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Helping Women Dress For Success

SS Member Image By drodriguez 08.29.08
Helping Women Dress For Success
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For many women who face a financial struggle day after day, getting a job interview is just a small part  of the battle.  Most of us can merely take a few steps  to our closets and pull out something presentable for an  interview, or at worst purchase a new outfit at a mall  or discount store. 


But what if making a new purchase of any kind was out of the question?  This is the reality that many women are now facing.  It is only recently that a few organizations have stepped up and provided much needed support to these women.


One Chicago based organization started in 1991, called Bottomless Closet, was the first to offer job ready clothing along with other work force development services to women in need.  According to their website, most of their clients are single heads of households who are forced to choose between buying food for their children and purchasing clothing for a job interview.  Any mother would know how simple yet incredible frustrating that choice must be to make.


For women who do not live in Chicago, Bottomless Closet became a founding member of a national organization of independent community-based “sister organizations” called The Women’s Alliance.  TWA provides career skills training as well as professional attire to women in need all over the country.


According to TWA’s website, they help more than 50,000 women and families with their services each year.  Though their focus is on women, they also have programs that provide clothing for men, teens, and children.  The reality of the situation becomes clear after reading this phrase from their website urging people to donate, “Someone’s Future Is Hanging in Your Closet”.


To find out more about this organization, you can visit their website at


What do you think of the services offered by Bottomless Closet and The Women’s Alliance?


Are you aware of these services being provided in your neighborhood?

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  • Salemsw By Salemsw

    I have heard of places like this b-4 I think It is wonderful!

  • highlights By highlights

    I really think its great that there are organizations out there like this.

  • RobynSmall By RobynSmall

    I've never heard of The Women's Alliance, but I have donated to two similar programs, Dress for Success and Suited for Change. Both have fabulous programs for providing needy women with career clothing.

  • njrealtor By njrealtor

    what a wonderful idea, I need to find one of these organizations in NJ to donate to


    This a great organization! I make a trip into Chicago twice a year to donate clothing that we collect within our church and neighborhood!! We could sell them in a rummage sale but it really feel's good to drop the items off. The organization is always so appreciative.

  • dani716 By dani716

    This seems like a great idea, I can defintatley relate as I have been interviewing a lot. I only have 1 suit and if I have to go back for a 2nd interview I'm stuck trying to piece clothes together.

  • littleladyn4 By littleladyn4

    I think this is an awesome idea. I like dani716 have faced the issue of interviewing, but having one suit. This is a great program that I had no idea about.

  • toconiny By toconiny

    I think this is a wonderful idea. Four years ago I found myself needing to get a job and only had one outfit that I wore to all the interviews. I'm glad to learn about them today and to help spread the word.

  • Jkovacic0928 By Jkovacic0928

    I think this is amazing. I always try to donate clothing items that I don't need. It is great that organizations are reaching out to help people.

  • pabennett By pabennett

    We have a place in Kentucky like this. A friend was able to get everything she needed to start a new job, now after 2 years she has climbed the ladder, and head of a large Department.Now she gives back to Dress For Sucess. They not only helped her with clothes, support as well.

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