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Flying the Family Friendly Skies

Flying the Family Friendly Skies

The phrases family friendly and the airline industry do not often find their way in the same sentence.  It is difficult enough to travel alone as an adult, especially if you add on flight delays, cancellations, layovers, etc.  But to be confined in a cramped seat for hours with nothing to do but look at a Sky Mall can be downright impossible for a small child. 


With rising fuels costs, the airlines seem to be worrying less about a passenger’s comfort and more about trying to make a profit.  One company, which claims to have a different take on the whole idea of air travel, is Family Airlines.  Earlier this year, Family Airlines submitted an application to fly with the DOT (Department of Transportation). 


The Las Vegas based company is still in the beginning stages and waiting for approval before they can begin sending flights out.  According to their website, Family Airlines would target families as well as travelers on a budget.  Their fares would be drastically lower than most airlines, boasting coast-to-coast one-way tickets for $69 and shorter trips for just $19. 


The airline also plans to open a “family section” designed specifically for passengers traveling with children.  So when your four year old decides he needs to go to the bathroom for the third time in ten minutes, fellow passengers from the “family section” would probably be more sympathetic than most.


Family Airlines founder and CEO Barry Michaels explains how the airline plans to make money while offering such low cost fares, “While the primary source of revenue for most airlines is passenger ticket sales the Family Airlines strategy will depend on the development of alternative profit centers to generate additional sources of revenue.”  This means they will rely heavily on extra purchases like food, drinks, movies, video games, and email access.



What do you think of the idea of a more family friendly airline?


Do you think Family Airlines’ business model will work if it receives approval from the DOT?

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  • stoney By stoney

    I love the family friendly idea! I would be much more likely to purchase the extras for my kids if the ticket price is reasonable. Kid friendly food and snacks would be great, and cops with lids would be a definite plus! I hope it happens.

  • highlights By highlights

    I think this is a wonderful idea. I like that its airline tickets are very reasonable. I think families and people who travel alone would really like it.

  • gather By gather

    I like this idea with prices of everthing going thru the roof, this plan might just help alot of different businesses. The food industry, hotel, motel, rental car. by being able to fly cheaper you can spend money on someelse you would have to cut out before.

  • GeologyMom By GeologyMom

    I certainly like the idea of cheaper tickets and a family friendly airline. I would be wary, however, after so many 'budget' airlines have gone under.

  • Mom2many By Mom2many

    Great idea! I'd fly with them. My kids are very well behaved and we still get people rolling their eyes when we board. Flying cheaper sounds great, too!

  • Berylt By Berylt

    It would be great. I am a widowed mom of 5 and most of my kids have never flown because I have never been able to afford it. I would be one of the first in line to purchase tickets.

  • carolyndancliff By carolyndancliff

    I think it would be wonderful. It is very difficult to travel with children, especially the longer flights. I would certainly use this service at the rates they are talking about!

  • trieschman By trieschman

    I like this idea. We travel with young children and this would benefit us. I now business people don't want to be bothered with us.

  • IndianaMomofThree By IndianaMomofThree

    Wow! What a great idea!

  • am_i_lost By am_i_lost

    I haven't flown with children in years, but I think that it would be a great idea! I do recall flying when I was still breast feeding. I always covered up with a light weight receiving blanket so it's not like anything was showing; and the very rude, man who I had asked and the flight attendant had also asked before the plane departed to trade me seats; he had the aisle; REFUSED to do so. He complained and wanted to be moved to a different seat and said, "She is being very vulgar, unbuttoning her shirt over here!" "I want a different seat now!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I was 21 years old. very discret about breast feeding and I broke out in tears right then and there. Several of the other female passengers spoke up and defended me and said that in NO way was any part of my breast exposed and that he was just being rude! He didn't want to sit next to me because I had a baby and he had voiced that as he saw me headed towarws him looking for my seat. Needless to say, he finally let me have the aisle seat and passed out on my arm but at least I didn't have to deal with 2 babies on the whole trip! LOL So, yes I think it will be a great idea and that anyone that has had a bad experence flying will love it!!!

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