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Ways For Women to Work Through the Recession

SS Member Image By drodriguez 12.03.08
Ways For Women to Work Through the Recession
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We have all heard the dos and don’ts from media outlets telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing during the economic downturn.  One Seattle author is offering something a little different.  About a year ago Jill Keto, ex-Boeing engineer and business owner, sat down to pen a recession guide specifically for women called Don’t Get Caught with Your Skirt Down: A Practical Girl’s Recession Guide.

Since the economic crisis has come on fast these last few months Jill Keto knew she had to get her book published right away.  She also wanted to find an economic way to publish the guide that would go along with her theme of teaching women how to live economically.  She decided to self-publish her book through Amazon for a mere $40.  Since then her book has become very popular on the website and prompted Simon and Schuster to offer Keto a traditional book deal. 

Keto explained to her local news affiliate the reason she chose to write on this subject was because women are losing their jobs at a faster rate and have riskier mortgages compared to men.  Keto offers a variety of tips in her new book like how women can keep their jobs, create backup income, cut grocery bills in half, and look gorgeous without spending a fortune. 

The author also expands on four essential skills that can help women succeed during a recession.  The skills she discusses are:

?    Learn a new language to expand business and job opportunities. (Keto learned Mandarin)
?    Be able to fix things in order to save and make money.
?    Learn to negotiate.
?    Cultivate a strong mind.  Your attitude is the only thing you truly control.

What do you think of a recession guide targeted to women?

Does Jill Keto’s book sound like something you would read or give someone as a gift this year?

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  • GenaMcL By GenaMcL

    There are so many ways to save money and MAKE money. Make your own cards, cut coupons, sign up for things like and check out proctor and gamble for free samples and coupons... also if you need a little extra income check out the direct selling market! I sell lia sophia, but there are so many companies out there waiting to hire, and some like my company offer 401k AND health insurance! And if you cannot afford the book, one check it out from your local library or go to a used book store.


    I want this book :)

  • Litesugar By Litesugar

    I think that it is a great idea and how timely. Congratulations to her for thinking on her feet and out of the box. I would definitely read it if I saw it on the library shelves. The economy has it's hooks in me, I no longer spend money on books, cds, or movies. The library has become my main source of periodicals, music, etc.

  • msdecaf By msdecaf

    I am going to HAVE to get this book. It sounds wonderful. Right up my ally when money is sooo tight.

  • AYoung By AYoung

    You would be AMAZED at what Dawn dishwashing liquid and boiling water can do for plumbing disasters! Don't skimp on Dawn, it can be used so many ways! Same with vinegar and baking soda. Don't forget your public library too. if they've got a story time for the kiddos, brush up on home-repair or gardening tips. I'm starting my first veggie garden this spring and can't WAIT! I hope this book has other good ideas and inspiration : )

  • stpak03 By stpak03

    The basis of this book reminds me of a site that I use to help me track all my spending. It helps you to track all of your daily, monthly, yearly spending by inputting your various accounts, credit cards, loans, etc. It is password protected, free, and downloads and analyzes your spending and savings easily and updates whenever you refresh the page. It even allows you to set budgets for various monthly expenses and keeps track of your spending in those categories each month. Check it out!

  • Cassiesul84 By Cassiesul84

    What a perfect time to read this book...This sounds awesome! It's unfortunate that so many people are hanging on by a thread lately, hopefully this book will do some good!

  • jh0816 By jh0816

    I found a great blog about saving money, it is - it is not offering a job or a scam or anything like that, nothing to buy - it is ways to cut the money you spend and ways to bring in extra money - the writer posts a different idea each day that has worked for her. There are also places on there to comment and email the writer. It is a really neat blog, I have been following it for a couple of months and it helped me pay for Christmas, and I work so I did not have time to do all of the ideas she has on there.

  • thekrause6 By thekrause6

    As a mom of four whose husband has lost his job in the recession, this book sounds interesting to me. Right now all we have for debt is the house payment, and would love to be able to live on less.

  • Indiamommy By Indiamommy

    I'm a single mother of three, who homeschools, and also works part time. Long before the economy crashed, I began looking at sustainable ways to live, and so now I am also thinking about bartering as a way to make ends meet. I would be interested in reading the book however, and I think all of the ideas she says she is covering in the book would be very meaningful to me.

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