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Birth Of Octuplets Spurs Debate

SS Member Image By drodriguez 02.01.09
Birth Of Octuplets Spurs Debate
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One young mother and her eight new babies are causing quite a stir in the news recently.  Because of the details surrounding Nadya Suleman’s case, the ethics involved in the birth of her octuplets has become much debated over.  Suleman, who is a 33-year-old single mother of six children from previous in-vitro procedures, currently lives with her parents.

Nadya Suleman's mother, Angela Suleman, has expressed concern over her daughter’s actions and recently told the Associated Press that she was not supportive of her decision to have more children.  Angela Suleman has told the press that her daughter was obsessed with having children and has talked about it since she was a teenager.

The Associated Press reports that all of the 8 babies, 6 boys and 2 girls, were delivered by Cesarean section.  The babies weighed anywhere between 1 pound, 8 ounces and 3 pounds, 4 ounces.  Seven of the eight babies are breathing on their own while one remains on a respirator.  It took 46 doctors and staff to assist in the delivery of these octuplets. 

Much of the recent debate has been about whether doctors should have offered the 33-year-old mother of six the option to undergo in-vitro fertilization treatment.  Ethicists also question why the doctors would have implanted so many embryos.  And still others worry about how the mother will raise 14 children, now ranging in age from newborn to 7 years old and whether she will end up relying on public assistance.

A former caregiver to Nadya Suleman’s autistic son, Yolanda Garcia, spoke with the Long Beach Press-Telegram about the mother’s recent delivery.  She said, “From what I could tell back then, she was pretty happy with herself, saying she liked having kids and she wanted 12 kids in all.” 

What do you think of the news about the recent octuplet birth?

Do you think doctors are at fault for allowing this mother to receive fertility treatment?


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  • kikirose78 By kikirose78

    I agree with everyone on here- great posts!! It is a sad situation.

  • tonibegood By tonibegood

    Very insightful posts, ladies. I have had trouble understanding this situation entirely... Divorced, unemployed and 14 children. It is absurd. I feel like everyone made poor judgement calls. the Mother, the Doctors, the IVF clinic. At what point does a mother of 6, divorced decide to get IVF to try for more? I don't believe the government should limit natural birth, i.e. China. But common sense would seem to dictate the lack of responsibility on both parties.

  • khunyadi By khunyadi

    This story just strikes me as so odd. I mean did the doctors really consider this lady's mental health before implanting more embryos? Did they consider if she can handle the children financialy? This is just a sad story..... for the kids, mom, grandmom.... my heart goes out to all of the kids and new babies....

  • bonita7878 By bonita7878

    Puts me in shock too. She hasn't worked since she first started having kids, her parents bought her a house, her parents went bankrupt and had to move in to the house. Each pregnancy was from IVF?! Even her parents think she was in the wrong and told reporters they wish she hadn't had this many kids (to include the first 6) and needs a job. She (the mother of the 14 kids) has actually come out and expects to make $$$ from a book deal, TV Shows and believes she is what other mothers look up to and that she is the best mom in the world........ I am a single working mother and I bust my a## everyday. No, I am not on any programs either. Unfortunately, I live in California and foresee my tax dollars going hard at work to support her 14 kids.....

  • lawstudent By lawstudent

    I think this is a no brainer, no ethical medical professional should have done this to this woman, her existing children and her unborn babies. She needs mental health care. I do think, as apossitive offshoot, this can open up a real discussion about IVF in America which might be refreshing.

  • mom2thunder By mom2thunder

    I tink that having children as a money maker is wrong. The doctors that did this were wrong. I agree with what everyone else has said. What about if there are complications to the childrens health?? They have said that the next 2 years anything can happen. Who is going to financially and emotionally support these children if they problems. Having children is wonderful but when you are now looking to sell your story to the highest bidder that is wrong

  • kcofield By kcofield

    As I understand she is depending on the media to pay her for pictures and interviews to help her support these children. This means she is selling her kids chance for a private normal life. This is wrong any way I look at it. The grandmother said she is leaving. What a sad story. Its like a form of prostitution for your kids.

  • sylviaw By sylviaw

    I think she is a very brave woman to have so many children.MORE POWER TO HER! About financially, isn't a true family one that helps you when your in need? I Know some people that are useing tax payers money that really shouldn't be getting that money. About takeing care of all the children....Where theres a will theres a way! about the selling pictures... so those contests of babies pictures at your local wal-mart or wherever that must be people selling their kids too. USA is FREEDOM! I know some single mothers that are better mothers than married ones. I think everyone should let her live her own life and keep their noses out of it!

  • funnygirl28 By funnygirl28

    She is crazy and she has 6 kids already. now 8 more. the doctors are crazy to what were they thinking? Making a name for them selves? now they are in the news. 46 doctors in on this! Who is paying all these doctors who is paying for the hospital bill? They are no doing this for free ! single mom with 8 more babies to take care of on her own! she is nuts! there are so many babies out there that could have her love why add more to this world! dumba$$!

  • slbeck41 By slbeck41

    I wouldn't want to tell any woman what to do with her body, and this is a very grey area. But...These babies and their mother were at risk during the whole pregnancy. I think fertility treatments should be used for women who really need them. This lady was already blessed with 6 children. Why put your health on the line?

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