should have made it that far.

  • Teresajane By Teresajane

    This is very very disturbing. I had to adjust my thoughts on the level of violence in some video games that were played by my (then)13 year old step-son. That was very difficult for me. I cannot imagine allowing my child to own or even play (rent or borrow) a game with this level of violence toward women. I certainly do not understand how people can sleep at night know that they had anything to do with the production and release of a game of this violent nature.

  • duvessa By duvessa

    I think this is appalling and it should be taken off the shelfs of stores. To add to that whoever came up with this should be locked away from all women and children!!! It must have taken a very sick mind to come up with such an awful game for kids to play.

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